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  1. It is time, people for another story from your local retarded official staff, Soren! And because i decided to actually do the apocalypse season please help me dear god. But, because i still doesn't want to link, Enigma's legacy and Apocalypse season to the main game story. I will consider the whole Apocalypse and Enigma's legacy as a "What if" crazy fan theory / fanstory The Apocalypse arc start directly after the end SpiritHaven. With the low detail we have, we can assume, that, we take control of a little resistance group. Certainly an American one that helped Ryan in the event of American Dream. (We could also say it's Black Company, but as mentionned in one of the mission chain of the Battle path, the leader of the Lions of Nequiel says that we are the one that tried to put a bullet in his head, so it's very unlikely.) World is starting to collapse, a super volcano erupted and as a last hope, you try to find the Enigma's legacy. Hidden vault that would most likely save your life and the life of your friends. Sadly... those vault are already taken by old enigma's allies, namely, the Project Liberty Militia, the Lions of Nequiel and the National Patriot Activist Army. But there was still a hope. In fact, a last hidden vault with much better tech was still free. To get it, the resistance group decide to work for their old enemies, getting coordinates for the last Enigma vault, saving their life before the worse happened... This conclude the very short prequel of Apocalypse. Sometimes later, when everything start to calm down, we follow our new heroes, Ivo Rinaldi, the old boss of the Liberty militia (surprising isn't it?) and Igor, an old Russian military Major. Together, they created a settlement in the enigma vault for the PLM. The problem? No more ammo to defend their base, this is how the Duo got into a new adventure and where the Events of Plague happened. Plague take place in Gori. After the apocalypse, the whole city is in ruin, except for the old CI base. Igor, with a "freshly" stolen Enigma airship drop Ivo in the castle, begging him to not make any trouble and steal the ammo quickly. Because otherwise the mission wouldn't happen, Ivo doesn't comply, and his greed push him to steal more ammo in the lower part. Chain reaction occurs, the CI base is collapsing, Igor is forced to take off, and Ivo is forced to drop from the base to escape. After successfully escaping the base, Ivo and Igor are quickly noticed by the "local wildlife" as called by Ivo. David Gelovani. Extremely angry of this intrusion, David will proceed to send every last one of his soldier against our two Heroes. Ivo, fighting for his life, end up getting out of the city in one piece. Of course, he does that while throwing some "Thanks for your feedback' memes to Igor and banters against David.Obviously, it doesn't please neither of them. Resulting in a very stressed Igor, and an extremely pissed off David. But with the power of the meme and bad writing, Ivo end up fleeing in the Airship with Igor, in one piece, and with a ton of ammo "for a whole god damn army". David, still angry of what happen, tell Ivo that's this encounter is not the last one, and so, they will meet again. One month later, we follow once again our Meme boy and butthurt Major into new adventures. This time, they get to Panama, to try and steal some fuel for their Settlements. After landing, Ivo see that fights are currently happening, but that also a storm is slowly arriving on the operation Area. Ivo thinking quickly, start blasting enemies one by one with the cheer power of (nerfed) HE memes and Thermobaric T15 double tap abuse, before being interrupted by the one and only Cannibal Hana (yes, it's cannon, Hana did ate Austin) that lost of her sanity and start insulting people. As a pure reflex, Ivo use the power of lies to befriend Hana, by telling her he isn't a raider like the ones attacking Hana's settlements. (and so, ignoring the whole plagues event, definitly a fucking meme boy) Hana without her sanity, trust Ivo and his obvious gigantic stupid lies, while Ivo decide to s i m p on her and push back a whole god damn army of endless bots that can't be penned by HEAT and ATGM because there is fucking water everywhere please help. As a reward for his simpery, Hana offer Ivo a whole train of only 10k HP full of fuel. Ivo go get it in his magnificent moderator camo T15 that definitely look like a magnificent boat in this watery hell. But Hana forgot one detail. Devs are cruel, and so are the bots. The raiders decide to attack the train, with retarded instant reaction mini Terminators and Transport choppers ready to drop them. Major butthurt suddenly remember he exist in this Special operation and decided to be not useful at all Ivo, with his cheer power of memes and try hard, end up loosing all sanity trying to do the "Don't touch anything" achievement, creating a time paradox, and killing every enemies in the maps. (while Hana decided to give you 2 little LT that do nothing except existing) The two protagonist end up fleeing with the precious fuel, while Hana have an edgy Emo moment with the magnus death theme remixed in the background. And this, conclude the events of apocalypse for now. As you can see, i tried to do it seriously, but ended up giving up because of the totally mediocre/bad quality of the story and the total emptiness of it. I hope this doesn't push away some people from reading the second part. Also hope you had a good laugh reading War but in a total retarded meme way. I will now proceed to go back into nothingness until the next chapter (or two chapter) are outs. (and don't worry, i will meme them, unless they give important information.)
