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October 7 Update Notes - wtf edition

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On the 8th of October 2021, starting from 8:00 CEST (7th of October, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.37.8473



List of Update 0.37.8473 Changes


Tier 1-6 Overhaul

In this Update, we are beginning the work on the previously announced Tier 1 to Tier 6 overhaul of existing vehicles. The goals of this overhaul are to address the power gaps between Tiers and to bring the over-performing as well as underperforming vehicles to the fold. The progression between Tiers should feel smoother and the vehicles better balanced, allowing you to effectively resist an enemy two Tiers higher. In general, we are aiming for the classes to be as such:

  • MBTs: Poor baseline accuracy, only small accuracy penalty for moving, poor camouflage and poor viewrange
  • LTs: Average baseline accuracy, major accuracy penalty for moving, average camouflage and good viewrange
  • TDs: Excellent baseline accuracy, massive accuracy penalty for moving, good camouflage and average viewrange
  • AFVs: Excellent camouflage and viewrange

To that end, we are introducing the following changes to Tier 1-6 vehicles:

Shell Changes

With the firepower changes, the ideas is to have the AP shells as universal mid-range ammunition, HEAT shells against lighter targets and MBT areas that aren’t the thickest, HEAT-MP shells to deal minimum guaranteed damage, HE shells versus the thinnest armor as well as external modules and HESH shells versus angled armor as well as modules.

We have overhauled the penetration of AP shells of different classes as such:

  • MBTs and AFVs lose 25% of nominal penetration at 500m, penetration drop starts at 150m (except for the Leopard series, which starts at 250m)
  • LTs lose 20% of nominal penetration at 600m, penetration drop starts at 150m
  • TDs lose 15% of nominal penetration at 700m, penetration drop starts at 150m


  • Most HEAT shells lost their special bonus to damage dealt
  • Most HESH shells were rebalanced by reducing their baseline damage (it is now 10% lower than that of the corresponding AP shells) and by setting the module damage bonus to 35%
  • Tier 1 to 5 HESH shells had their bonus to the chance to set engines on fire reduced from 300% to 100%
  • Tier 6 HESH shells had their bonus to the chance to set engines on fire reduced from 300% to 200%
  • Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Armored Fighting Vehicles now have the same instant ammo type swap ability as the MBTs do

Additional Tier 1-6 Changes

  • Overhauled and fixed the armor model of many, if not most, affected MBTs as well as some other vehicles
  • Smoke grenades and generators can be used more often across the board
  • Most firepower and mobility parameters have been overhauled to a degree
  • All Tier 1 to 6 MBTs have had their lower frontal plate thicknesses reduced by 30mm to 100mm in order to make them easier to penetrate up close, but also sufficiently protected at longer distances
  • Overhauled the parameters of ATGMs in order for them to become easier to control
  • AMX-13 DCA: Improved the armor in stock configuration
  • AMX-13 DCA: Added a new armor set upon installing the Improved Turret module, which protects the vehicle frontally from 20mm and 30mm autocannons at 300m or more
  • AMX-30B2, AMX-40, AMX-50: These vehicles now have 330m viewrange and 10% camouflage by default
  • AMX-30B2: Corrected the camouflage penalty for shooting, it now corresponds to the usual value of 22.5%
  • AMX-30B2, AMX-40, AMX-30B2 Brenus: Fixed the internal module layout
  • Begleitpanzer 57: HE shell penetration increased from 20mm to 36mm
  • BMD-2: Stock ATGM penetration increased from 430mm to 850mm, upgraded ATGM penetration increased from 600mm to 800mm
  • BMD-4: 100mm HE shell damage increased from 555 to 700, penetration reduced from 45mm to 40mm
  • BMP-2: Upgraded ATGM penetration increased from 750mm to 800mm
  • BMP-3: 100mm HE shell damage increased from 555 to 700, penetration reduced from 45mm to 40mm
  • BVP M-80A: HE shell penetration increased from 13mm to 16mm
  • Dragoon 300: This vehicle now has a proper HESH shell with 215 damage and 350mm penetration
  • EE-18 Sucuri II: Ready Rack time between shots changed to 4.29s and the shell reload time to 7.6s
  • FV701 Scimitar: PELE shell penetration reduced from 100mm to 90mm
  • FV721 Fox: This vehicle now has the Improved Cooling module
  • Gvozdika: Fixed the gun depression in order for the gun not to clip into the hull
  • Chieftain Mk.6: This vehicle now has the Improved Cooling module
  • Chieftain Mk.10: Additional armor thickness on the turret increased from 50mm to 100mm
  • IT-1: Reduced the armor across the board
  • Leopard 2AV: Fixed this vehicle’s 105mm penetration
  • M60: Fixed this tank’s progression
  • Magach series: Improved the rate of fire across the board except for Magach 7A (where it was reduced)
  • Magach 5 hitpoints increased from 1750 to 2600
  • Magach 6B hitpoints increased from 2300 to 2800
  • Magach 7A hitpoints increased from 2850 to 3000
  • Magach 7C hitpoints increased from 2850 to 3000
  • OA-82 Jarmila II: Fixed this vehicle’s bugged black textures
  • Sabre is now properly armored with its thickness corresponding to that of the Scorpion Kastet AFV

