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  1. Zuberg is member of AW supertest team and proved many times to be both informed person and per his words, in certain degree the influencer - ofc it is subject of pointless discussion if is it actually truth or not, but without doubt he has very direct contact with the kitchen.
  2. First impressions HEAT is not pen-reliable Protection level is mediocre Low ammo issue in PvE A lot of exposure required to implement its somewhat best across MBTs DPM (but it is far from CATTB double HEAT + Cortez burst). Not most accurate comparison of DPM (all have Gun Breach + Ophelia) My first 4 pve missions. 1st from bottom was 30/10 HEAT/AP, later AP only. First two were with Cortez, last two were with Ophelia. T-15 can do much better :)
  3. At least they made a preview of gamble box content, so one can think at least twice if it is actually worth to spend money on it. Never seen anything worthy myself in preview on "free" open crates, mostly "smiles". Some hardcore gambling people accept that "won" of item with price tag below price of box as just a "expectable" loss.
  4. Per my perception of PvE, bot ATGM are fire-and-forget missiles, for quite long time they ignore smoke, visibility, soft APS and death of bot who fired them. The new feature only extended the time when bots can see you, so you may have two WTF moments instead of one : 1 - smoke doesn't work always and reliably as instant hiding measure, 2 - even if eye disappears, something can still hit you .
  5. Free Russian camo for all tanks (second pic) from June 12 gift crate. For scientific comparison, i placed Autralian Bush (first pic) too.
  6. It takes some determination and luck to beat odds in random. I admin it is not easy to make 30K and 15 liqudations even on 6-lel SH SO (up to missions 7), but third line of missions is not about even being too good tanker/shooter, it is possible to get up to mission 8 once you get Pindad and spam "E" markings.
  7. In pve it didn't really matter. bots are pre-aiming and insta shooting on you with 100% accuracy if they are aggro'ed on you.You can still receive "blind" without any indication of being spotted. As per gameplay in 0.32, it feels that the player should either avoid spotting at all, or retreat asap after shoot. Once spotted, the "grey" eye sticks to you as disease. What some players may feel as terrible bug, the developer's coven may consider as removal of another "combat advantage" factor in PvP. In their school of thinking, the majority, average players don't use smoke correctly and they won't feel much difference in terms of lesser self-protection. In opposite, such players see much more targets on the screen to shoot. Concluding, the devs intention is to limit role of smoke-based protection in gameplay. They just don't know yet, where is the line between upsetting just few people or too many.
  8. In terms of damage the tank is some competitor to broken pos M247 Sergeant York which destroyed tier 5 pve, but gladly matchmaker doesn't mix them too often
  9. AW ru requires mail.ru account to have and in order to have one, it needs mobile phone registration with text message, though the supported numbers include quite all europe and NA. Later the payment can be done using paypal.
  10. My Cortez comes from glorious Zhalo-S bundle, no complains. And Cortez was locked for everyone on ru server till the merge while eu/na had several occasions to get him (not all were very expensive).
  11. I puchased 42.5 "early" access, I had one complete assembled bradley in inventory to melt back to coins, plus about collected 15k coins from weekend SO crates (and very little from raid which i mostly ignored). This brought me to somewhat level 24 i think. I burnt 3 boosts so far (i still have 35) to play for coins and do randomly missions with crazy North-Korean tank, completed first 2 missions from each line plus the Coin collecting challenge gave me some solid coins too. I am 6k short to level 30. So unless some big mail ru or mygames server collapse happen in weekend, i probably get that Pindad either today or tomorrow.
  12. The answer depends much if you plan to play in pvp. For pve it is certainly in good spot now. I suggest to do a test run of the stock tank (picking it from the list of all tanks in game) on test area before purchase. This way you can compare it with other prem tanks. As was said, it is all about style and if you accept somewhat 20 sec. reload time between series of shots. Correct usage of burst damage potential due its 8 round clip plays major role. But sometimes there is a feeling of boredom with these clip mechanics and I simply want to play "classic" tank without clip (such as Revo or Degman).
  13. I would disagree but probably only the real test can tell the truth. If there is a second player who met minimal requirements of dealing the assist damage and ranked as the second with damage dealt to target, then per Assist definition, it is deserved by second player.
  14. why not try pvp, i heard it is is all about pain, taste of victory and challenge ....