  2. yeah, it seems to vary a lot anyway (like some peeps having god tier rigs, and SO maps making their rigs literally die) but Cryengine, it will make you cry, a lot.
  3. Oh boi, it's rating time (and my once in a year appearance) War is... interesting. It mix a bit of everything we like, and everything we dislike For the map style and visual, i would give it a 9/10. Seeing waterway totally destroyed, ruined, and flooded give you a strange feeling when you're used to the normal waterway, where everything look so green and clean. The little Austin tomb give a bit of sadness point for those that actually cared for story (crazy guys like me) and the change between storm and normal weather is pretty nice too For the level design, i would give somewhere around 7/10 Map is fun, challenging, and pretty clear by herself (follow the road, and everything will be fine). Tho, some parts are legitimally painful to do and same for the achievement that goes with it First: Please, no more escort, those are a annoying and a pain in the ass in general AND the dev made it even more vicious with those stupid random instant infantry spawn. (ask Ivo, rick, Azdule, Stratzi and Charlie about it heh). Second: The second mission objective, is..heeehh? You have a ton of enemies far away, Hana is sniper, but she doesn't seem to spot a lot the enemies, doesn't know why, but it make this part harder that it should normally be. And third: everything else is pretty much fine, it's just your usual extreme post Arabian night Spec ops experience. Some upgrade would be nice, like a warning about Transport Chopper, and a warning about when / where the infantry will spawn. Also giving them a "cooldown" time before they start shooting at the train. Also making the support bots a little bit usefull (One in a MBT maybe?) For the Story, it will be a.... well, no notes. Because it will just skydive the average grade The story in this map is.. not that bad, a bit of a mess if you don't ignore Plague, but not that bad Some point really don't make sense. For example, Ivo say that he's not a raider, but from plague, he literally Raid a base for ammo (while, the main goal was to steal it, by definition, he IS a raider). It's a bit of detail picking, but those generally help making more sense into a story that is literally dead since Enigma appeared Other than that. Ivo lost a bit of his Meme side. He's more... sweet? Which feel weird for someone that was leading a terrorist army. The way he act is almost more calm compared to the hot headed Plague Ivo For Hana, she is different compared to the Hana we knew. She lost everything, and doesn't have anything to really lose anymore (except the settlement we are tasked to defend) and so, is more... "yeah, fuck it, let's do this" As for the interaction between the two. It make sense, for once. I'm surprised Hana actually decided to trust Ivo without even trying to fuck him up and considering him as an enemy. They also knew each other by reputation, and this make sense and also set that Enigma's legacy is about the player and not Hana. We can also learn some various random fact, like all of the PLM is dead, destroyed by the super volcano thingy even with the vault made by Blaze for the main enemy faction troops. (So guess they were made only for a couple of people) So the story is interesting, but not that impacting, you can just go through without caring, and you'll be fine. But for those who care... it's a mixed bag of a bit of everything... but that just your Post-Arabian night experience Performance, 4/10 because this is important, the performance of the maps are like SH3 / SH 4, AD 4, and all of those, they are... mediocre, you'll have to expect a lot of framerate drop, even with powerful computer (Cryengine is like that after all. and it definitely have a good name. It will make your FPS cry a lot) So, in a big TL;DR Note would be around 8 / 7 out of 10, map is good, and is a good continuation of what we had in Plague already It's obviously overshadowed sometimes by stupid decision (enter the city objective, another escort, the flooded part are a pain in the ass for HEAT players, and ATGM only stuff) but everything else is fine and the map is comfortable in general Also same note as rick: Only played it in Extreme, but also with full team. couldn't really bother trying it with random She does send reinforcement, but they are absolutely useless and are stuck behind the train, so thanks Hana