General Changes

  • Added the missing achievement progression for the Apocalypse season
  • Removed the bonus damage part from shell tooltips
  • Corrected the machinegun bullet damage on multiple vehicles (it now corresponds to the actual machinegun caliber)
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles with the “Improved Transmission” module did not receive the boost to their maximum speed (this affects the following vehicles: PL-01, VT-5, WPB Anders, ZTQ-15 and Seon’gun-915)
  • Fixed the crew collision models on multiple vehicles
  • Fixed the gun blast effect for multiple vehicles
  • Multiple tanks had their armor checked for errors, replacing tiny incorrectly thick areas with correct thicknesses (the “Merkava Mk.1 has 9999 armor areas” issue)
  • Multiple skins and Premium versions of progression tanks have had their armor different from the baseline version, this was fixed
  • C1 Ariete: Corrected the ammo rack placement to make it historically accurate (ammo is no longer located in its turret bustle, but correctly under the turret)
  • Dragun 125 now has the Troop Compartment module
  • K-153C: Fixed an issue where the vehicle allowed you to fire and control two missiles at the same time without having unlocked the required upgrade
  • KPz-70: Fixed the 120mm gun barrel size
  • M109A6 Paladin: The hull is now 20mm thick and the turret 40mm thick
  • M48 GAU-8: Fixed an issue where various Consumables improving maximum speed (such as Synthetic Oil) wouldn’t work on this vehicle
  • Object 490: The machinegun now properly depresses and elevates along with the main gun
  • WZ-1224: The model now has antennae
  • Grindelwald: The tank under tarp objects no longer make you stuck
  • Special Operation “Death”: Fixed an issue where, upon death, players could spawn at the very beginning even if they advanced well into the base
  • Special Operation “Death”: Fixed the collision model of several objects (for example, the SAM launchers) so you do not get stuck on them anymore
  • Special Operation “Famine”: Increased the amount of allied convoy hitpoints on the Insane difficulty
  • Fixed the M60A3 SLEP Rough Rider icon in the Raiders on the Storm window
  • Fixed an issue where closing the in-game browser would lead to a game crash
  • Fixed a number of smaller visual model issues
  • Fixed a number of smaller map issues
  • Fixed several other issues that caused the game to crash

Low tier hell hole is about to get worse.



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16 minutes ago, Baron_Georg said:

what maps have 500 to 700m shots?!?!  I can't recall making any beyond 400 ish but then that's just me. XD


In PVE you'll hardly get above that but in certain PVP/GLOPS maps it's possible to have quite long shots even beyond render range at times.




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17 hours ago, TeyKey1 said:

In PVE you'll hardly get above that but in certain PVP/GLOPS maps it's possible to have quite long shots even beyond render range at times.

Of course, GLOPS is essentially nonexistent for T1-T6.... :-)

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Additional documented changes (from Official Discord announcement):


Commanders! As it turns out, there were some... surprise features in the latest 0.37 update. We are working on a list. For now, we will be adding the following changes to the patchnotes:

Additional Update 0.37 Changes

  • Type 90: Hitpoints reduced to 2600 hitpoints
  • T-series MBTs: Added 200 hitpoints to each of them
  • MBTs with the Kevlar Spall Liner module had their hitpoints reduced by 100 (in a future update, the Tier 7 to Tier 10 Kevlar Spall Liner module will offers 400 hitpoints instead of 300 and this was done to compensate)



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