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  1. This would be very funny. It would enrage all the statpadders and "elite" OPhelia PVP players Altough it won't happen. For me this is the most toxic element of the whole game, at least for the PVP side of things. Agreed, she really can make certain tanks extremely powerful by default. Usually tanks with high burst damage and little armor, where the 5s timespan of the shield can really make the difference between dumping out an additional 2k dmg or not. Additionally in the lategame and in 1v1 situations OPhelia is ridiculously OP no matter the vehicle. Not only allows you to survive your death blow, but to stay practically immune to single shot cannons for 5s of time (unless the enemy wastes 1 shot into your shield then you can safely dump one shell into him while he reloads).
  2. After the fall of Enigma in 2044 the world was shattered. Leaving an immense power vacuum Enigma was only left to be a shadow of its former glory. The forthcoming years were years of total chaos, as the badlands with local warlords took over vast parts of the civilisation. Local communities formed together to make daily survival easier and to gurantee a tiny fraction of safety against outsiders. Warlords fought each other for resources or plain might. Former government leaders tried to reestablish the long known order of law and justice. At this time the remaining inhabitants of earth were not expecting any significant changes. But there was more: In the perpetual ice of the arctic north pole something long forgotten awoke. The ominous people were long waiting for this very moment. Noone was expecting that the fate of the world would be decided in an abandoned soviet underground submarine base located deeply inside the perpetual ice. Yet at this very day in November 2048 the gears of the long planned machinery started turning. What was planned long time ago finally came to reality. All the decades of waiting in the unwelcoming soviet base finally ended. In this November something came to life that was never meant to. In the following year groups of mercenaries and combat proven soldiers formed. What first seemed to be just another warlord trying to increase his territory, quickly turned into a merciless machinery of death and destruction. The rumour of the ruthless wolfpacks with their blood-stained flags was quickly spread around the world. Where those forces showed up nothing but death bodies and burnt land would be left behind. Thousands of people vanished without a single trace. The new omnipotent threat made even the worst enemies to allies. The resistance formed surprisingly quickly, given that global communication was hard to establish in this world full of destruction. Meanwhile the entire european continent was already captured and controlled by the unknown forces. It slowly became clear that those forces were coordinated by a yet unknown corporation. One thing was for sure: whatever it was, it would be incredibly hard to stop. The resistance fought hard on the remaining continents but it eventually became obvious that it was already too late. The longer the war lasted the stronger the corporation became. What started to be wolfpacks of rather less organised and mediocre equipped mercenaries grew more and more into an organized army with the most modern equipment one could afford. After less than a year of resistance the last important capital city was captured by the corporation. The new flag waving above the demolished skyline of Sidney finally unveiled the name of the corporation: Tomato Inc. Yet the intention of Tomato Inc. which seemed more like a cult was not known to the majority of the people. This is your chance: Bear the flag of the most merciless and infamous mercenary-troop of Tomato Inc. The "Tactics" branch of Tomato Inc. is responsible for the safety of the most important people leading the corporation. This elite mercenary army consists of the combat proven veterans that were part at the very start of the invasion. Equipped with the most advanced technology, Tomato Inc. Tactics is a force to be reckoned with. Only deployed for the most important missions those ruthless mercenaries will show now mercy towards their foes and leave a path of utter destruction. Where their banner shows up, fear is spread amongst the land. Whoops just went a bit overboard with the story. Basically those are flags I designed for an AW flag contest some time ago. You can download the DDS Files here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zwn33-GLf88Tcy9v8KO8eQwtS8c0aZcT/view?usp=sharing
  3. From what I experience in PVP with smoke it looks like in general smoke is now working as intended. As soon as you're obscured by the smoke screen, you instantly disappear to the enemy. So in this regard it works as described in the article. What's bugged for sure is the grey eye indicator. I get it every time after I pop smoke and instantly vanish to the enemy. Yet the grey eye remains, indicating that I should be still rendered and have an outline (which isn't the case to what I experience). Basically it just seems like an UI bug at this point. When I pop smoke, remain spotted and then drive through my smoke screen and get invisible instantly the eye behaves correctly and vanishes instantly aswell. Would be nice if they could fix this one in time because it definitely is confusing.
