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Found 3 results

  1. Wiki article: https://armoredwarfare.gamepedia.com/KTO_Rosomak MyGames development article: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-kto-rosomak Disclaimer: The reviews are bias toward PvE and personal preference. Another week another review. This time, we will visit the wonderful KTO Rosomak tier 7 AFV from Poland *Kurwa*. A tamed Rosomak spotted outside its natural habitat in Afghanistan. Fun fact: Rosomak in Polish mean "Wolverine", our Poland friend obsessed with stuff that have Wolf in it, ask the Wilk XC-8. Name: KTO Rosomak Tier: 7 (which is the reason this thing suffer) Class: Land Cruiser Features: Subtle movement Harder to Spot: Totally not useful since this thing is huge and firing your gun will tell the world exactly where you at. The size also not much different from the OT-64 Chonker. Designated target: Vehicle has the ability to designate targets that are within line of sight and vision range. Designated targets are called out and takes increased damage. Again, you can't simultaneously fire and designate, also only be able to paint targets within your view range. PELE: Want to set something on fire or destroy internal components? PELE people, PELE. (Note that due to some *balancing* the devs made, the king of PELE still is XC-8 and Auto canon PELE can be rather... weak) Auto cannon only: Self explanatory. Recon package: Stay still for 5s to gain 30m of viewrange. Waterproof Amphibious: This sucker took 20 seconds to drown instead of 10 and can't float. Combat capacity: Sustained Damage: Decent ammo selection, stock ammo will carry you through just fine, if this thing weren't tier 7 and only have 540 rounds... The RoF of 400rpm can be your dead sentence, taking too long to kill off enemies and no alternative fire power option. Once you unlocked PELE, re-learning where to fire and where not is vital to make PELE work and wreck anything you see, else just stick to APFSDS. Nobody cares about HE-I right... Right? Defense: Not great, not terrible. The default rule of AFV is that you will never have armor, miracle bounces are your friend but knowing where to deploy is how you live. If you fancy blocking some damage, consult the Warrior. Mobility: Can be sluggish but ain't Chonker for once. You can get to places fairly ok but remember its an 8 wheeler, drunk driving can be quite... interesting. Utility: Tied with the Warrior at 410m stock view range, you really need a decent commander and toys to really spot anything on the move at long range. The camo is quite comfortable at about 33% but as soon as you start firing... brace your anus. Targeting: (Carl! You send me the Russians paper again? This thing only have -5 depressing angle). With a rather high silhouette and -5/+45 gun angle, I suggest you signup for an Anti-Air division. Gun accuracy is quite impressive for AC at 0.08 mean you can be a sniper-schnitzel. This tonk also feature troop compartment which can boost your DPS or utilities up even higher. However with the fact that you will run out of ammo almost every mission, swapping place with the BVP-M2 can help fixing almost all of its issues. For now, I rank it as a solid non noob-friendly C tier. WEEEEWOOO WEEEEWOOOO Rosomak P/S: I'll start experiment with the tier ranking of A to D. S class will only be reserve for some obviously OP tank that somehow dodged all the nerf hammer. Tell me what you want me to review next. All contributions are welcome.
