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  1. That's what I was thinking about too first. But in this case you kinda miss its role as a spotter completely. It can work that way but everytime I do that I feel like I'm doing something that vehicle was never intended to do (Feels like playing a mobile mortar ). Problem with PVP compared to PVE is that there is actually smoke and more intelligent enemies compared to the bots. Usually an enemy gets the ATGM warning and smokes right after it. So my first ATGM gets cuaght by APS and the second one hits undesired spots because the enemy already moved after placing the smoke. The vehicle would be great if it would receive normal ATGM. Then I would probably enjoy it a lot. But right now it is really frustrating to play.
  2. I was looking fo a challenge in PVP and this thing seemed to be perfect for it. I'm pretty much stock but this are my pros and cons currently: pros: Good mobility Good viewrange and camo cons: no armor, no hp (who would have tought that) top down attack ATGM It is a very decent spotter but oh boi its weapon systems are crap. I'd actually not care about the MG if there were some proper normal ATGM. But with those useless Top down attack ATGM it's really unconvenient to do at least some damage at all. The first one gets killed by the APS, the second one looses the lock because most enemies are not dumb. Let alone that the ATGM are bugged anyways on every 3-4th shot. If you want to make damage get something proper like a CRAB or SPHINX. It would probably be an OK vehicle if there was an option to choose normal ATGM. At least in my case the vehicle would go from very situational/nearly useless to decent/good. Again in PVP it is super situational and it really depends on what maps you get and what your allies are doing. I can spot lots of stuff with it but usually the meta is "rush one flank" which doesn't help either. So currently I'm still trying to get it to work. But compared to a SPHINX or CRAB it's simply inferior currently.
  3. Hello there. I don't know how experienced you are in terms of battles played in AW. However in PVE generally speaking you're better off using tanks featuring a high dpm to solely make damage in most cases. This does not mean any other tanks are useless they just need a different playstyle to be effective. I'd like to know the following from you to elaborate what exactly your problem is: Your battle count (have you just started playing the game or do you know the basics?) What modes in PVE you usually play Which vehicle classes or vehicles are you particularly bad in? Which Tier do you usually play So either you're not hitting what you want to hit (Maybe because of the ping/possible packet loss) or you're not in a good position. This seems strange to me and points most probably to connection issues. Do you have lots of rubberbanding effects during the game or lag in general? It would be good if you could share some replays or videos with us so we can have a look at what you do during the battle. It's usually easier to see mistakes and errors that way. Otherwise if you're not already familiar with how assist damage works I'd recommend to read the following: This knowledge helps you to boost your assist damage score in the game which as well should lead to a better score.
  4. I think the Type 74 will be placed somewhere around T3-T5. And I really like that concept skin on the Type 10!
  5. As I am a bit of a computer hardware geek I'm keen on having a look at your setups. You can post your build and if possible the performance in Armored Warfare. So this could become as well a "benchmark" for armored warfare if there are some people looking to upgrade their PCs especially for AW. If you have pics of your build please share them aswell Let me start with my current Build: CPU: Intel I7 5930k [OC: 4,5Ghz at 1,285V] GPU: Zotac GTX 1080 10 year anniversary edition [OC: Core 2100Mhz, Mem 10912Mhz] Mobo: MSI X99S XPOWER AC RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 [Running: clock 2750Mhz, DRAM Voltage 1,4V, Timings 15 15 15 35] Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 250 GB (OS) Storage: Western Digital Black 6 TB (games) PSU: Be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 1200 W Cooling: Custom watercooled (EKWB Parts) Case: Custom I originally started 2016 with this build. It was my first time custom sleeving as well as hardline watercooling. I originally started with a Phanteks Enthoo Primo case but decided to tear it down and create a custom case out of it. The build is OC themed. Therefore all the fancy voltage checkpoints (Of course aren't really useful for normal operation). You can find more pictures and informations to this build here if you're interested. Performance in AW: Resolution: 1440p Graphics Settings: All maxed out AA: FXAA FPS: 60fps (v-sync)
  6. Given that it should be a support class only I think this is justified at least for GLOPS. It's still sufficient to reset a cap (aka support). As well he is shooting an Abrams here so who knows what happens if you shoot something with paper armour. The smoke shells will be very useful if there is an arty player who can read the battle.The phosphorus stuff looks better than expected. I tought it would be much larger. I hope that the smoke will have priority in this case. This feels more natural to me and seems to make more sense in general.