  4. Never experienced such AI behaviour, but I'm playing too few PVE matches probably. In PVP the minimum radius is around 10-20m, I killed an enemy at a 20m distance yesterday. I have to check how much it is. The Swingfire doesn't have a reload animation I think (at least I never noticed it). But yes, reload is way faster compared to the C13 TUA. Yeah you get the warning as soon as you're in the flying path of it. I'm quite sure that with a high ping all the rather slow ATGM become a pain to play. Yes there are quite good ATGM players. In close combat it really depends on the level of stupidity of your enemy if you can hit him or not, especially in the Swingfire.
  5. I used to utterly hate this vehicle some years ago. Just recently bought it again and equipped it properly to write a vehicle guide about it. After some games I started to really like it. The launcher combined with the super agile missiles allow for some nasty trickshots. Quite high damage and burst in close combat. I'm curious what you think about it. Again my POV here is completely on the PVP side of things. Strengths: Super agile ATGM combined with the launcher pointing in the air at a 45° angle. Allow for nice trickshots past obstacles High burst damage and damage in general. In close combat you can pull off 2k dmg within 2s (Which means you can kill lots of tanks with one burst). In general the damage rolls are quite high around 1k dmg Somewhat decent mobility. Not the fastest but it's decent. One nice feature is that it goes as fast in reverse as it goes forward. Can save you some time as you don't need to turn the tank around all the time. Weaknesses: Only ATGM as a weapon system (Eg. you can be quite screwed in some close combat situations) Velocity of the ATGM - Man those things are soooo slow. With a speed of 185m/s it's quite hard and inefficient to hit stuff at high range No armor. Even 7.62 MG can punch through frontally Can only have 1 ATGM in the air at the time. Which again gives you a disadvantage on long range combat. I currently compared it to the C13 TUA, as both are quite similar in terms of weapon systems. C13 TUA is definitely performing better, and in general more versatile (and it has infantry). However the Swingfire can really shine in some situations where the C13 TUA can't. I feel like the C13 TUA is more for medium to high range, while you want to be as close as possible in the Swingfire without hurting yourself.
  6. It's not known yet. But I think it might be a mixture of lots of stuff. Nomerous. What comes to my mind is the entire Francine de Laroche tree, some of the new asian vehicles, like harimau or AS21. New Premiums like K21, CATTB, Type 10, T40, ...
  7. I have high hopes in the rebalance. Let's hope this goes as intended. Already looking forward to this new PVP map sounds very nice. I'm curious what the mobility overhaul will actually change. If tanks feel more like tanks I'm already happy. If raid really manages to have some nice skins as rewards maybe it won't be ignored by me like last time. I hope they will improve the missions aswell.
  8. If we'd define this as normal OP almost all vehicles would be normal OP, as good players can make nearly any vehicle seem OP. This is not the point of the list. In this case it would maybe go into "just a bit too strong" that's what this category is for. However I highly doubt that the ST1 would fit in there as I hardly ever seen one performing well. There are certainly better options at least for PVP/GLOPS. As for the AS21. It's certainly OP. And in PVE I'm sure it can reach ridiculous levels (as everything with an AC can). However looking at PVP/GLOPS it's still OP due to the practical immunity against ACs however it's way harder to make it perform very good. So if it was on "ridiculous" level of OP it should be way more idiot proof than it is now in PVP/GLOPS. As far as I can tell it doesn't constantly compromise the fun for other players in the battle usually which again leads to normal OP. Yes it has. Still doesn't make it idiot-proof, as you need to make the camo work for you first. I highly doubt that all high tier premiums are OP. Additionally K21 is OP because it's a premium? That's probably a prime example of a bad argument. I already explained my point in the post above why it isn't listed as "ridiculous". Yes Hunter could become more versatile due to the ATGM. However the Hunter seems to be quite OK now, as it doesn't feature ridiculous armor against AC unlike the AS21.
  9. It is mentioned in the patchnotes that this is a known issue
  10. It's part of the fix they introduced for players who were not able to join GLOPS in the last couple days. I think you can safely ignore the timer. So it's not doom time for GLOPS right now even tough I have the feeling that the devs don't really care about the mode.
