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Developer Diary: T-15 Kinzhal Nerf

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We’re continuing to address the hottest balance and community issues with a topic that’s been coming up rather often these days – the firepower of the T-15 Kinzhal Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer.


The Kinzhal’s been in our sights for a while now due to its extremely high damage output and its module damage so let’s start with the changes that are coming in the next update. We considered overhauling the gun completely but it’s the gun that makes Kinzhal rather unique. That is why the gun will stay in its current burst-firing form. However:

  • Rate of fire will be reduced from 1400 to 500 rounds per minute
  • The penetration buff from its special burst ability will be reduced from 25% to 17.5%
  • Module damage will be reduced by 53%

Thanks to the fact we are not adjusting the overheat rates, the vehicle will still be perfectly viable and will still retain its sustained fire capability as well as the ability to eliminate lightly armored vehicles with ease. However, the ability to devastate MBTs from the front will be significantly reduced.

Now, you might be wondering – what took so long? The truth is that we were super careful because we really wanted to avoid another CATTB situation where series of gradual nerfs created the impression that the tank was – and still is – nerfed to the ground. In reality the tank is statistically more than fine and has for example an above average winrate of 52%. But the rumor is out there and it’s not something we want to repeat – hopefully no further adjustments for the Kinzhal will be needed.

The same goes with ZTZ-20 where we were able to adjust its performance early on, now its result are far more along the intended lines and Kinzhal outperforms it in both the damage output and winrate. Needless to say, that’s not great but we’re finally getting to the point where we can step by step address some rather old issues, such as:

  • Type 99 series ammo racks (also buffed in the next update)
  • Returning Cerberus to the PvE rotation (unrelated but hopefully welcome)
  • Soviet MBT series missing side ERA (not in the next update but coming)

And many others. Not all at once, mind you, but we’ll get there. And that’s all for today’s article. We hope that you enjoyed it and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!


Kinzhal nerf has been planned for a while - it was also announced before Rise of the Dragon BP was launched.

According to SS on official Discord server:

  • Rate of fire nerf is for how fast the shots get fired within the 3-shot burst. Reload time between bursts should remain unchanged.
  • "The nominal DPM will stay around 19k"
  • "The module damage is the biggest nerf"

As for the "Soviet Russian MBT series missing side ERA", they should be referring to the T-90s and T-14. SS said he will also look into Oplot's ERAs.

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...A sensible nerf, feels weird? The module damage nerf was more than necessary considering I could ammorack stuff in a single burst using Sabrina. Completly retarded.

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Wonder if they also nerf all the other over performer and if certain content, that was definitely balanced with those over performers in mind, gets balanced.

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Also think that the nerf is needed, but ......

For me it does not feels completely right. This because (almost) all Battle Path end rewards vehicles get nerfed when there are " a substantial amount" of players have it, perform with it and (maybe) will be the example for other players to get it asap (see how good this end reward tank, in this example the T15 Kinzhal, is. You better should do your best (or pay) to get this tank).

And then, after some time, AW has some " in-depth inquirements" who reveals' that this reward tankT15 is overpowered. And it always happens after a substantial time frame (hear AW stating " we need data" and in some way I understand that). But they never find it in the test period, and you could say, that after so much nerfing in the past, you know what you should investigate before releasing it. And that's what I personally find strange and or incorrect.

Players tried to get a tank based on their characteristics and after acquiring it, get something adjusted / different afterwards.


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They need to do better testing before new vehicles are ever released. The post release nerf is not fair to anyone who gets the vehicle and not fair to anyone who plays against it before the nerf.

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