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AW Modloader Testing

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There is now an initial version of the AW modloader uploaded on GitHub. 

Important: Bugs are to be expected, even though most stuff should be ironed out by now. Use at your own risk. After testing a first release will be made (probably in a new thread) which should be working well.

The program does what the name says:

  • Load Mods into the program
  • Manage mods by activating/deactivating them for the use ingame
  • Version control of mods
  • Collision detection of mods


Important stuff first:

- Source Code (MIT): https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader
- Supported Plattforms: Windows 7-11 (32 & 64 Bit) (Currently only win10 64Bit is tested)  
- Supported Languages: English, German (Other languages can be supported as well but for this I need help see https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/issues/1)
- Supported Installer Languages: English, German, French, Polish, Russian
- Download of the program: https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/releases/tag/v0.1.0-alpha
- Issues: Report here or (even better) https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/issues


Making mods compatible with the modloader

Generally lot of mods should already be compatible with the modloader. Though theres some mod distributions with an incompatible folder layout. The expected folder layout for a compatible mod is as follows:

MyFancyMod.zip =>

Generally the archive needs to represent the folder structure that is required inside the localization/<language>/ folder.

ThisIsWrong.zip =>

This does not work for example as the modloader directly inserts the file into the correct localization folder already.


In order to attach more information to your mod that the modloader can use you can create a modinfo.json file. Using this file you can achieve proper version control of your mod in the modloader. The file needs to have the following JSON data (The modinfo.json is not mandatory but recommended):

  "name": "My mod name",
  "author": "TeyKey1",
  "version": "0.1.0",
  "injection": "localization",
  "info": "This is an awesome mod info\nIt contains all the best tank colors\n\nmore info here: https://armoredlabs.net"


  • name The name of your mod
  • author You, probably
  • version The current version of your mod. This needs to follow Semver
  • injection Currently only "localization" is supported, so leave as is
  • info Some info text about your mod. Can be multiline using escape characters

The modinfo.json file needs to reside in the base of the mod archive:

MyFancyMod.zip =>


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