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  1. I do not believe that would be the case. Players would not sit endlessly in a que for whichever map they currently wanted, they would leave and pick another map (or set of maps). Also, adding a feature that shows players in que what maps are currently have players qued for would also be nice and would fix that problem. Example of what I mean: you que for map X at t8 with whatever tank, the screen pops up showing map A has 2 players waiting for it, map C has 3, map F has 4, and 1 for map X [aka you]; the 2, 3, and 4 players would be players qued at t7-9 tanks (if the tier spread is set for +/- 1). As for allowing 2 or more maps to be qued for at once and 2 maps a player ques for gets 5 players, then I would have to say whichever map got the 5 players should pop first. It's also not like I am saying we should be doing queing where we instantly que for 2 or more maps at the same time. Could always do it where players have to be in que for a minute or so before queing for the second map. Say I just log on, I select a tank I wish to play, que for map D, then 60 seconds later (if 60 seconds is the time used, and I am not in a game yet) I can que for a 2nd map (perhaps picking a map I like that I see 2-3 others qued already in the above players qued for which maps feature). Also adding in the idea of players seeing whose going into the map with you and what tanks they have would help with 2 maps hitting 5 players at same time, since you wont be loading into the map till all 5 players hit a yes or such button. I know I would like that feature, I am tired of games where there is only 1 or no MBT or games with 2 AFV's. There's also an idea of doing a lobby system, think like Payday 1/2 and/or Left 4 Dead 1/2 lobbies. A player starts a lobby, hopefully names it good (if allowed), say something like " T8's - No Arty - 2+ MBT " meaning they wanna play t8 or wants everyone to play t8's, arty/spg isn't wanted, and at least two MBT's wanted in the games. Maybe there's features/settings the lobby maker/leader can set to show anyone looking through the lobby list any class limits they want, such as showing they don't wish to play with arty/spg. Whoever starts the lobby gets to pick the maps played, perhaps even allow map voting for the people in the lobby.
  2. The problem would really be solved by removing the rotation period and allowing players to que a tank for which ever map they want (which in turn could be made faster by even allowing 2 or more maps to be qued for at the same time) and when 5 players within a 1-2 tier range que for the same map, they go in (or even better, allow them to see what everyone's bringing and decide if they want to go or not).
  3. I see them a lot when my team mates get shot at with missiles.
  4. his timer seems to be closer to the map switches than your's is Has, at least for me
  5. Some instructions/directions would be nice on how to operate it and on what stuff does (like what the skull and star does) would be nice.
  6. They are nice, but they should not be costing more than twice they are worth. And there's a 500 BC coupon for 4000 BC right now in my shop offers, as a special offer no less. This is not a bet SS, this IS a scam.
  7. you only need a credit card to get paypal, aka you could use that Amex
  8. Use paypal, takes minutes usually, most I ever waited was like 2-3 hours and that was only once a bit earlier. I also bought the t9 TD pack, took minutes.
  9. Yes, the reload/RoF retro works for missiles as well.
  10. It's been the Pindad for me every day, owned vehicles do not get refreshed
  11. they prolly meant a toon of 3 arty.... a toon with 2 arty should be fine
  12. even if it's only 5 gold.... still better to get that 5 gold then get however much credits the prem tanks sell for... And yes, I know's it 500+ gold, depending on what was to be dropped, I am just saying the gold amount is worth more than the credits.
  13. you do realize you could be getting gold if you kept the prem tanks? as the same for normal tanks... the more tanks you have, the more xp you get when playing.
  14. If mbt's are to be the "MMO tanks" of AW, then they ALL need way better armor. And I mean along the lines of each mbt should be nearly, if not entirely, impossible to take damage if hit from the front, including missile chip damage. They would also deserve their VR back as well then so they could "gather" enemies to them. AW is not a typical MMO and those mindsets should not be referred to or even used here. And AW PVE is not a raid dungeon either. While there is several mbt's that could do such damage soaking for the team, they are too few and far in between to say all mbt are the "MMO tank class" of AW; especially with the armors the mbt's were given.
  15. If we have to post something a million times as you say.... you obliviously don't take us seriously or at all. Case in point... you make a new map.. for the lowest played game mode. If that's not listening to the player base... then what is genius?
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