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  1. It has a 880mm thick LFP against HEAT. Just like the T-72B, you straight can't pen it with HEAT frontally unless you are in a vehicle a tier or two higher. However, the T-72B still deals 810 dmg with its HEAT round, because raisins.
  2. They never fail to fail. Amazing. And as far as I get it... the turret base of the T-15 now take reduced damage? On all sides now? Until now, AC HE would pen for full damage on the side of the turret base, but a 120mm HE (for example) would pen for reduced on the same spot.
  3. If patchnotes are too hard to put together.... Woah, it's really incredible.... Not only they can't even make them correctly, stuff they put in there isn't even correct quite often! The T-15 stuff is just.... I don't even know.... Anyway, here is a list of synonyms for "incompetent" : inapt, incapable, inept, inexpert, unable, unfit, unfitted, unqualified, unskilled, unskillful Bagel panzer also got a 1s switch between canon/missile. Combine that with the new 450 rounds of 57mm, and it went from meh, to OP in my book, since its armor is the 0.33 retarded standard. Oh, and 0.08 base accuracy for its AP, because WHY NOT?
  4. Albatross - 10-3=7 Really not a fan of this one... certain combination of objectives just make thing too hard for the average joe. And the double cap on an airstrip with the pathetic VR we have in the game is just ridiculous. Anvil - 10 Banshee - 11 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 11 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 4 Erebos - 11 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 4 Harbinger - 11 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 4 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 12 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 13 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party (dead) Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet (dead) Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 11 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami (dead) Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 7-3=4 Huh, never really put things into perspective here.... Yup, a lot of wasted space, and the lady YELLING in my ears is annoying. It's just CQC defending circles, not much fun appart for the potentially high damage number when your team is morons. Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11+1=12 One of the few maps with enough space for Brosat or MGM. There is plenty of space to play around, it's a nice map, even if it's stupid hard to carry in a Brosat (heh did it once). Desert Path (dead) Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 7
  5. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10+1=11 Pretty straightforward map, not many surprises there, squichies can still work even if its not ideal. It's also probably one the the shortest mission. I managed to complete it with randoms in barely 5 minutes, allowing me to play it a second time as it was still on rotation. Kinda funny. Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 7 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10-3=7 I want to like it, but the second cap is so awful! There is pretty much 0 safe spot, as bots and Lts will spawn either all around or on top of you. I still play it, but only in specific vehicles. Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 7 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 12 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 7 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 7 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 4-3=1 Even if overall, I like the map, the absolutely awful start is just too much of a downside really. Only way to stop bot spawnkilling effectively is for a sturdy vehicle to go lodge itself between the small hill and the building that is on the right of the road we spawn on. Have fun being sniped by the 2 bots camping near the warehouse then... Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path - (-2) (dead) Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 10
  6. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 10 Dire Wolf - 10 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10 Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 10+1=11 I like this one, perfect map for playing the Storm and ram everything to death. Other than that, looks decent, bots aren't too easy or too hard. Bots are a bit slow sometimes though, with the team looking for them. Leviathan - 10 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 11 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 7 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 10-3=7 I mean, it's Ricochet... Doesn't really need an explanation... it's really meh and gives the worst rewards I believe? Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 10 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 10 Stormy Winter - 10 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 10 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path - 1-3=-2 shoo go away! I'm never playing with you anymore! I can vote against it again right? Desert Fox - 10 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 10 Desert Viper - 10
  7. So after EVERY MBT armor was buffed to new level of retartadation, especially in low tiers, now they introduce a MBT with "mediocre" armor? I wonder what it will look like... By looking at some Leos, like the rest but with crap side armor? Also, if the Obj 430 can get a 100mm with 468 dmg and 610 pen with HEAT and 510 pen 360 dmg on T4, this thing will surely be around that. (that's stupid high numbers for a 100mm ffs) Yup, pretty much uninteresting...