  11. I make videos of my gameplay for vehicle guides in german mainly in PVP and some GLOPS. Commentary is in german but if you're after decent gameplay it's certainly a good source:
  12. Ok so first off: If your tank has no armor threat it like that. There's no point in using an AMX30/40 as a brawler against tanks with way better armor and easier to hide weakspots. Therefore try to avoid brawling in it, do not get involved in close range combat or 1V1 situations against better armored targets. Yes hence why you want to avoid such situations as described above. Those vehicles are not "classic" MBTs after all. If the enemy is in a far better position than you are don't attack him (This would be exactly what the enemy wants). Instead back up and lure him out of his position so you or your Teammates can damage him. Try to find out why you are a prime target in such matches. In most cases it's due to bad positioning. If you're at the same spot as a friendly T72 you'll almost always be targeted first, as you do have way less armor. So in general I play such poorly armored MBTs more like light tanks and use light tank positions. As you already stated those tanks are great against lightly armored vehicles. So why not take advantage of this? Pick your targets. Try to ambush LTs AFVs or TDs by showing up at unexpected locations. Againts MBTs try to maintain a safe distance and try to attack them while they're busy with one of your teammates to minimize the chance of being hit. This is where map knowledge comes into play. You need to know positions where they have a hard time spotting you while you can react quite fast and attack if possible by taking minimal damage. Most MBTs are brawlers. You're not so as I already said don't follow them or at least keep a safe distance and shoot the targets spotted by them.
  13. Hmm. What mode are you referring to? Griffin might definitely be on the far edge of normal but it's not an idiot proof vehicle. If you fail in it you get turned into scrap quite quick. Hence why I placed it as normal. A semi decent player of course can easily dominate with it. K21 is kinda the same story. In case of a fuckup it's not very forgiving. AS21 I'm really curious what mode you refer to. Double mortar is toxic and easy damage but in general I do not see lots of AS21 players dominate battles. Probably because T9/10 balance is long gone. In this case I could simply not put it to ridiculous level comparing it to stuff like CATTB or Obj 490.
  14. Who would've tought I hope this won't be implemented into future BPs. Right now this really kills the last bit of motivation I have to play the game
  15. Can it get any worse than it is now? I personally doubt it. @WildBiker There won't be any good MBTs in PVE as long as shit like T15 exists and difficulty is achieved by putting in more HP rather than making Bots less stupid. It's simply a PVE problem not a general tank problem. The days of Obsidian are long gone who knows what they would have done to the game in the future.
  16. AWtactics is doing a giveaway of 5x Enigma's Legacy Battlepath access. To participate follow this link: https://awtactics.com/giveaways/ (It's in german, but it should be self-explanatory) If you already have BP-access, please do not participate, as you won't win anything. Giveaway ends on Friday 19.06.2020 12:00 CEST
  17. Yes seems to be a quite common problem. I can't join GLOPS aswell.
  18. The list should resemble the current status of the game. Otherwise it gets a bit too complicated and confusing. The Wilk should not be much of a problem anymore. I think the MGM is way worse currently especially in GLOPS (I'm currently thinking about adding the MGM to the list). It should perform well in PVE due to the DPM. I think I'll try it out in Specops when I got time. Only thing why I hesitated to put it in the list is that loads of players are complaining it is shit (It clearly isn't) especially PVE players crying about ~10mm less pen. I will try to asses the vehicle and maybe add it to the list as "a bit too strong" with a player level of "Pro" as lots of people struggle performing well in it. Well there should be a nerf but if you have a look at the list it is quite obvious that lots of those vehicles are in this OP-state for a long time now without the devs doing anything about it. So I do not expect a nerf at the moment.
  19. The Type 10 will face the nerf-bat. It's not ridiculously OP as the CATTB and it will be a way more reasonable nerf. The Hunter AFV is quite good balanced right now so I don't expect a nerf in the near future for this vehicle. With HEAT you can currently outdamage bad/average T15 players so it's a fun tank after all. If they increase the salvo reload a bit, prohibit partial reload and add a penalty for the ammo insta swap and reduce its camo I think it will be quite balanced.
