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  1. The game makes distinction to what tier/class you deal damage. Higher tier MBT paid better vs same/lower tier AFV. Non-free consumables or kits, respawns are now major contributor to reduce income (when play without prem), even in the case of "team" victory, their usage can drop player profit almost to zero. In general, i suggest study of results present in last page of mission report and what happens with them, where multiple elements of gameplay results listed - mission and secondary completion tasks, damage dealt (splitted to tier categories), damage assist, mission base multuplier, and like i wrote above, consumables make final cut from payout.
  2. When bots are coming in waves, they are fairly well "consumed" by real burst type of tanks provided that delay between waves (or spawns) is enough to full reload. The reload management (or "bot spawn and accounting") then is key to get best performance.
  3. @knutliott Yeah, same. And these tiers offer most efficient pve vehicles, like t-15, Marder, K21, Termi and Magach 6.
  4. Sheeeeeet, just realized you picked number plate series reserved for state service cars and employees and it is in Moscow region. Rest of Russia must love them. The numbers you often see on Russian nicknames not represent age or year of birth, but region. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_Russia
  5. Speaking of pve, there were better and are premium mbt than 99A2-140 even before this nerf. Even if consider accurate shooting with HEAT and Cortez commander for higher rolls as his only strong side now, it less comfortable in any combat due terrible gun depression and its ammorack can be hit with little side exposure.
  6. They (masters of game) changed the economy the way when a prem tank and prem acc each give you +100% to credit earnings, so any other configurations lag in terms of earnings. So my advice - not pursuing or refusing the usage of free premium day from my.games (my.com) is bad idea. Non-stacking of available boosts / insignias with enabled prem account mode once a week is bad idea. There is one 1-day rented premium vehicle from so called weekly "training" reward chest. Challenging for new player, but possible. Non-stacking its use with activated free prem acc is undesirable. Correct progression plan im my opinion should focus on unlocking Miramon commander and v2 of two optics. Better visual range is free profit (as usual). Payout for some missions makes it simply not worth to play - due either to highly pre-programmed probable failure, or because mission payment variables are set low. That is the knowledge new player may not have, but he/she should start pay attention too. Also, for pve - when possible and safe for sake of main mission, clear secondaries.
  7. Two mates did really well and I also completed one weekly contract mission
  8. Hello there. I started playing AW during close beta in 2015 (platinum founder). I skipped entire 2016 though and came back to the game in 2017 few months just before famous "balance 2.0".
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