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Moderator Recruitment - Things Get Weird (ask questions here!)

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On 6/10/2021 at 11:27 PM, Haswell said:

ArmoredLabs has been growing bigger and bigger for the past year, and it has came to the attention of many that the frequency of chaos have also been growing. We want to emphasis the importance of self-moderation, but sometimes things just get out of hand where mods have to step in to stop the chaos.

ArmoredLabs is now recruiting TWO active moderators to keep our forum and Discord server orderly, preferably from the Americas time zones. The workload will be minimal, you will be responsible for curses, memes, floofs and headpats.

The recruitment process will be as follows:

June 11 - June 24 (inclusive)
Nomination phase: each user can nominate other users (including themselves) to become candidates. There are no limits, but including reasons for the nominations would be nice. Note that nominees can either accept or refuse the nomination. Lack of response will be interpreted as implied refusal.

June 25 - July 8 (inclusive)
Voting phase: nominees who voiced their acceptance will be placed on a poll for users to vote on. Again, it would be nice to include reasons for your votes, but you can also stay silent and vote anonymously if you prefer. Don't vote for yourself obviously, self votes will be voided.

July 9 - TBD
Finalizing phase: ArmoredLabs staff will vet the winning candidates and contact them so they can get their mod tags. I know I have the final say, but I will respect the wishes of the community for as much as I can. That is, assuming your wishes aren't to turn ArmoredLabs into a circus.


  • Do moderators have to be active on both the ArmoredLabs Discord and forums?
    Ideally both, but preference leans heavily on the Discord side right now due to the rapid-fire nature of instant messaging. Moderators will have authority on both the forum and Discord, because splitting them up right now is just unnecessarily complicated.

    Can official game staff (ie. mods on the Official Discord) still be moderators on ArmoredLabs?
  • Unfortunately not. As outlined in our policy towards the official staff, they will not hold any special permissions or authority on ArmoredLabs as long as they are staff on the official channels. This isn't due to any ill will towards them, it's simply a matter of potential conflicts of interest that I'd like to avoid as much as possible.
  • Are there any clan/battalion restrictions for moderators?
    None whatsoever. You can be in any battalion or clan you want and still become a moderator on ArmoredLabs.


This is going to be awkward to explain, as I'm going to do something completely out of character and unexpected from me.

The response for nominating mod candidates was lower than expected, as I have overestimated the number of active non-EU members we have. Out of the five nominated candidates, only two are (presumably) from non-EU time zones.

Given the purpose of this round of mod recruitment is to appoint mods to cover non-EU time zones, I have decided to forgo the formal voting phase and directly appoint our two non-EU mod candidates to their posts. This appointment will take effect on June 30/July 1.

Our prospective mod appointees will be @Bob_Magilica and @Nekrosmas, to cover the NA and SEA time zones.

This thread will serve as an inquiry process to allow our two appointees to address any potential questions and concerns.

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22 hours ago, Haswell said:

  The response for nominating mod candidates was lower than expected, as I have overestimated the number of active non-EU members we have.

Congrats to the new mods!

As part of the NA constituency, I am pleased that there is equitable representation of the different global regions. I don't really see this as awkward at all.


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Congrats!  I don't see this as awkward, either.  It's your forum, you may do with it as you please.  But no need to worry in this case anyway; I think you've made great choices!

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