  7. I don't like any of the skins either but that's more a question of taste. I'll try it out for sure. But the part with "dealer / vehicle restrictions" already bothers me a bit as I do not own every vehicle ingame. This is aswell a problem for newbies who will find themselfes in situations where they are forced to skip missions. But all in all I think it is a nice idea. But we have to see how it turns out.
  8. This was communicated. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-spirithaven-schedule As well I have a high understanding for this and I think this was the right action to take as a company. I personally do not really care about update schedules at all. I just take it when it's ready. No big deal for me.
  9. Hahaha thank you! The Sphinx is definitely one of my favorite vehicles, especially in GLOPS.
  10. I praise my four random teammates for helping me win chapter 4 that easily. I was as always prepared for the worst case scenario, but was positively surprised by my teammates. This was really the first time that I could finish this chapter in such an effective and fast way.
  11. You're welcome. Glad it's useful. Yes. Something that lots of players do not understand.
  12. Hello everyone. I decided to translate some of my guides on AWtactics which might be useful for other people on this forum. The original guide in german can be found here Keep in mind that english is not my native language, I try my best to write correct sentences. Aswell I use google translate on my original text to keep the effort a bit lower. So there might be some errors I'm missing. In this case feel free to correct me. In this guide I'll give you some tips on how to achieve a successful gameplay. This is not a guide on how to play and what tactics to use but more of an insight of what factors can separate a decent player from someone who is not good at the game. I myself am fairly experienced in PVP/GLOPS gamemodes and am a decent player overall. I'm probably not the best player out there but I know what I'm doing . Therefore I'd like to share some tips with you and hope that both experienced players and newbies can learn some things here. Keep in mind that the guide is (due to my background and preferences) a bit more on the PVP side of things, but I'm sure that this will help some PVE players as well as the tips are more or less generally useful. Content: I try to cover multiple things that some of you might be thinking are obvious. However, playing this game since closed beta, I could often observe the contrary. Think like your opponent Learn from mistakes Learn from other players Do the unexpected and use unconventional tactics Never give up! When you have a bad day 1. Think like your Opponent: In my opinion this is probably the most important point to be successful in the game. A good player thinks like his opponent, he knows what the opponent will do next and adjusts his playstyle accordingly. He uses the opponent's behavior to his advantage and always tries to control the battle. These sentences above may sound a little hollow at first, but they explain very well what is meant by “thinking like the opponent”. Let me split the whole thing up and show you what it's all about: Before starting the game: For a good player, the game starts as soon as he sees the loading screen. The loading screen is not only cosmetic, it also contains very useful information. Here you can see which map you are going to play on and can therefore already think about what you could do with your chosen vehicle. The team composition offers even more information. Here you can see how your own team and the opposing team are put together. Are there many tanks of a single class? What spotters/afvs does the enemy have? Has the enemy more MBTs than your team? Are there any above-average players in the opposing team, or platoons that could use a certain tactic or gameplay? All of these things should be compared and analyzed, before the game starts. A decent player already has a plan of what he could do before the battle begins and how the allies and opponents could behave based on the information gained. This process is of course very complex and difficult to explain. In general, this is where experience comes into play, which logically cannot be gathered within a day. But if you keep playing the game and analyzing the enemy and your own team you'll very soon get a hand for predicting things like these. Start of the game: The start of the game is essential. It basically decides the next steps to take as a player. As soon as the tanks move, an experienced player very often looks at the minimap and observes where the allies are heading. Where are the MBTs going, where are the TDs, what is your AFV trying to spot, is the ally trying to rush a flank? These are questions that can be answered with a fairly high degree of certainty at the beginning of the battle by just using the minimap. You as a player adapt accordingly to achieve the maximum effect against the enemy team. As soon as the first opponents are spotted, you can make initial assumptions about the enemy team. Where are they? Are there any places/flanks which are poorly covered or occupied by the enemy? Does the opponent rush one side? Based on all this information, the experienced player can adapt his playing style and thus turn the battle to his advantage. During the game: The minimap