  20. Would you mind explain why and what mode you're talking about? AGDS is definitely a very capable vehicle in the right hands, and one of my favorite tanks. But I think the nonexistence of camo and lack of armor make up for the very strong weapon system. I mainly use it in PVP and GLOPS but I think it would perform well in PVE aswell. Its missile trajectory recently got nerfed unfortunately. It's now way harder to shoot over obstacles with it. Yes it's of course heavily influenced from my own perception about this topic. There are definitely some tanks that are on the very far edge of "strong" like the Draco or Dragun 125. Feel free to share your opinion aswell. That's a good idea, I try to add this when I got time. You're right. I think this would be a good fix for the vehicle. I think I add this to the list. Sounds reasonable to me aswell. I'd actually like to see the 57mm version of the T15 armata, which could be more balanced compared to the current one.
  21. @Baron_Georg I'm currently not really up to date hardware wise, so I can't give you a personal recommendation. Have a look here: https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/ This is a great source if you need some ideas regarding an up to date gaming build for nearly every budget. I've seen there are two guides in your price range so maybe check them out. Edit: Maybe aswell consider the current COVID situation. Lots of tech stuff is out of stock and getting more expensive (at least in switzerland). So it might not be the best time to buy new hardware.
  22. ZUBR PSP is quite fine I think, it's definitely on the stronger end of T7 TDs but I feel like the balance in T7 is quite good currently (at least compared to most other tiers), with few exceptions. I don't own the K1A1 unfortunately. It is definitely a quite strong tank and it's got a meme viewrange and capable gun. It's not really what you want to face as a lower tier vehicle but it is incredibly weak against ATGM frontally. If you hit it at the right spot you almost always get an ammorack. I think it would probably belong into the "Just a bit too strong" Category, because it really depends on the player if it performs good or not. No clue how it performs in PVE but it's still too strong in PVP. After the nerf of the missile speed it needs some more knowledge tough. And lots of players don't like it anymore because of this. It depends on what you compare it to. As an all in one package the T15 is probably the best tank in the game along with the termis. The armor can take quite a beating even in PVE. As long as you don't expect miracles and park yourself in front of T15 salvos the armor is very good. Yeah its not particularly OP but it's quite strong if used properly. I still get very good games in it in PVP and GLOPS. You can even use the unmanned turret to your advantage in quite a lot situations. But agreed it kind of suffers from the powercreep. Tier 9/10 is generally a very much fucked tier in terms of balance so it's quite hard to find a standard to stick to in terms of what is strong, OP or completely broken.
  23. As I am a bit bored I'd like to assemble a List containing vehicles that are currently OP or at least very strong. I'll just list the vehicles that come to my mind. If you'd like to propose a new very strong/OP tank, feel free to use my format below. Of course in this list I'm not talking about stock vehicles, but about fully equipped vehicles for maximum abuse. I note in which modes it performs exceptionally well (because some vehicles are balanced for one mode, while they're not in all the others). I aswell use the "OP-Level" To indicate how OP it is: OP-Level : Description Just a bit too strong : Good players can take advantage of it, but it does not necessarily need a nerf Normal : Would need a nerf, but does usually not compromise the game experience for other players Ridiculous : Needs some serios nerfs. Compromises the game experience for other players Player-Level: Description Low Skill : This vehicle performs good even in the hands of a noob Average : This vehicle at least needs an average player to perform as described Pro : This vehicle needs a fairly decent player to perform as described Ok let's start: LAV-150 Tier: 2 Class: AFV Premium: No "It might not seem like it but this little buggy can do some serious damage" Modes: PVP/PVE OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Average Remedy: None DPM is everything in the low tier bracket (As you only face Bots regardless of PVE or PVP). This tank basically only gets limited by its low ammo capacity. Other than kinda shitty VR it provides everything necessary to control the battle. M113 ACAV Tier: 3 Class: TD Premium: No "The classic newb-stomper mostly used by people who aren't competitive in the higer tiers" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: less camo, less HEAT dmg and pen This ugly toaster with a gun on a stick is the worst you can face as a PVP newbie in AW. Its great camo combined with its ridiculous HEAT round that belongs to T5 and not T3, makes it the preferred vehicle for low skilled sealclubbing platoons. M50 Ontos Tier: 