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  1. Not sure if this is added in this patch or before, but there is a camo called Joker that is given to most, if not all, players. According to its description the camo was supposed to be introduced in 2022, but "didn't get it to it until now". It's essentially a digital camouflage with purple, green, grey, and black squares.
  2. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2115201063 Mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oTLRmwNmv8 ---- BP vehicles: SS considers adding a forward facing hard kill APS for the KF51 Panther (similar to that on CV90120 Ghost), but it's still too early to decide on such a change There are plans to add drones to the Panther, not as an ammo slot, but as an ability similar to the ones tested very briefly last month, except that it would be launched from the tank and not from an off-map location. Some people think that the Leopard Cockerill is too similar to the progression Harimau, but SS thinks it's fine as a premium counterpart Although they are still gathering more data, the Leopard Cockerill is doing fine in terms of stats and balance All three new BP vehicles are more or less doing OK, but the Ajax may be on the weaker end. The Ajax originally had much stronger armour, before it got readjusted at BP launch based on some testers' opinions. SS states such readjustments might have gone a bit too far, but he does not blame anyone on this. The vehicle will get firepower buffs, and maybe the new Assault Squad that Lynx Prototype has. Others: Samuel Thorpe rework is still in the backlog, buried by more urgent issues so he still didn't get to take a look at this task. 2nd mission in Black Company Spec Ops is projected for release in the summer. It will be a long and complicated (programming-wise?) mission just like Rate of Decay. SS hasn't seen the map, so he does not know if it'd be a corridor map or not. T-80BVM's model was outsourced, but it arrived in a really bad shape, hence the delays on its rollout. Its unlock requirement will be damage based No ETA on Apocalypse Spec Ops missions' return, but there may be increased rewards for completing this mission chain when it does appear in War Games eventually. There are plans to replace the Leopard 2AX with Leopard 2A8, but much of the details are still to be determined. There are also plans to overhaul the spotting mechanics, with drones possibly taking on a more important role, but there are disagreements internally as to how to do it. PLZ-05's very high DPM will be readjusted SPG ready rack and ammo swap time etc will be looked at in the future SPG usage has increase after class-wide overhaul last December. The class will get more buffs (firepower ones first) in the future in order to make it more competitive. HE shell fixes are still WIP - a "painful topic" and complicated, as many basic mechanics became broken. Different air bursts shells used different versions, and devs may want to redo them. When asked if AFT-10 will get buffed in the future, SS says it will as part of a general overhaul (the vehicle is doing very badly in PvP) There may be plans to buff LT's DPM up to autocannon kind of level This statement leads to some concerns about the very high DPM that can ruin objectives in some Spec Ops missions (e.g. protecting the Zubr in the 2nd mission of Caribbean Crisis or the SAMs in last mission of Moscow Calling), but SS doesn't think so As for autocannons' high DPM, SS disagrees with suggestions to tone down their rate of fire, saying that their high rates are popular with players, but maybe reduce their damage values instead. There are also plans to make MBTs more useful in PvE in face of DPM-heavy vehicles. One such idea is to give them a taunt ability (similar to MMORPGs) that forces bots to focus on the MBT player, who then takes reduced damage and possibly gets rewarded for tanking. Nothing is set in stone though. QN-506's loitering munition uses a lot of "non-standard" mechanics, and it will take a lot of work to reprogram it to whatever the new drone mechanics may become, so it's likely to stay as it is. No plans to sell T-72M1 Wittmann in the future, as it is a BP pre-order exclusive, which won't be sold again under normal circumstances No plans for new standard PvE missions XSolla issue (i.e. players are blocked from paying via webshop in some regions or countries) is still being dealt with slowly, as there are legal factors behind it. Changing payment processor is not easy either both in terms of legal process and implementation An testing server is WIP, but it won't be a PTS - instead it will be a closed testing environment ---- I'm sure I've missed some other details or points, so please mention them in the replies if you know any.