should be constantly observed during the game. It is also observed where the allies and opponents are located and how many HP the respective tanks still have. You can see that the minimap has become an essential tool because it offers a lot of important information at a glance. In addition, the remaining HP of the allies can either be viewed directly in the game window above the respective tanks, or as a bar on the team list. This information is useful to see the state of allied tanks, which for example defend or attack important points. Direct confrontation (1v1 situations and general combat): In a direct confrontation with the opponent, a good player tries to think the same as the opponent and can thus estimate what the opponent will do next. What does the opponent want to achieve? Does he have support? What does the opponent expect from me? This is also knowledge which one acquires with increasing experience. It is important that you watch your opponents carefully. You will notice ordinary behavior patterns of the enemies that happen again and again quite quickly. Plan your next move in the game accordingly to gain an advantage over your opponent. 2. Learn from mistakes: A very important part. Everyone started out small and had their first game in Armored Warfare. What distinguishes a good player from a bad one is clearly that the good player learns from his mistakes. Everyone has experienced this situation: You’re rushing ahead with your MBT and have been processed into scrap metal faster than you can count to three. Now you can do two things: get frustrated about it and blame your opponents or teammates for your own death, or the better option: you analyze the situation and ask yourself how it could happen. This is where a useful tool from Armored Warfare comes into play, namely the replay function: the replay function records your battle so that you can watch it afterwards. (Your replays, as well as the option to record your battles as replays, can be found in your dossier). Now you have the opportunity to watch the game again as a replay. You can stop the time, go to other points of view and thus understand very well why you were processed into scrap that quickly. You can ask/examine the following things: Where do I stand with my tank (was I too exposed, did I show my weak spots, ...) Where were the allied tanks (could they provide fire support, were they busy with something else, ...) Where did the opponents stand (were they spotted, did they have a good firing position towards you, where/why were you spotted, ...) What is the general situation in battle (how are the allies and opponents distributed on the map, were you outnumbered, ...) If you learn from your mistakes through this self-reflection, you have an enormous long-term advantage over the players, who blame everyone else but themselves for defeats. 3. Learn from other players: What you learn from your own mistakes can also be learned from your own teammates. I personally have benefited the most in my WOT (World of Tanks) times by watching lifestreams and Clanwars of very good players. There are many opportunities to learn from your fellow players. Here are some: Platoon with experienced players: You can benefit a lot here. If you are in a platoon with experienced players, you can certainly learn a trick or two. You can see how your platoonmates generally react to the battle and what they do to win a game as often as possible. A good start to finding experienced players is to join a clan. There are usually opportunities to play together in a platoon. In addition, you can of course also ask in-game players (who you consider experienced or perform well in battle) via the chat function whether they would like to participate a few games with you. Watch videos and lifestreams of good players: There are some good players on YouTube who regularly upload gameplay videos. In addition, there are of course various streaming platforms where players can stream their gameplay directly. Of course you will also find plenty of video material on AWtactics (especially in the area of vehicle guides but also tactics). These are great ways to "look over the shoulders" of another player and learn from their tactics and techniques. Take a close look at the video material and look for things that you could adapt for your gameplay. The important thing is to actually try it out ingame. Have you seen something that you want to try yourself? Go ahead! Even if it fails, you can still learn and benefit from it. 4. Do the unexpected and use unconventional tactics: This point also defines a good player: he always tries to do the unexpected (from the opponents pov) and thus gain an advantage. Here is a small video example: Here you can see what unexpected tactics can do: within 2.5 minutes I manage to do 14,000Dmg and 6 kills. In addition to the considerable confusion in the enemy team, this makes it possible for my team to cap cappoint 1, which results in a great advantage for our team. If we take a closer look at the video, we see that I initially drive the SPHINX directly into the opposing spawn point. What seems like a suicide squad succeeds. I can destroy the defenseless artillery vehicles and can now drive directly into the northern flank at high speed. Again, only the opposing CRAB was paying attention to the minimap and is attacking me. The rest of the opponents are now