4 Class: TD Premium: Yes "HEP and 6 recoilless guns seem to be a great combination" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Pro Remedy: increase salvo reload, and make it useful for longer ranges Probably not the vehicle that pops up first on a list of OP-Vehicles in AW, but it surely is. Its HEP ammo deals a great amount of damage in close range. With the six guns you're able to deal a whopping 3k dmg within 2s. Sounds fun. Yes it is actually but not for the enemy. Begleitpanzer 57 Tier: 5 Class: LT Premium: Both "The baguette Panzer" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: None If played correctly it is a force to be reckoned with. TOW ATGM with 57mm gun is no Joke. With its great mobility a skilled player can easily defeat better armored opponents. Type 74 Tier: 5 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "Simply compare it to a Leopard 1A5" Modes: PVP/(PVE) OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce turret armor, reduce camo This tank is everything the Leo 1A5 wanted to be. 3 round ready rack with a decent burst of 1.5k damage already makes it strong compared to the MBT competition. What sets it apart is the combination of a good turret armor with an adjustable suspension, which allows for some good abuse if you know the maps. VBL Tier: 5 Class: AFV Premium: Both "The buggy of doom - Statpadders choice" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: less camo, slightly nerf weapon systems This is the statpadding vehicle in AW. Again it seems to have similarities to the M113 ACAV as it features ridiculous camo and overall spotting capabilities. On top of that it features two very capable weapon systems. Use the auto cannon for the PELE memes or just stick to the strong ATGM launcher. Best results if combined with OPhelia or Erin. XM247 Tier: 5 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "I guess you can already smell the scent of P2W" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: reduce AP pen, remove PELE, reduce HP This is a good example of why 210mm pen on a tier 5 auto cannon is not a good idea. This is simply P2W, there's not much else to say about it (Just wait until it gets available in the shop). Definitely one of the tanks that can easily ruin your day in AW. C13 TUA Tier: 6 Class: TD Premium: No "Awww. Such a cute tank... I mean seriously. Just look at it!" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Average Remedy: remove infantry, slightly increase salvo reload Most people hate it because of the long ass reload animation. But let's get real here: It is damn strong. The nearly double shot mechanics deal high burst damage. It's got infantry which grants you an extra damage boost while doing nothing at all. Great mobility and spotting capabilities make it a preferred TD for tier 6. MT-LB S8 Strela Tier: 6 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "Noo you can't just delete an MBT within seconds... Haha rocket pods go brrrr" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: disable OPhelia for this tank, prohibit troll platoons, restrict matches to max 1 strela per team This is the choice for troll-platoons in the T5-7 bracket. Its super duper high burst damage combined with HEAT MP warheads make it annoying in PVP. But things get even worse if you end up in GLOPS with those things as enemies. It's easy to dominate every GLOPS battle with this dpm monster and a good reason to not play GLOPS in this tier bracket at all. OPhelia gives this vehicle an even higher buff making it one of the most broken tanks in the whole game. Scorpion Kastet Tier: 6 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "Some people use to hate it after its ATGM were nerfed a bit" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Pro Remedy: increase ATGM salvo reload, reduce ATGM pen If you ever felt useless just imagine being a Sabre. This thing basically renders all other spotting AFVs in tier 6 obsolete. Its a small target featuring superior mobility (it goes as fast in reverse as it does in forward speed) and spotting capabilities. What really sets it apart is the weapon system. It features two very strong ATGM with high pen and damage. The ATGMs are amongst the most agile ones in the game and make it quite easy to abuse it for shooting over obstacles while staying behind cover. Its auto cannon is not to be messed with and only limited by the low ammo capacity. Seon'gun-915 Tier: 6 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "If this is what devs deem to be balanced we're doomed." Modes: PVP, GLOPS, (PVE) OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: increase waepon switch time, increase ATGM salvo reload, reduce mobility, remove tandem warhead May I introduce you to the tank that renders all other MBTs in tier 6 useless? Kim would be really proud of this. Merging two weapon systems that would still be good on their own is not really my perception of the term "balance". Featuring strong and agile ATGM in combination with the gun allows it to be the burst king of the tier 6 MBTs. Featuring OK armor combined with ridiculous LT-level mobility it leaves much