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  1. after taking a bath for trying to fuck Sebastian up? sure also as another reminder, don't try to troll sebastian, otherwise his cursed power will reach you and you will get cursed for multiple years (and surprisingly, no comments on my Colors choice for the HUD)
  2. it's actually a way better PL-01, it's armor is weak against AP but it's a beast against HEAT, NERA is kinda useful ( cough cough i made a guide about that >.> ) and it can carry relatively easily, the aiming is amazing, reload too. it's a good tank overall, and a good MBT / LT hybrid
  3. We all had that one moment where we miserably failed at fucking up/sabotaging our friend. So why not share it on this thread? here, a first example and a starting point of "trying to fuck up your friends, but miserably fail at doing so" (Highlight for today's Type 10 BH, surprisingly fun and interesting compared to Pindad's one)
  4. Considering Sebastian being extremely cursed, and getting so much vote because the memes, the DNA of the souls but he's a cool guy anyway, and now he face the consequences of his cursed side
  5. big sad, no Soren discord mod. very big sad and i vote Sebastian, because: i'm sorry, i just can't be serious on this
  6. that confirm what i said on the discord, people would nominate be, but, y'know, don't think it would be really possible for me to be a mod for their discord because already mod for official discord kek
  7. then everybody start to nominate themselve so, hum, i want to be a mod now, ok? joking of course
  8. Lieutenant gets a lot of buff like Komi said. this is why you pretty much pay a lot of attention to what you're fighting Superior do have better damage, and pen iirc, but also more HP Fragile do less damage, less HP someone certainly know all the changes here
  9. Definitely, tier 10 / 9. Other tier feel extremely boring to me (at one point or i'll just AFK and don't do anything because it's so boring and non challenging) this is the main reason of my "hate" of lower tier and why i don't like playing those, either PVP or PVE as for the favorite tank, i have no idea, but let's say it's the sphinx, because i have the most battles in it :D
  10. Basically when the Type 10 is in hulldown position, you want to try this with High Pen ATGM (like T15 / Kornet / AFT 10) or just give you more chance to pen the LFP with high pen tank (T4, Leo 2AX etc etc) but not gonna lie, it's better to do that with one or two guys in your platoon
  11. yeah, the description is not clear Destroy =/= eliminate for an elimination you need to do 50% + damage and score the kill Destroy you just need to kill the thing you can also check those in the detail tab, normally it should tell you how much elimination you did
  12. Just runned some test and edited the original post AC pele do work, less than HE , but still work. Tho, it isn't really reliable, if the guy in front of you move you will basically waste your shot against it and confirmed, AP do ABSOLUTELY nothing, like, nada, nothing, took more than 170k dmg from various AC AP and nothing
  13. Send replay and screen directly to Maciek to show it's false accusation, he's the one in charge of contest and such after all
  14. you don't, that the secret, we've been kinda yelling for some time to do different stat for each mode (like Warframe for example, they stat between PVP / PVE is different) but heh, guess it would be too much
  15. interested in this rebalance, just hope they are going to make everything good again and maybe a true balance instead of the one we have right now Models overhaul is sweet, they gonna give some love to the old ones Mobility overhaul, guess we just hope for a simple "it's easier to move and control" and not a "we gonna go faster" for the maps... heeeehh PVP random, no more love for Globs ops and no love for PVE for now i guess
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