spotted and can be shot at by the advanced allies. The attacking Kornet is overhasty and does not hit me as I take advantage of the cover (helicopter). In close combat, a Kornet has significant disadvantages compared to a SPHINX (due to the lack of a gun), which I of course use to my advantage. With the subsequent death of Thunderbolt 2 (that obviously did not look at the minimap), the entire northern flank has been cleared, cap point 1 can now be capped. I now see on the minimap that the allies need more time for the capping, so I try to rush through the enemy spawn again to slow down the opponents. Here I manage to kill an artillery vehicle, after which I am shot down myself. Nevertheless, the cappoint 1 could be capped without any problems which is all that matters. You see that actions that look like suicide rushes at first glance can also succeed. It becomes clear how important it is to confront the opponent in unexpected places and to perform unexpected maneuvers. Again, it is important to know what the opponent will do next in order to react accordingly. Don't be afraid of new tactics: Again, you should try new tactics and ideas, they can be successful. If they are not, you can still learn from the mistakes. 5. Never give up! The name of the paragraph tells it all. Never give up! A good player will fight tooth and nail even in practically hopeless situations. He will try to do as much damage as possible while doing as many kills as possible. I would like to show you this concept in a video (It's a german commentary, but I will try to explain it to you below): In this video I'm driving my SPHINX. Unfortunately for whatever reason I forgot to load ATGMs. Therefore I need to rely on my gun. This is a disadvantage of course but even without ATGM the SPHINX is a capable spotter with a strong gun so there is no point of giving up yet. All I try to do is to spot as much as possible and help the team winning. At 3:00min it is clear that the enemy is going to have an advantage by rushing the northern flank. At this point things are getting worse for my team. After a necessary attack on the leclerc and T90MS (To get accelerate the push of my team) I'm down to 300HP. Lot's of allies have already been destroyed and I'm left as a oneshot. There is not much hope at this point that we can win the game. But even without ATGM I'm trying to do the best as I can to do as many damage as possible. Starting from 5:15min the enemy is getting too confident and not paying attention to any possible ambushs. This is the point where the game starts to turn to our favor. With the competent help and toughtful gameplay of the rest of my team we can finally decimate the enemy team and win the game. You can see that at the end of the game I managed to get 8k dmage and 3.5k spot. Even tough I had no access to ATGM. This proves that even in hopeless situations there can be a way out. As a second situation I want to show you the following video: Here I'm in the battle with the BWP-1M Puma. Unfortunately I have no ammunition left. All I can do now is to scout and mark enemies. I try to do this as best as possible, but our team is decimated and ultimately I'm alone against the rest of the enemy team. Since I have no ammunition left, I have no choice but to ram the opponents. This action kills the VBL, but of course also myself. Nevertheless, I still got the maximum possible damage and made a kill. 6. When you have a bad day: You are just unlucky today and lose almost every battle, are you getting killed over and over without doing any damage yourself? Don't worry, I have a solution for that too! I dare to say that every player knows this situation and is occasionally confronted with it. In such situations there is only one reasonable solution: Turn off the game and do something else! It is intended that I write this in bold and in the middle, it is really the only solution that has proven to be very effective, not only for me. When nothing is working and everything fails, the most effective way is to simply turn off the game and do something else. Are you angry because you just lost today? Go outside and do some sport (your anger will turn into brute force ) Read a book or do other things, as long as you do something else. The problem in such situations is as follows: The ongoing defeats make you angry and frustrated (that's clear, because nobody likes to lose. At least I haven't met such a person yet). Now that you are angry, your gameplay is becoming increasingly aggressive and uncontrolled. I personally tend to be too offensive in that case and do thoughtless actions, which inevitably lead to the rapid destruction of my own tank. You become part of the problem by not playing properly due to the anger and frustration. This only favors the defeats. I can really recommend this tip to everyone, since it is probably the most effective technique to avoid such a problem. The next day you can start the game with renewed motivation and without frustration or anger. That's all for now. I hope this helps
  13. Here in Switzerland we're in the same situation since two weeks now. Doing my studies at home now with virtual classrooms and stuff like that. Feels very uncommon. But a good thing is that lots of people are caring and try to make good and reasonable trade-offs in this regard. Let's see where this goes but so far I'm not enjoying 2020 either.