room to use ridiculously abusive tactics. Taifun 2 Tier: 6 Class: TD Premium: Yes "The HEAT turtle" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: slightly reduce camo and HEAT damage If used correctly the Taifun can become a serious pain in the ass. Featuring high damage HEAT and quite fast reload. It not only possesses nice firepower but as well good camo and mobility. A very special vehicle that is appreciated by good Players. BWP 2000 Tier: 7 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "OP since day one, but nobody really cares" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: remove infantry, increase missile salvo reload An overall great spotter with very strong weapon system. The ATGM don't look amazing on paper but in the game they are devastating. As this vehicle received infantry it's OP state is even worse than before. Type 90 Tier: 7 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "This is the vehicle that makes the Leopard 2 cry in the night" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce LFP armor, reduce accuracy, increase reload The MBT of choice in tier 7. It's like a leopard 2 but it does everything better. Active suspension allows for some nasty plays as the only weakspot is the LFP. If you happen to be hightier you'll face plenty of tanks that cannot even pen your LFP. Ramka 99 Tier: 8 Class: TD Premium: No "Awful grind. But it just gets better with every module unlock." Modes: PVE OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce DPM While it's not really a super duper PVP/GLOPS vehicle PVE is where it really shines. Only surpassed by its brother the mod. 2017. The insane DPM combined with capable ATGM and armor make it a good choice for PVE. BMPT 2017 Tier: 8 Class: TD Premium: Yes "Invincible sidearmor? check. Way too high DPM? check. OP? check." Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: drastically reduce sidearmor, reduce DPM So you want a Terminator mod. 2000 or Ramka 99 but better? Then this is the vehicle you've been waiting for. Featuring invincible sidearmor and good armor in general it's guaranteed to bounce a lot. With 4 strong ATGM (that would better belong to T9) and 2 high DPM auto cannons it is perfect for some occasional PVE carry or some troll platoon in PVP. Dragun 125 Tier: 8 Class: LT Premium: No "Is it a good idea to put a 125mm gun on a BMP?" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: none This is how a MBT gun on a LT feels like. 125mm gun with fast reload and high damage is not something to mess with. Featuring excellent mobility infantry and spotting capabilities it is one of the best T8 LTs. Griffin 50mm Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: No "An auto cannon that easily pens MBTs frontally" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce pen, reduce camo This is the Terminator for people with tight budget. It's auto cannon featuring a high basepen of 240mm (which even scales up for the two following shots) makes it the deadliest auto cannon in tier 8. The excellent elevation angles combined with an unmanned turret allow for decent hulldown tactics. The tacticam system boosts the camo considerably making it a capable spotter aswell. K21 Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "Basically a Marder but faster" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce AP damage An AFV that mainly relies on its auto cannon. High penetration and damage make it chew easily through enemy metal. Its mobility compensates for the lack of armor and the top-attack ATGM are a good measure for special occasions. Again a quite capable spotter that renders its progression tree competition useless. M-95 Degman Tier: 8 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "120mm with sub 5.5s reload? Seems legit" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: increase 120mm reload, slightly reduce mobility The chad of the tier 8 MBTs. Superb mobility with a sub 5.5s reload 120mm main gun make it dominate the other MBTs. Just FYI it's got decent armor too! If you know how to use HEAT you can buff your damage to exorbitant levels. Marder 2 Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "The PELE spitter" Modes: (PVP), PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: reduce PELE efficiency It's like the K21 with a bit less mobility and no ATGMs. It's autocannon is where it shines. Brute DPM and PELE ammo make it a superb damage dealer. Capable armor against aut-cannons and a decent amount of HP make it quite a solid tank. Pindad Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "If Satan was a vehicle this would be it" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: implement a min range of 65m for the launcher, disable OPhelia for this tank, prohibit troll platoons, restrict matches to max 1 Pindad per team The older brother of the strela is clearly the most toxic vehicle that's in the game currently. Its HE salvos deal more than 1.5k dmg to MBTs frontally and obliterate anything that's not on a MBT level of armor. Its curved missile trajectory allow for ridiculous plays making you nearly invincible while dumping your