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  1. "(as an arcade-style game)" such as World of Tanks and War Thunder. I don't think Armored Warfare needs to offer a captivating aural experience. you dont know the potencial this game have, to provide a way much better and realistic sound effects. Old players need to learn to deal with new horizons, new sound effects can caught attention of more players and more players means more money to them. Also any arcade-style game that have "20 to 21 century war theme" NEED to have a realistic or close to realistic sound effects.
  2. Like people do that. they rather camp and you use as a bait to farm their damage. :)
  3. Yes indeed, hahaha We a lucky that theres is not T-15 Defender variant. Also remember when we used to have yellow officers T-15s and T-14s that randomly used to appear while you were doing PvE matches? lmao
  4. I love all the tiers, since each rank have its own way to play, same job MBT,TD,AFV, but you have to play different due to armor,speed and HP. but im going to pick a tier to play, i would put Tier 10 for sure, specially the Leopard 2AX. Its a beast.
  5. Well not all about being evil or lazy. honestly, many of us learned all by ourselves, of course we can sit and teach but then a few remember how hard was to them no one was around to teach so one or two had to learn alone, getting killed,getting bullied,dealing low damage,getting the wrong tanks,looking for some pieces of info here and there and creating for itself enough knowledge of the game. A few people do "Sit and help" but others don`t even bother to do because they think that person will learn alone like their did. I will not even talk about the people that sometimes jump on the backs of some experienced players and tend to send private message to them every minute, asking for help, "platoon with me,help me to get some missions done,help with heroics,help me with spec ops" this tend to make some people to keep away from help. On forum and discord you will always find some people that will "Help" and people that will "Show you the way" is up to you if his/her will be added to your knowledge or if you will just look for someone that will grab your hand and teach you how to walk, i describe myself as a Helper instead a Teacher/Coach. i have 15 years of tank gaming exp if i mix AW,WT and WOT. I never say no to help someone that wants to know something. So with all of this that i said, i hope that can give an idea of how to ask for help, it will be tough at the start, but if you keep moving forward the game itself will teach you slowly, in the best way and of course always look to some guides on forum/discord, we are here to "Show you the way" and its you that will going to walk it.
  6. Do your damage and your killings, back to garage. Thats PvP 101. xD
  7. Yes i really love War Thunder and World of Tanks for have listen to the players and improve their sounds, it becomes another game. Wish the same could happen in AW.
  8. I know im not the first one to think or talk about it. But this always makes me wonder what is necessary or if we need to wait a few more months or years to get new sounds to the game. a lot of people talk that "we need better graphics" but they forget that a good sound effect is basically 50% of a game. i`ve been playing this game have 5 years, and i never really saw a major change in that part, i wonder if its the graphics engine that have its limits making impossible to create realistic effects of Engine sound,Gun sound, shell bounce, i know it takes time and a lot of effort to do that but in 5 years, there is really no "Team" to work only for that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huEQIlxlIo4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqZunPq-i2s
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