  15. Moving cap positions slightly to more accessible to shoot positions (speaking of TD/AFV) is such overhaul and worthy 70% of resources worth a new map. I guess it is like the changing timers or logic on frostbite is worth one battle path development.
  16. I yet to see when and how ATGM performance on bmpt-proto be fixed, but i am not a fan of vehicles with assymetric gun placement (like WoT Lee tank) and this is not going to change ever. This feature alone makes this tank to stay in reserve. And bmpt-2017 is fine, though i miss that godly AC penetration on old bmpt-proto.
  17. As alternative to kill chasing - making 5 mln a day with prem acc+prem tank takes less than 10 pve games, and usually it takes that much time anyway to complete some obligatory x10 times Season contract missions . I suppose it should take even less GLOPS matches just capping and winning to cover this bill.
  18. @BumbaX I think you are right, we all want to play in fair conditions and simply enjoy the game. The technique needs some practice and knowing correct moments in PvE spawn time points too. I assume that some people have issues with collecting "help others to deal damage" for their dailies, and they might accomplish such task in more controlled way.
  19. Agreed. Considerable group of persons (with full respect i simply think of them as pvp school of thinking) throw smoke once they perform shoot and go reload. That behavior seems to benefit own reload cycle, especially ones on high alpha / high burst / long reload vehicles. Also due totally weird interaction between allied smoke and ATGM guidance it is possible to distrupt work of friendly ATGM even without knowing it. Interesting though how AI ATGM totally ignores it. I know it sounds like exploiting :) But it is easily explanable that throwing smoke to some static camping position is a way of protecting them from accidental spotting. Not everyone has Erin and some new players don't even have camo on their TD/AFV. You actually take care of them and focus aggro on you own. As a payment of gratitude (or side effect) you take that "help deal damage" stat to you. After all, what i see as totally unfair when MBT goes to front line (and get all shit on its head), while camper party liek some Wilk gets most of "help assist" because they immobilize tanks with one shot (PELE+Sabrina) - the ones which don't need immobilize, or AFV on second line which places a mark on target tank which is already spotted and going to die anyway. So even if MBT would be smart enough to throw some smoke to negate better spotting capabilities of campers, it still can be overriden by mark or immobilization. I probably stick to outdated concept of damage assist when one needs to deal at least 50% of damage to target without killing, and keep to this rate when i do some dailies or raid tasks where there is a requirement for either kill or assist. This is easily verifable with appearing red hammer marks though.
  20. This replacement seem to be a waste of time from dev side. The tank looks different enough from Ramka-99 and Termi 2017, in no lesser degree than T-series, Leo or Abrams series between clones placed on different tiers. I prefer to keep Termi Prototype as it is. Purely for sentimental value. The original Termi P was placed to underdog position by devs compared to better powerful Termi 2017. Everyone who got 2017 in hands, forgot about original Termi because there was no point to play less powerful Terminator, at least until recently when Prototype got slighly better AC compared Terminator 2017.
  21. Thanks, looks like valid tactics to boost own XP/credit gain. (In that pic "You" should doze some smoke in LoS between target and "Ally")
  22. As opponent the infantry is ok. As player s minion - free damage, no skill. Biggest joke in pve is that most DPM machines like T-15 get infantry to boost them damage score even more.
  23. Guess not play some range-impared commander like Phillipp, Rachel, Freya or Viktor. Use commander with range - either Miramon or Sanna. Invest into full view range retros. Specifically to this map, say to fuck off to bush lover teammates sitting on hill and approach the city center from south.
  24. Possible way to spend one day prem is to play it in two time windows in two days. This gives +100% efficiency. Example - activate prem 08 PM , play your usual x hours, next day play before (08 - x) PM, enough to enjoy prem acc bonuses for two days. Wait till you get cornered with need to a use 2 platinum boosts to level up your commander fast enough (and you need pay precious gold to activate second boost). Cheapest way would be activation of boost (and prem) in way they work on two days cycle. If only you rely on free premium - maximize efficiency and stack it with everything (2 boosts and insignia). I also suggest observe periodic bonuses to things such as xp and credit boosts. It means not every weekend you should play with free prem.
  25. What happens with assist damage when smoke screen is placed between you and friendlies who spotted target as first, does it redirect income of spotting assist damage? I didn't have much opportunity to make a real test with this in training room. To accomplish this, a tanker needs to direct smoke backward direction and it is not works well with tanks with radial smoke screen (CATTB, Revo, Falcon and few others)
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