salvos. If you want to piss off your enemies and make them ragequit this is the vehicle for you. VCAC Mephisto Tier: 8 Class: TD Premium: No "My favorite missile dumpster" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: remove hard-Kill APS, nerf triple 360° smoke A vehicle that requires some skill to make it work. But when it does it can easily do solo PVP carrys. The doubleshot ATGM launcher with HEAT MP allow it to oneshot lots of AFVs and TDs and deal significant damage to other targets. Its superb mobility combined with a great spotting potential make it a perfect choice for players who like to control the battle. AS21 Tier: 9 Class: AFV Premium: No "Double mortars - Double fun" Modes: PVP, GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce armor against auto cannons, reduce VR The alpha infantry carrier. The double mortar makes it one of the more annoying enemies to fight. Featuring super strong armor against auto cannons and a very strong auto cannon as armament it is already a very strong tank. It's viewrange is very good compensating for the lack of camo. B1 Draco Tier: 9 Class: TD Premium: No "AA gun versus tanks" Modes: (PVP), GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: none Dealing 2.5k dmg with one salvo you really don't want to have one face your side armor. It's not as easy to use as other tanks but patience will be rewarded with this tank. Good players are able to perform very well in it. Leclerc T40 Tier: 9 Class: TD Premium: Yes "So you want to increase your WR without any effort? This is the perfect vehicle for it" Modes: PVP, GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: nerf DPM, reduce HP You miss the Termi 2017 from tier 8? Don't worry My.games got you covered! A vehicle that's often taken as a prime example for the definition of OP or P2W. Featuring a ridiculously strong auto cannon in combination with good mobility and strong armor it allows for easy and brainless rush-tactics. Best results in PVP/GLOPS are achieved in a triple statpadder platoon best combined with OPhelia. Stryker ADATS Tier: 9 Class: TD Premium: Yes "Feels like the Hellfire, just more mobile and better versatility" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: nerf salvo reload of ATGM We all love the Stryker platform. But the ADATS takes it to another level. Six very strong and fast ATGM fired in fast succession combined with good mobility is all you wish for as an ATGM lover. For increased versatility it features kinetic rockets to finish off enemies or deal with some noob AFV who tries to rush you. CATTB Tier: 10 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "Y u nerf mah CATTB. I paid good money for it" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: remove double tap, reduce LFP armor against AP, reduce mobility The prime example of how to easily start a shitshow. The prime example of how to not nerf a tank. The prime example of why you can't balance double tap MBTs. Its armor is still at ridiculous levels against AP if used properly. The double tap makes it deal 2k damage within the fraction of a second. C'mon you could've forseen this :( T15 Armata Tier: 10 Class: TD Premium: No "The holy grail for russian bias believers" Modes: GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: nerf DPM, remove active APS, remove infantry The king of PVE for sure. If you ever need to carry hard. This is the vehicle of choice. Featuring superb dpm, strong ATGM, strong armor and decent mobility it's the kind of tank that doesn't have any disadvantages. Type 10 Tier: 10 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "Yet another BP vehicle. Very suspicious" Modes: PVP, GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: nerf salvo reload, add penalty to insta ammo swap, remove partial reload, reduce camo This one seems to be better balanced than our fellow CATTB. It still features ridiculous burst damage with a salvo reload of 2s and a magazine of 4 shells. Partial reload allows for a very fast reload time. Its strong armor combined with the very good mobility will make it one of the meta tanks in Tier 10. Object 490 Tier: 10 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "The invincible door wedge" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: nerf LFP armor, drastically reduce side protection against HEAT This post apocalyptic fantasy tank is the wet dream of people who like armor. If played properly it is invincible frontally. If you use HEAT as your main ammo, you're out of luck today. Its ability to drive even with broken tracks and its superb speed in general make it a top tank to mitiligate damage and block important paths. Shadow Tier: 10 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "I am invisible" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Pro Remedy: reduce camo, increase camo penalty for shooting If you ever faced a capable Shadow player in PVP, you know that it can be abused to ridiculous levels. It's nearly invisible and a superb spotter. It's weapon system is capable to deal the damage needed at the right time in the battle.
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