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  1. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-tam-2ip
  2. Kornet-D1 (source): And the Kornet-D1 in AW devs' vision (source):
  3. It looks like all five missions give x3.3 XP multiplier and x15 credits multiplier on Hardcore difficulty (x10 credits multiplier if secondary objective is not complete).
  4. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-july-15
  5. New infantry stats in garage as of 8th June 2021 0.36 update: AT Squad: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 225 255m 60% 9 225 255m 60% 8 200 255m 60% 7 200 255m 60% 6 200 255m 60% 5 175 255m 60% 4 175 255m 60% 3 175 255m 60% Mortar: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 480 175m 40% 9 480 175m 40% 8 480 175m 40% 7 480 175m 40% 6 480 175m 40% 5 480 175m 40% 4 480 175m 40% 3 480 175m 40% Sniper: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 15 400m 80% 9 15 400m 80% 8 15 400m 80% 7 15 400m 80% 6 15 400m 80% 5 15 400m 80% 4 15 400m 80% 3 15 400m 80% TL;DR they all use the lowest tier stats for vision range and camouflage.
  6. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-may-6 SS mentioned on official Discord server that the previously planned Burlak module unlock compensation is now implemented in today's patch instead: Patch size is 1.89 GB so there should be more unannounced changes in the mix.
  7. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-april-29
  8. For the sake of archiving information: Today's changelog did not mention the addition of new flag decals and banners. Some of them were mentioned in the Syrian historical camouflage page. As per SS' reply on Discord, the following flags are added to the game: Syria, Iraq (new/current), Iraq (old, 1963-1991), Lebanon, Egypt
  9. Thanks. I can forward this thread to CSB's server so they can add some suggested builds to the website (eventually).
  10. SS has an update on the T-72M1's obtention in relation to upcoming Desert Storm Raid: Source on official Discord server
  11. Given that this will be a variation of the upcoming remodelled T-72A, then it'd quite likely be quite strong for low tier standards just as T-72B is in post-0.33 armour layout. Also, it sounds like that this T-72M1 will be readily available in the future, even after the Desert Storm raid, because the wordings imply the devs plan to add various skins for it, perhaps for other events or even as a "welcome gift/offer" for new players further down the road. On the other hand, I'd imagine some people complaining that we'd have too many T-72s in the game.
  12. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-january-28 Time to brace for impact?
  13. Looking at the full list, there are a few vehicles that are potentially concerning, but we will have to wait and see: VBL Ingwe's missiles can be annoying to face while playing T5/6 MBTs, depending on how much they can pen. Many of the T5 tanks already have really weak turret armour. There are also other missile only vehicles, such as VCAC Mephisto and IT-1. Will K21, AS21, and Leclerc T40 use top attack missiles, or they stick to autocannons only? Kinda surprised that SBS Pindad is there too. Its performance is also something to watch out for. And hey Bradley AAWS-H also there.
  14. Just realised that URL was the wrong one for both post. They should now be correct.
  15. It's been a while, but CSB has now been updated to include new stats and skill trees seen in 0.34. Link: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/ A few things to note: Only English, German, and both Chinese languages are up to date and fully translated. The other languages are only translated up to 0.30 or before. Recommended builds are disabled for now because the old ones are really outdated. You can suggest some here and I will forward them to HYPE for future updates. Andrey Zaytsev's levels 1-2 values for Fixed Position IV skill are at 10%. They might get reverted back to the old values in the future . For reference, the game now rounds that skill's values up or down to the nearest integer, so it can look rather confusing. Freja HĂžjbjerg's Lone Hero skill is currently incorrect; it should activate when there is no friendly vehicles nearby, not enemies, but for some reason this is what's written in the game as well (it was correct before). I've asked HYPE to change this for a future update. Similar to the point above, but even though the game has updated some of the old skills' descriptions, they may actually be incorrect. One such example is Rachel Kramer's Fury Fire, which states reload speed would increase when HP is at 50% or below, while it should be 50% or more. That's the problem with copying descriptions directly from the game, so we may have to carry out tests in the game to verify them if necessary. There may be other errors in the latest build so please do let me know if you do spot any.
  16. Yea the English patch notes are a bit off. According to the Russian counterpart, Sabrina's A3 and B3 will be replaced by what appears to be a Muffler I (reduced camo loss upon firing by 2.44%), whereas D1 and D2 will be replaced with a skill that increases reload speed by 0.6%. Andrey's C1, C4, and C7 will be replaced by the TD exclusive reload buff (also at 0.6% for each skill), while B4 and E4 will be the same as Sabrina's camo loss reduction skill when firing. Lastly, Fyodor Sokolov is also getting the same changes as Maximilian Koenig. Unless the actual update brings changes that are different to what the Russian patch note suggests, then all of the new reload buff skills are at 0.6%, and all camo loss reduction skills are at 2.44%.
  17. Yes but I will explain below. The Eastern Crate (much like the American Dream and Moscow Calling seasonal crates) can drop premium vehicles, as well as tier 9-10 rentals, skins, gold, and even camouflage. However, a number of players started reporting a lack of vehicle drops from seasonal crates this year, and after some hypothesis and cross checking, they find out the chance of a premium vehicle drop decreases significantly if you own all available tier 6 premium vehicles. So the workaround solution is to sell a tier 6 premium vehicle that you already own to increase the drop chance again. Ultimately, I prefer doing it this way because you can get more premium vehicles, and in turn you can reclaim more gold via rental drop (e.g. from Spec Ops crates) compensations.