  3. The Europe's Edge Battle Path is now live. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/europes-edge-battle-path-now-available https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-europes-edge-battle-path Related thread: Known issues so far: BP chain missions have incorrect icons BP chain missions' requirement and what's needed for progress on counter are different Ajax's Passive Detection ability (seen in modification/upgrade screen) states 400m, but patch note states 200m. According to SS, 200m is the correct value; 400m is a localisation error. Ajax has Large Troop Compartment trait even though it deploys the normal number of infantry. Other notes: BP lasts for 77 days, or at least that's what the counter states when it started. However, SS also commented that "Considering our extension history, we'll be lucky if it doesn't last 6 months again"
  4. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0120-now-available Several new issues have popped up: Chain missions' written requirements and progress counter do not match (e.g. text states deal 140,000 damage to vehicles, but counter shows 50,000 for requirement) The Honey Badger skin is applied on ATDU tank automatically, changing the vehicle name to Challenger 2 TES "Honey Badger" / Chall. 2 TES, and it is reported to be irremovable right now. Boxer RIWP and T-15 got several drone abilities, and the devs have to restart the server to disable them according to the announcement in official discord server A new set of achievements are revealed for the upcoming Black Company spec ops mission, which is called "Lone Star" (not yet announced) This update appears to have caused existing sound mods to stop functioning
  5. BP is extended by 2 more days until 4th April. There was a 5-hour long maintenance planned for today, but it ended early with a BP extension announcement and no update (yet).
  6. BP is extended once more until 2nd April. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/server-maintenance-13
  7. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/europes-edge-battle-path-prize-highlights
  8. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0117-now-available Until today Puma's and Boxer CRV's PELE only had one single damage value for penetration, and had no partial or non-penetration damage unlike those on most other vehicles that have the same ammunition. Not mentioned on patch notes, but it is likely that Lynx Prototype's 30mm PELE also got a similar adjustment, because it also only had full penetration damage when it first became available (see Chavez's stream on 21st December for reference).
  9. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/developer-diary-leopard-and-harimau-upgrades The fourth bullet point appears to be referring to the reload time within magazine (in this case it should be a ready rack), which is 3s in the current build. Given that both tanks have Improved Ammo Feed module (burst rate of fire increased by 50%) as well, dumping 4/6-shot HEAT in quick succession has great burst potential, perhaps even more so with Rapid Fire ability, but the latter is mostly used to reload faster in most cases.
  10. SS has updated the Greater European Loot Crate drop list.
  11. As announced on official Discord server after today's maintenance, Exile BP has now been extended until 28th March.
  12. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-europes-edge-battle-path Stuff from SS on official Discord server (content possibly subject to changes): Eligible vehicles for Cockerill missions: Dragoon 90 Harimau K21-XC-8 LAV-300 Leopard Cockerill Scorpion 90 Wilk-XC-8 WWO Wilk ZUBR-PSP (either turret is fine) Lesser European Loot Crate drop list: AMX-30B2 TR-85M1 Chieftain Mk. 11 Kampfpanzer70 T-72M2 Wilk T-72M4CZ BWP-2000 CV90105 TML ZUBR PSP Some vehicles like Abbot isn't on this drop list. SS said he decided so based on vehicle ownership analysis. Greater European Loot Crate's drop list may change (e.g. Boxer CRV is not tier 10, so SS may swap it with the RIWP, and add KF41 Prototype as well)
  13. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-kf51-panther Some tidbits regarding the new BP from SS on official Discord server: The Eurosatory expo camo pattern (i.e. the one in the first image) will be available in the upcoming BP (not a skin). No new parts BP tanks "aside from the existing ones" "There will be a chain mission overhaul"
  14. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-ajax
  15. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0115-now-available This patch seems to revert the HE mechanics back to the state in 0.90.6 (28th December 2023 patch). According to SS on official Discord server, HEAB mechanics are still being reworked The bug that causes some vehicles with missile launcher reload animation to be stuck in the reload position from the last patch should also be fixed. On a side note, there is another announcement on Discord server, stating that "tonight at 23:45 CET, all Armored Warfare items will be removed from the My.Games Market.", adding that players should redeem items in the Market inventory just to be safe, even though the said items should still be accessible after that time (supposedly).
