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[OFFICIAL] AW asking for feedback, I think

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In our effort to improve the game, we'd like to ask for your feedback regarding several aspects of the game. Please take a few minutes to fill the survey below:


I wonder what good the survey will do this time...




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I showed my GF some of the questions and methods of responses (the pips / sliders) as she works in Data / data analysis....Yea, whatever answers come out of the survey are likely not going to show much of anything or will be massively open to interpretation.  

Felt like it was asking very specific questions over certain things, but not enough options to provide specific feedback related to certain points.    The questions also seemed odd - for example, how much do I spend on f2p games on average?  £0.  However, with AW I have spent maybe around £500 in total and, if it had things for me to grind towards or wasn't such a blatant cash grab like loot boxes, I'd likely continue to spend more, but that's not what the question wanted so what was the point of asking me how much I would spend on other games?


My besoke answer at the end was pretty much - the game is constantly being charged in undocumented ways, which is silly as every patch we the players have to find out of things have changed, if they are we are told they are wrong.  There is no solid direct in the game development as we keep getting told things are going to be one way, then switched or stopped, then switched back.


Tank balance is all over the place with various tanks being massively overpowered / high performing, and just left to sit there for months killing entire aspects of the game (T-15k platoons in glops for example, often having 2 or 3 full platoons per match).  Other tanks just left to sit in the garage getting worse and worse, simply by being older and not being changed for years.  


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What don't you like at all?


Frequent undocumented changes
Lack of information from development team
Known issues are either not acknowledged or never fixed (main battle tanks with limited coaxial machine gun elevation for no reason)
Feedback is never acknowledged or taken seriously unless you're an obnoxious rivet counter with literally nothing more important in your life than annoying the content manager
Community manager Maciek spends more time reposting photographs from r/TankPorn on Armored Warfare's social media channels than actually managing the community
Monetization strategy is simultaneously predatory and nonsensical (realistic skins from past limited time events or campaigns rarely go on sale, if ever, to name one; yet extremely expensive lootboxes are commonly sold)
Extremely linear map design in newer Player vs Environment missions that make MBTs the only viable class with the sole exception of the BMPTs and T-15; especially pronounced in Special Operations
Special Operations maps after American Dream are balanced entirely around the expectation that you will die and respawn at least once, no exceptions
The Special Operations storywriting from Enigma onwards
Special Operations maps after the introduction of mechanized infantry often have infantry on rooftops out of reach of vehicles with bugged coaxial elevation, requiring you to waste a main gun shell when the rest of the map is a DPM race
ATGM and rocket chip damage
Vehicles are frequently powercrept especially by battlepath premiums, rendering older vehicles or even previous battlepath premiums totally redundant as they are rarely rebalanced to match. 
The simplification of gameplay with 0.33 somehow made the above issue worse
Past battlepath rewards other than the reward vehicles and their skins are permanently inaccessible to new players or anyone interested
Even with premium access the battlepath seems to be balanced around having grinding it be the main event of your entire life
Raids are even worse on that aspect despite having worse rewards

Is there anything you like? If yes, what is it?


Subject matter is still interesting despite the derail into bad sci-fi and subsequently bad postapocalyptic fiction
Realistic/"historic" vehicle skins were clearly made by people who took pride in what they were doing
Core gameplay loop is still enjoyable most of the time
Content Manager SilentStalker, who manages double duty as community manager for the English-speaking player demographic despite that not actually being his role. Give him a raise.

Please share any ideas about further development of the game. The team will analyze all pieces of feedback.

Revisit existing vehicles whenever new vehicles are introduced. In particular, new premium vehicles should not be best-in-tier upgrades over existing vehicles.
The issue with autocannons generating overly intensive particle effects that slow computers can be mitigated by reducing their rates of fire while increasing damage per shot.
The Perihelion story and campaign design is worth pursuing, and reimplementing the web tracker functionality the original EU/NA Storyline Campaign had should be explored if it continues.
Limited time game events like battlepaths and raids should not be balanced around being the only leisure activity the player has. I skipped the last battlepath as the grind was simply too much.
Larger and less linear maps should be considered going forwards, especially if Special Operations are continued.
PvE maps should be less flooded with high DPM enemy vehicles like light tanks and armored fighting vehicles
Add a first person aiming mode to artillery if the only high-arc shells they are going to retain going forwards are WP shells

No idea what this is supposed to mean:


Or this: 


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On 6/20/2022 at 2:09 PM, Azdule said:

I showed my GF some of the questions and methods of responses (the pips / sliders) as she works in Data / data analysis....Yea, whatever answers come out of the survey are likely not going to show much of anything or will be massively open to interpretation.  

A friend working as a data analyst said something similar, the survey was asking for monetization data padded with some AW related fluffing.

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