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  1. can the stream be replayed if so where FB or Twitch? just curious
  2. knutliott my issue I guess then is I don't have enough commanders up to the appropriate level. working on getting on 2 to the top level but boy is it a really long grind. the tier 10 vehicle that gives you Douglass is also one I don't currently have either. so once again I have to grind something lol. by the time I get someplace with the current system it will be changed again XD! back to the salt mines for me then.
  3. so for those of us who didn't get Douglas during one of the BP runs, is he available ? I don't see him in my list of people. and while we are on the subject how many commanders can one have with their highest at the 1Lt/2Lt level. between all the changes since I first started in 12 I still don't have a fully upgraded commander let alone 2 . that is an exceptionally LONG grind for a less than average player (as far as exp earned) goes.
  4. I am considering building a new system in the 800 US range. prefer amd cpu, navidia gpu, non water cooled boring box. currently getting 80ish fps on med settings most of the time. ping seems stable in the 121 to 127 range. anybody have any suggestions?
  5. @BumbaX Sorry for not seeing this sooner. my only tier 9 is the leo 2 a6. with my normal luck it is probably not desired for those missions. as for minimum level of efficiency that remains to be seen. I'll see if I can find you in game sometime . my attempts to get together with anyone from LABS has not been successful so far. I can always use come help and pointers. occasionally I will need a clue by 4 to get the message to sink in. buckle up you are in for a bumpy ride XD
  6. great except that I've been playing for quite a while (badly I might add) and have only 1 tier 9. what hours are good for this kinda stuff and would anyone truly want a player who is almost always lowest in damage in every single game played? or is this just another way for the *cool* kids to laugh at those who are tier 10 challenged LOL
  7. So my last experience with game records was with WOT and they had a separate web page to do this. for the forums, is it just a drag and drop the file or do we need to worry about a particular format? do we need a sticky or a set of instructions here? and finally anybody know if a single recording is going to be over the 4.88 MB listed?
  8. 1980-1986 H co 2/3 ACR (tail end of M-1 test), E troop 256 inf. TC M 60 series most time in the A1 rise package. Dinosaur tanker.
  9. A web page related to WOT has something known as a HEAT map. it is a map that is generated by taking some information that the game has through an *api* and creates a red path that follows the route of every vehicle on that map for a number of games. at least that is how I understand it. is there anything like it for AW, is it possible to actually do it due to the differences in the engine used in both games is different, anybody know if AW would even allow something like it to exist? curious
  10. not shy about displaying my ignorance. so how do you see what tanks the high ranking battalions are using? especially if you generally don't play glops or pvp.
  11. I can see a few errors in terminology. how do you want to handle the changes? send the corrections here or send them to you via in forum mail? Is you native language by any chance German?
  12. in game Baron_Georg. although I'm in a battalion I can be a lab rat/ training thrall, at least when the battalion is quiet. on most nights. will send a friend request at some point. BTW are coms used and which one TS or Discord. mu luck you use mumble and I'll have to get it lol.
  13. great my two highest commanders don't work. Miramon is stock for me. well at least I have the vision retros but I'm still getting hit from noseeums . does that ever change LOL well back to the grinding mines.
  14. as of the end of April 2020 what exactly is the current meta game, how often does it change, HOW do you recognize the meta?
  15. so it begs the question if your 2 primary commanders are at the Lt level (Philip & Freda) is there much to benefit to switching to a essentially stock commander like Douglas or to just leave things alone and work every up across the board. assuming they don't re work commanders again before my slow ass gets everybody up in rank. I have played other commanders and haven't noticed much of a difference but that could just be me.
  16. @Travlla so how do you play a support tank like say a tier 9 leo in that situation? (the first post Sat 2:35) as a support MBT I find that I'm getting out ranged in vision by the bots and can easily loose 2/3 of hp without seeing what shot me from where.
  17. Good players, why don't you actually help players in game as opposed to on the forums. I have been playing here or in WOT since 2012 or so (I think). In that time I've had lots of help from the forums but 0 people from the forum actually meet up with me in game and actually SHOW what they are talking about. some people learn better with direct instruction. this is both a curiosity question and a what obsticals need to be overcome in order for this to happen question. are the impediments time, not feeling qualified to instruct, it's the role of your battalion, no incentive to help, poorer players will drag down my numbers, don't want to burn out, can't pay me enough to do this, lack of thank you or personal gratification, language issues ? what just want to be clear I'm not asking or demanding that anyone do something they are uncomfortable with. nor am I calling out good players for not helping. I'm one of those people who always ask why about stuff.
  18. @Haswell how does 30% and 50 % turn into 1.3 and 1.5 respectively. shouldn't it be .3 and .5 asks the math idiot? @-anybody else commenting-- how do you justify running PT when you only play 2 to 4 hours total a day. should I just run PT on the day I get it from the log in bonus or the day after. I have no $$ to spend on the game at all so buying PT or stuff is a non starter.
  19. clearly I don't understand. today there was a +30% credit event going on. add to that a +50% boost that I used. standard account no premium time. 14 total games played, two losses, tier 9 leo, 149 K cash made. payouts as follows (sorry I didn't record the mission) -- 36, 77, 58, 84, 76, 35, 108, 33, 91, 83, 146, 94, 99, 41K total 149. in most matches I was lowest man in damage in a platoon with my battalion mates. thought it should be more as I have seen people make the same amount of cash in one game. so which is it 30% + 50%, 30% * 50% or 50% of 30% or something else entirely. No I can't figure this out by my self I have no clue as to how. maths not my thing.
  20. how hard would it be to work out rotation based on a different set of criteria? rotation based on team rank (#1, middle of standings and last place). if that even affects rotation. I'm most always last place when the highest can be as much as 7x higher than me.
  21. Guys, this is the venting room :-) I truly didn't expect solutions to my long standing issues. I have been at this for so long with help and without it that I must face the fact that the game is like math for me. fundamentally there is an inability to grasp certain concepts of the game. long ago I realized that I just don't get how math people think, it is alien to me. I don't have dyscalculia (inability to calculate and use numbers and remember basic math facts) but I am pretty darn close. it's kinda the same with not just this game but everything I play. I am simply bad to below average at best. monkey see monkey do works only occasionally for me. I have had more than one tutor walk out on me and several said because I couldn't get it after 6 months I should leave. WOT changed so much between when I started and recently I did quit playing that one. I just wanted everybody to know why I come across as so cynical in posts. it takes a lot of effort to try to help me and I don't want that to ruin the game for you.
  22. part of the problem is I WAS a real tanker and some of Uncle Sam's teachings are almost impossible to unlearn. YMMV
  23. find this kinda funny. been playing since 2012 and have not spent anything on the game. still don't have a tier 10. as a better than average player you are way ahead of the curve even with a re roll. don't think you will ever be lowest man on damage, kills, spots and assists consistently as I have since signing on lol. yes I'm in a battalion. yes I am always going to be supercritical and vocal about my own performance. may be one day all of this will sink in but it hasn't so far. keep trying to help the masses. you get a thank you for that.
  24. yep multiple I have better things to worry about fits me to a T. Personally I look at target as a badge of shame because every one of those hits means that I did something very wrong. it is something I get frequently though.
  25. I am in a Battalion and run almost daily with them. still doesn't stop me from being least in damage or spots or kills. just hard coming to terms with being a poor player consistently in every single title.
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