  4. Shaddy and dark logic? idk Maybe, MAYBE, it will turn out nice and super cool for everybody, but it just feel so wrong to do those change especially for the fuel that is just stupid it's only in PVP iirc, but i might be wrong (and there will be a lot of Autistic screeching because of that when i think about it, it just feel so bad to make that kind of choice, really. AW don't need those change)
  5. the idea of "better MM if you pay" is funny, only in PVP tho, but still, even if this coming with the rebalance it just feel extremely dumb. We don't need that, the MM already do that for EVERYBODY. It just feel like they aren't sure of what the hell they are doing, so just it case it turn out to be an extremely painful balance, no problem, you pay so you don't have to suffer through +2 PVP battle! and that Fuel tank change is why. at this point if people complain too much about modules, just delete them completely, problem solved, no more Fire, no more tracking, no more ammo rack explosion. Perfect for the player that don't want to learn even the simpliest stuff or deal with thing that are totally part of the game the avater and camo change are ok-ish, this won't change shit The armor and ammo tooltip improvement otherwise are nice, feel a bit rip they haven't done this before after the introduction of the Telephone pole launcher RU side, apparently
  6. after taking a bath for trying to fuck Sebastian up? sure also as another reminder, don't try to troll sebastian, otherwise his cursed power will reach you and you will get cursed for multiple years (and surprisingly, no comments on my Colors choice for the HUD)
  7. it's actually a way better PL-01, it's armor is weak against AP but it's a beast against HEAT, NERA is kinda useful ( cough cough i made a guide about that >.> ) and it can carry relatively easily, the aiming is amazing, reload too. it's a good tank overall, and a good MBT / LT hybrid
  8. We all had that one moment where we miserably failed at fucking up/sabotaging our friend. So why not share it on this thread? here, a first example and a starting point of "trying to fuck up your friends, but miserably fail at doing so" (Highlight for today's Type 10 BH, surprisingly fun and interesting compared to Pindad's one)
  9. Considering Sebastian being extremely cursed, and getting so much vote because the memes, the DNA of the souls but he's a cool guy anyway, and now he face the consequences of his cursed side
  10. big sad, no Soren discord mod. very big sad and i vote Sebastian, because: i'm sorry, i just can't be serious on this
  11. that confirm what i said on the discord, people would nominate be, but, y'know, don't think it would be really possible for me to be a mod for their discord because already mod for official discord kek
  12. then everybody start to nominate themselve so, hum, i want to be a mod now, ok? joking of course
  13. Lieutenant gets a lot of buff like Komi said. this is why you pretty much pay a lot of attention to what you're fighting Superior do have better damage, and pen iirc, but also more HP Fragile do less damage, less HP someone certainly know all the changes here
  14. Definitely, tier 10 / 9. Other tier feel extremely boring to me (at one point or i'll just AFK and don't do anything because it's so boring and non challenging) this is the main reason of my "hate" of lower tier and why i don't like playing those, either PVP or PVE as for the favorite tank, i have no idea, but let's say it's the sphinx, because i have the most battles in it :D
  15. Basically when the Type 10 is in hulldown position, you want to try this with High Pen ATGM (like T15 / Kornet / AFT 10) or just give you more chance to pen the LFP with high pen tank (T4, Leo 2AX etc etc) but not gonna lie, it's better to do that with one or two guys in your platoon
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