  14. The CATTB is not getting nerfed just because it is popular or meta. Simply because it is ridiculously OP. That fact of course leads to the effect that the tank is popular and meta in PVP modes. This is a discussion that is going on for ages now. Separate balancing for PVE/PVP modes requires much effort for the devs and I highly doubt that anything like that will ever happen at all. This would cure the symptoms of the disease but not the disease itsself. Just because there are only two CATTBs per team does not make them less OP in any way. Again this tank should have never been implemented the way it was. This is certainly a disaster for My.games and they definitely lost lots of reputation because of that. Only thing they can do now to fix it is to try balancing it properly for all Modes. However, the latest changes on the CATTB show that they have clearly no clue of how to do this.
  15. The ATGM are more of a secondary weapon on the K21. You should rely on the gun for most of the time. Same goes with the Leclerc T40.
  16. Well that has happended to me as well @Terminator83 when the market was new. Bought the AGDS bundle and was wondering why I did not receive anything. Contacted Support just to find out I had to activate it in the inventory
  17. Well its as always they just seem to rush lots of updates with half-finished/badly tested stuff. The change of the CATTB clearly shows that the devs have no clue of what's wrong with that vehicle. 50mm less pen on AP? I couldn't care less
  18. Hello and welcome I can aswell point you to awtactics.com, my AW website (Mechanics Guides, General Guides, Vehicle Guides, ...). It's in german but with the use of google translator or anything similar I think it's not too bad for translation. So if you happen to find anything you'd like to translate there feel free to do so!
  19. I've now suffered for 4 Battles after I quit it again. You can get it to work in PVP but it's pretty hard. The ATGM are very annoying as you gain control over them very late after firing. It would be a very decent tank if it would get more hitpoints, more damage on the gun and get the ATGM control delay reduced. The Viewrange is pretty decent on that thing and the camo is not that bad either given it is a boat sized vehicle.
  20. From what I've seen on the testserver the BWP is superior in every way even though it's not a bad tank in my opinion. Given that the BWP is a bit too strong I think balance-wise it should be fine. I'm close to getting it but not really hyped, as it offers the same old playstyle as the BWP. The ATGM are less usable (slower + hard to use in close combat). The Gun is meh aswell compared to the BWP.
  21. @hellheat What does that have to do with the spotting delay? Nothing. You keep using irrelevant information to justify your claim. I've explained to you above how the spotting indicator works. If you want to believe me or not is up to you. I think at this point it's better if we just stop arguing over that and stop wasting our time.
  22. The spotting indicator has nothing to do with being hit. What happens is the following: 1. You get spotted by the enemy 2. Spotting delay gets triggered (~2s) (You don't know that you're spottedt yet but the enemy already sees you as a spotted target and thus can shoot you) 3. After the spotting delay time has elapsed you get the spotting indicator on your UI (Now you can safely say that you're spotted) 4. Enemy stops to spot you, now the spotted icon on your UI turns grey. The enemy can still see your tank silhouette 5. Spotting delay gets triggered again (~2s) (Your spotting icon is grey and teh enemy can still see your silhouette) 6. After the spotting delay time has elapsed the icon disappears and your tank vanishes completely from enemy POV. I do not really know how you get to the conclusion that your spotting icon should light up as soon as you got hit by the above mentioned text.
  23. They won't change something like that solely for PVE I think. Aswell I do play PVE it's just not my favorite mode. Same as with the other two game modes I did not notice any different behaviour in this mode. That's why I'm asking you how you have tested the spotting delay and how long it is according to your tests. I know it's longer than 2.5s according to you, but I'm wondering how much longer it is exactly. To my knowledge the devs have not stated any change reagrding those mechanics neither PVE/PVP in the last several updates.
  24. The OT65-A was meh aswell so I skipped that thing right away. But you just gave me a reason to try it out again Let's see how that goes. The gun angle of -6° already bothers me from just reading it. And man that thing is huge!
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