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    The remaining BP vehicle is the TR-85M1 (Romanian MBT, an evolution of the T-55 modernised to NATO standards) Source: SS on ArmoredLabs Community Discord server (message link) SS also said that Derivatsiya may be the blueprint vehicle this time, but he's not sure about it.
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    Boom car edition, all credit to PanzerSofa. All info and pictures are sourced from PanzerSofa: https://vk.com/wall-102237486_273711 Modified installation procedure for non-RU players: Note: this mod uses installs using localization injection, the mod will stay active across game updates without any further adjustments. To uninstall, simply remove the mod files. Note 2: because this mod changes both the model and textures of the K153, existing skins and camos and base paints will not work. Not that it matters anyway with the sweet sweet model.
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    Wow, as the author of this mod, i only approve this post :)
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