  16. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-leopard-cockerill Level 20 reward vehicle as stated in the article When someone on official Discord server comments that other tier 8 vehicles with 105mm gun have HEAT (implying that this and the Harimau don't), SS replied "Who says this one won't?" Also from SS: "The gun can fire most NATO rounds. Whether it will or won't have a HEAT round is a balance decision."
  17. Turns out there are more vehicles that can have their launchers' elevation stuck in the reload position. All of them have launcher animations while reloading, and as far as I know they can only get stuck if no stock missiles are included in the their loadout. e.g. VCAC Mephisto's launcher will get stuck if all missiles are of the upgraded HOT-2MP or HOT-3, but if you put at least 1 stock HOT-2 in one of the four ammo slots (you don't have to use it in battle), the the launcher should work as intended. Affected vehicles: Bradley FV C13 TUA Khrizatema-S M8 MGM-166 VCAC Mephisto
  18. Current situation: The drone testing is concluded within 2 hours after server went live, rather than 1 week as originally planned. According to SS on official Discord server's announcement, there will be a new iteration coming in the future. As a result, the paragraph under Drone Testing is removed from the patch notes, and the drone testing article now leads to a 403 Forbidden message. VCAC Mephisto has a new bug where the launcher fires from the retracted position with no elevation or depression, but can still turn 360 degrees. While the patch notes states AGDS's autocannon HE now deals chip damage even on non-penetration, most, if not all, autocannon HE and PELE now deal chip damage against armour, but they can still blocked by spaced armour and modules. Boxer CRV lost its door model at the back
  19. There is another infantry bug where if you lost all of your available infantry, it is not possible to redeploy them by refilling ammo (default key "Q"). However it is possible to deploy infantry again if you respawn.
  20. Comments from SS on official Discord server: "At this moment we are discussing two solutions for Boxer/Puma. Either wait for proper airburst (think KF41 and the article) or we rebalance the firepower around PELE", or even both as an option. KF41 Lynx Prototype not being shown on Encyclopedia (except for those who own it, be it permanently or temporarily i.e. rental) is still a known outstanding issue. Other notes: An "OUT OF DRONES" icon and message appear on the UI when respawning. This has something to do with the upcoming Drone mechanic for public testing, but implemented incorrectly with bugs. The actual test is not yet available. The KF51 Panther appeared in Encyclopedia and was reportedly playable in test range shortly after update for a brief period of time, but it is now invisible to players. Probably part of the changes made to address a bug that increases the rate of fire on some vehicles, the Retreat ability now has -10.71% rate of fire debuff when activated instead of -80%
  21. SS now has an answer on the article's disappearance (source):
  22. Notes on today's patch: Splash damage does not work, be it for regular HE shells, programmable HE's air burst, or thermobaric ammunition. According to SS on official discord server, "They were trying to adapt splash to work on drones but broke everything" but the feature in testing didn't work, and worse it somehow made its way to the live server. Despite saying so on the patch notes, there are no visible listed achievements in association with the new AS90 contract There are reports of players respawning all the way back at the beginning if they die at any stage of the Spec Ops mission Rate of Decay
  23. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-t-80bvm The T-80UM-1 Bars was originally going to get the thermobaric ATGM and programmable HE (as seen in article), but that ultimately didn't happen upon release. SS says there are no plans to review large calibre programmable HE (also available on Leclerc and T-14) despite their relatively poor performance compared to autocannon counterparts. SS also says that the armour configurations will be a linear upgrade
  24. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-drones Comments from SS on official discord server: Drones were originally intended to be a new feature introduced in Exile BP T-15 may not have the ability permanently; the addition will only be for testing The devs will decide on the eligible vehicles after the initial public test Airburst ammo will be adjusted so that they will be effective against drones The devs plan to reward players who manage to shoot down drones, but it's not clear whether SS means stuff like net XP per match etc or something else like achievements Asked whether drones have a limited operation time / fuel, SS says they will drop at some point SS first revealed their existence on a stream back in November, though Panzersofa found out about them and posted screenshots a few days beforehand.
  25. The article has been re-published with the same URL but on a new date ("Jan 16th | 2024"). The article is largely the same but with the following text missing from the original: The model screenshots are also new, replacing the older textureless screenshots:
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