  2. Wiki article:https://armoredwarfare.gamepedia.com/BVP-M2_SKCZ_Šakal MyGames development article:https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-bvp-sakal Disclaimer: The reviews are bias toward PvE and personal preference. Ight, I'm bac bois. Was drowning in the frustration SH give me going at it in tier 9+ with random (apparently I choose to suffer anyway). This time let's look at something positive to brighten our day up shall we. Despite having some of the worse tonk in the game, Poland do churn out some good shit too *cough* 120mm PELE *cough* so LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, SALTY PLAYER OF ALL RACES, I introduce to you the best tonk tier for tier in the game and an absolute gem: MVP-M2 SKCZ Šakal. Wait! CARL! Get me the proper image! TOO CLOSE! WRONG END! WHAT HAPPEND TO OUR IMAGE QUALITY? FINALLY, WAS IT REALLY THAT HARD? Name: BVP-M2 SKCZ Šakal Tier: is it 6? Class: Upgraded Russian BMP-2 but it's Polish. Features: Subtle movement Harder to Spot: When was the last time you decide to use your camo to play this game anyway. Don't take me wrong, the thing has decent camo. Designated target: Vehicle has the ability to designate targets that are within line of sight and vision range. Designated targets are called out and takes increased damage. Very spicy when use in tandem with ze rocket. Fire and Forget: When the Lord gave us SPIKE, we abuse the shit out of it. A blessing to any vehicle. Recon package: Stay still for 5s to gain 30m of view range. Troop Compartment: casual portable 5k DPS booster. Combat capacity: Sustained Damage: A very pleasant experience with either stock ammo or fully upgraded cause for tier 6, SPIKE kill all ze thing alright. RoF is more than enough to get you that Blue Star medal and the pen with AP is sufficient. Defense: Don't keep your hopes up that this thing can take hits, especially when Swingfire is roaming around but it landed on the healthier side HP wise. Mobility: On a straight line it can go vroom but will turn like a Mustang MBT. Utility: View range is nothing to write home about but the main feature is its firepower. Targeting: Suffer from Russian crippling depression syndrome (-5/+75) but hey, Helios gonna scare of ya. High firepower, easy to use, acceptable survivability and SPIKE. This is the ultimate bot tonk for everyone. Honestly if you do poorly in this thing... please reconsider taking the tutorial Some edge lord please explain this gorgeous thing I'm witnessing here. Apparently a BVP-M2 with Rafael Samson turret.
  3. Wiki article: https://armoredwarfare.gamepedia.com/OT-64_Cobra MyGames development article: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-ot-64-cobra Disclaimer: The reviews are bias toward PvE and personal preference. OT - 64 Cobra. Ladies and gentleman, this is undoubtedly the champion of the worst "tank" playable in Armored Warfare (source: thousand and thousand of tormented souls playing the game, also also from Primer7G's video), beating even the Rosomark tier 7 AFV (see what i did there? foreshadowing). "Oh. Why is that?" some may ask. Well my friend, i'll save you the time by letting you know almost everything about this sucker we have today. Name: OT - 64 Cobra Chonker Tier: 5 (NOT A TYPO) Class: Land Carrier Features: Subtle movement: moving on a low speed doesn't reduce your camouflage factor. With your size of a mansion and the camo value of 28% base, this thing can be spotted from the moon before it can see anything. Firing for 2s out of the auto canon will announce your present to the entire map. Finding a bush big enough to hide it inside? I'll choose finding a cure to HIV please. Designated target: vehicle has the ability to designate targets that are within line of sight and vision range. Designated targets are called out and takes increased damage. Just don't fire the gun while painting. Waterproof: this vehicle can remain longer under water. This sucker took 20 seconds to drown instead of 10 so jumping off a cliff is a more favorable mean to end your suffering. Combat capacity: Sustained Damage: For a tier 5 AFV, this thing somehow got the worst damage output. Despite firing APFSDS with the highest pen for non prem *cough* XM247 *cough*, the Chonker have the lowest damage value and shell velocity out of any 30mm auto canon, even got spat on by the VBL's 20mm. The ATGM option is also locked behind an EXP wall of over 30k+ and no stock rocket for you to play around. Defense: Armor tied with the VBL for the worst but we all know VBL's life line is its speed and size which in this case... Mobility: If you ever drive a tractor, ya'll know. 0 to 32kph time of 5s give or take is absolutely incredible for a land whale and the best part is it's a wheeled vehicle, which mean any of your wheel got pop, you practically crawling. Utility: Surprisingly has decent stock view range of 425 meters. Targeting: Very limited gun angle of -6/+12. Average turret traverse speed of around 72 and standard accuracy of 0.120. i give it the score of... 3.6 The only saving grace for OT-64 is the new-ish Infantry mechanic from its Troop Compartment. However, after "The great AT team massacre" circa March 5th - 2020, I can't see any newb being able to deploy and get out of the way in one piece. This is, for all intent and purposes, a tonk only a mother could love. P/S: If you have any feedback, don't hesitate and bash the shit out of me. Any contribution is welcomed.
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