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Object 225 - actually good and well-balanced at the same time

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What's this, a vehicle review? After so long? Yes, because the 225 actually interested me enough to review it. The 225 could be obtained through the 3 week long mini marathon event, where you had to achieve 3 wins every day in any game mode for 17 days (out of 21 days allotted). It's a fairly easy task and a lot of people already got the 225.

As of the time of this post there are still 4 days remaining, if you haven't had time to play for the past three weeks... you might be able to get the 225 in the BP coin shop hopefully.


Forgive my potato graphics.


Firepower: very competitive

With 880 alpha HEAT and 680 alpha AP, the Object 225 sits at the higher end of tier 6 MBTs in terms of single shot damage just above the usual 125mm guns. What sets the 225 apart is its very fast reload even with the higher alpha, barely 0.2s longer than the T-72B and pushes its DPM to a very competitive 7.7k with my config. This is even comparable to the Merkava 2B and XM1, both of which do boast higher DPM but with far lower alpha.

In terms of gun handling, the Object 225 has the usual Russian depression and elevation angles, more than enough to handle most terrain in the game and not restricting at all. Its accuracy is slightly lower than its peers (possibly a mild attempt at balancing), but not enough to make any significant difference in practice. The long aim time on the other hand is very noticeable, but it looks worse on paper than it actually is in practice. I personally don't feel the need to improve the aim time any further beyond the usual gunner skills, but you do you.

Tip: if you feel cheeky you can also load some HE shells for rear shots and high damage memes, since the 225 also has the mobility to take advantage of flanking tactics.


Protection: good enough even for aggressive play

Frequent players of Chinese MBTs will be no stranger to the frontal armor profile of the Object 225. Decently strong upper plate, weak lower plate, keep wiggling and try to seek hulldown positions. Or you can just use your overwhelming firepower to remove enemies before they can damage you too much.



Upper plate resistant up to 750mm pen AP, somewhat weak turret ring against 900mm pen HEAT. Keep in mind these are already some of the highest penetration values you will face at tier 6, so the armor is actually very reliable in practice against most enemies.



Lower plate starts being iffy against 450mm pen AP and 750mm pen HEAT, just try not to get shot at there. Note the ammo rack on the right lower quadrant.

Mobility: pretty good for something with such a big gun and armor

Thanks to its gas turbine engine, the Object 225 has excellent mid-range acceleration compared to vehicles using diesel engines. While the performance on paper doesn't look too impressive compared to the T-80B and XM1, the 225 also includes the Override ability for a short but very significant acceleration boost. This is most useful in short sprints and allowing the 225 to gain a flying start over its peers in drag races.



Smart use of the Override ability can make the 225 one of the most mobile MBTs at tier 6.

Vision control: there shouldn't be any reason why I should be commenting on this, and yet here we are.

The Object 225 matches the Merkava 2B for having the highest view range out of all the tier 6 MBTs, but that's not the reason I'm talking about vision control here. The camo is why I'm here.


That's right, you can play the 225 like a grown-up Sheridan if you want to. Obviously it won't be the most effective at this role, but there are PvP memes to be made here.


Misc. recommendations:

Commander: whichever MBT commander you prefer. Cortez for 1k alpha memes. Erin for camo memes.

Crew skills:

  • Driver: terrain resistance, hull traverse
  • Gunner: aim time, turret traverse

Consumables: gas, repair kit, med kit. The usual.

Retrofits: breech, filters, optics. Also the usual.


Conclusion: a very good tier 6 MBT that is also strangely well-balanced in this day and age.




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I also like the Object 225.

My only problem with it is that the TR-85M1 is better.  And is a tier lower.

Sure, the TR-85 does less damage per shot, but it gets 3 shots for ~1500 damage over ~4 seconds, then has a mere 6.25-second reload for the entire clip.  It also has dramatically superior gun handling.  The Ob.225 does ~1000 damage in ~7.5 seconds.  To be efficient, the Ob.225 has to be careful about target selection so that it doesn't constantly waste half of that massive alpha on already damaged vehicles.

The Ob.225 is smaller, though, so that combined with the single-shot punch is probably better in PvP.  But I'll take the TR-85 in PvE every time.

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On 6/20/2022 at 7:25 PM, Haswell said:

Conclusion: a very good tier 6 MBT that is also strangely well-balanced in this day and age.

Uhm, how far have we dropped that we call 1k heat memes every 7s or something like that balanced? Maybe in PvE, but I did like 9k in my first PvP game, because I felt it was a good PvP tank. And yes, it is a good PvP tank. 1k alpha bombs every 10s with godlike mobility is just so damn good... The only thing that is bad about it is that it makes me want to use far smoke for asthetics and it's just not competitive.

Oh and the 70 km/h top speed isn't that high, but combined with overdrive or whatever it is called it accelerates quite quickly and is quite nimble.

Honestly, the best reward tonk to date, 10/10 would recommend, borderline OP



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3 hours ago, itzjustrick said:

borderline OP


Good Alpha and pen with good reload for said Alpha, nimble and fast for an MBT while having above average armor last but not least it isn't blind even though it's an absolute pancake, but gets a camo bonus.
The only downside really is the Russian trait of a very narrow depression angle on the gun.

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