  18. Got my first Eastern Crate after 2T Stalker's introduction. Sold my XM1 for the second time, and I got a Leopard 2 Revolution together with a Bradley Sentinel skin. My previous Eastern Crate got me an XM1 (after selling it away for the first time) together with a Sprut-SD Titan skin.
  19. NM142 is one of the powercreep victims. Apart from the use of infantry, camo, and MM, C13 TUA can even go hull down and scout in the front line with its tall unmanned turret up there if other players in the team struggle to recon. I once asked SS about this issue in May's Q&A, and he said the devs would need to "address that with a larger batch of balance changes". As of now, 0.33 and 0.34 hasn't fixed this issue yet, and it's quite doubtful if it will happen in the near future.
  20. New article is now up and online: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-msta-s Its history introduction is noticeably short. Single-shot gun with 8 sec reload and two types of HE to choose. The latter kinda reminds me of the HE and HERA that Palmaria used to have before Balance 2.0. I was kinda hoping to see the early prototype of Koalitsiya-SV instead, because it is a prototype and the double-barrel guns makes it look different enough to stand out as a premium vehicle. P.S. SS said the Msta-S can be obtained after reaching rank 25.
  21. The old Object 195 page has now been updated. Also this kek: Anyway, the main text:
  22. I voted for PVE, because we haven't had new PVE maps for quite some time and they tend to have higher replayability. IIRC the last ones were reworked versions of existing maps in 2018, such as Harbinger, Starry Night, Stormy Winter, and Ghost Hunter. https://imgur.com/92p9dEQ Old Harbinger map. More screenshots here (originally shared by Silentstalker on official Discord server) That said, the recent reworked PVE maps now tend to look too similar to their PVP counterparts. I wish to see more modifications and visual varieties as with the early versions of the said maps, like how Stormy Winter was a snowy town and not just the same old refinery, while Harbinger had an overhead bridge that you need to pass under before you reach the town centre (not that it was a popular map back then due to enemy spawn locations, but it sure looked very different when compared to its latest iteration). The idea of spec ops isn't bad, because it, while having some critical flaws, does offer some new story elements and atmosphere as well as different gameplay / mission flow from time to time, but I won't tend to replay campaign missions that often, and some players may get bored of playing the same missions repeatedly while waiting for the next chapter to come. Queue time can also get longer as a result. Adding gameplay elements that require or promote teamwork sounds good on paper, but given the experience with random players nowadays, this is usually not a good idea to have for a game like AW. Ultimately the game is more or less about looking for enemies and wiping them off the map, and this is what a lot of players tend to care more than other gameplay elements (damage assist, capturing etc). Labyrinth kinda falls under this issue too because while players have to capture all 14 points to win, it's people who deal damage get the most rewards. Adding elements that require team coordination risks failure due to players not focusing on objective or even griefing. Moscow Calling's delivery objectives are particularly notorious for this. Sure, one can always argue that players should platoon up for the best outcome, but this tends to get a lot of resistance for all sorts of reasons. Dodging map-based enemy fire in Spec Ops is a pain, and I don't enjoy it. It's worse when I thought I am way clear of the danger zone or targeting laser, only to be hit by enemy fire anyway. Moreover, some stages have a high number of fast moving helicopters and gunships that a team should take down in order to progress the mission, and this can be very problematic when a team consists of random players doesn't have the appropriate vehicles to counter such threats (e.g. helicopters in Moscow Calling chapter 2, gunships in American Dream), and possibly causing players to feel they are forced to bring said vehicles in order to complete the missions ("I can't trust other players bringing an AA or using one for intended purpose so I must bring one myself"). I sometimes hypothesise a gameplay mode featuring problem solving scenarios with randomised factors that can replace Heroics mode for battalion or specific teamplay. What Spec Ops has done right sometimes are the secondary objectives - by completing side objectives that has an impact on mission flow or helping the team overall (activate UAV, calling for friendly support fire/airstrike) gives a better incentive than just destroying or capping random places on the maps (even backtracking) for some bonus credits while others hoard all the damage and assists. I do hope this can applied on existing PVE maps as well. While the extra lives help increase the chance of a mission success, as Haswell has replied this now promotes a different kind of gameplay. Rushing into certain places to trigger mass spawns, take some damage, back off and heal while continuing to spot and deal damage at the same time. This leads to some players arguing that HP is a resource that you should spend and trade with aggression for better reward.
  23. Found this sneak peak tweet saying Object 195 will be the tier 10 reward vehicle for the upcoming BP. @Soren said it's legit so I guess I'll believe it. IIRC Object 195 has been in the game files for quite some time, and there is an article dating way back to February 2017 saying it was originally going to be a progression vehicle. Nevertheless, those who have been tracking past articles and files would have expected this to come as a premium vehicle soon or later. Question is how the devs will make it stand out from the existing 152mm MBTs like T-14-152 and Object 490. Maybe a autoloader clip or ready rack together with some other gimmicks?
  24. As the upcoming's BP will be Russian themed, it seems fairly likely that one of the rewards will be an SPG. IIRC it may either be 2S19 Msta-S or 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV as SS mentioned in the June 24 Twitch stream.
  25. Dug up an oldie but goodie from last year: Also this
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