  8. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 10 Dire Wolf - 10 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10 Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 10 Leviathan - 10 Life Jacket - 10-3=7 I just don't like it? IDK really, I'm not having too much fun on it... Maybe because my only memory of the breadbox AMX is while I was playing it there? Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 10+1=11 It's fun for all the family, everything works well here, even arty. The couple LTs on the other side can be a challenging fight sometimes. lots of stuff to shot, enough space overall. Only downside is when someone trigger the last cap spawns early, it can become really hard then with surprise T-15s on your butt (I swear last time that happened to me it was you Haswell in your K-153) Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 10 Quarterback - 10 Raiding Party - 10 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 10 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 10 Scorpio - 10 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 10 Starry Night - 10 Stormy Winter - 10 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 10 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 10 Desert Path - 10-3=7 To me, it's a combination of every bad thing in PvE : Tiny corridor map, stupid objectives (insta losing if the ennemy cap the second cap that's tucked nicely into a corner making its defence kinda hard if your team is morons) surprise off map arty if you fail second objective, a Lt that's essentially a pillbox, a stupid respawn point (ok, considering the map, GL finding a good one that's not too far). All in all, the worst map for me. Desert Fox - 10 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 10 Desert Viper - 10 Adjusted points from previous post. -H
  9. Welp, here is one of my question answered.... And yup, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST Edit : It will be able to front pen a Chally 1. Top kek
  10. Yeah, it's nuts. I enjoy playing it now. Also, the T9 one is basically the exact same thing but with less armor, RoF and a bit worse pen. So it's also pretty nuts considering you could meet T7 tanks with it. There is stuff you could borderline 2 shot with HEAT down there! Same story with T8 with 890 dmg HEAT. Anyway, I won't be annoyed anymore when during the BP, I have Zhang Feng MBT missions.
  11. Hyper inflation yay! I wonder what will happen to the BWP 60mm gun... It will be so funny to see it unchanged while 30mm AC having the same pen. And what about the GAU? Another buff? Leclerc T40 will still be meh, even with nearly 400 pen, as its turret will get penned by pretty much any AC... Ramka and BMPT with their 250/180 LFPs (lol T9 with less LFP armor) will be AC vulnerable from the front. The AGDS will probaly have nearly 400 pen while still being AC immune from the front. And what about the K21 with its 2 40mm? The York and Shilka back to being completely uterly broken OP in PvE? What about the Grif 50? with its 50mm, will it have 450+ pen on the first shot?
  12. Escorting infantry that will probably run around everywhere like retards, the floor is lava, having to shot at snipers with MGs that often can't elevate. Okay, sounds perfect!
  13. Never been a fan of the T-15, but considering the thing has 24K base DPM and 520 pen, it will be pretty nuts, especially if its module damage isn't bad. the 30mm T-15 is around 28K? DPM with it's AC but won't easily pen the sides of MBTs while damaging their ammorack in the process. And with the 520mm pen on the first shot, you can do a LOT more than with the 205mm of the 30mm AC. Also, fun fact, I had to go as low a freaking T3 to find an AP round with only 500mm of pen while checking how easy it would be to pen T10 MBTs. Ridiculous... Honestly, if the 57mm deals lots of module damage, it could be broken IMO, But we kinda expect that right? Gotta powercreep the old stuff... Edit : The burst thingy will be ping related like on the Griff I guess... How does that even work... I have no idea...
  14. Reeeeeeeeeeeee I can't stand those missions anymore, send help! elo, I am profesionalle missions maker and I have come up with news missions fore raid edvent Pay 500 gold to complete the mission. Alternatively, pay 500 gold to complete the mission. Deal 50 000 team damage. Only the matches in which you deal the most damage of all players count toward the objective. Alternatively, TK one of your teammate while obtaining the Teamwork medal. While playing the Abbot, play the Abbot. Alternatively, play the Abbot VE. Destroy 69 vehicule by ramming while going in reverse. Alternatively, crush 10 vehicles in a single match. Lose 10 matches in a row. Alternatively, lose 1 match while obtaining both the Blue Star and Teamwork medal. Buy 200 of our latest lootcrates to complete this mission. Alternatively, buy even more! Play 420 matches using Ulysses Strom as the commander of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can only use the T-55M1 Penetrate the UFP of the York with any gun launched AP projectile. Alternatively, do the same with any HESH round. Drown in less that 1 minute after the start of a match. Alternatively, TK one of your teammates while you're at it. Deal 10 000 damage in a single match while playing the C13 TUA and only using the TOW-2B missiles. Alternatively, do it twice. Deal the most damage in 10 matches while dealing the lest damage. Alternatively, deal the least damage while doing the most damage. Win 20 matches in a row while being AFK. Alternatively, have 5 draws in a row. Explain why the Bulsae 3 ATGM deals 990 dmg while the Swingfire one only deals 630 dmg. Alternatively, play the Swingfire with 300 ms ping. Prove that the Shilka and the York NEEDED PELE. Alternatively, you have 1 hour. Prove that the Cent 120 hasn't been powercrept by the CV Ghost. Look at the armor layout of the Chieftain 900 and try not to cry. Alternatively, look at the armor layout of the M48 Patton and try to cry again.
  15. I only watched a little bit of the stream, but I believe SS said that they are pretty much running out of T9 and T10 to introduce.
  16. Apparently this bug is really old, I only encoutered it 3 times in the past few months, but people still regularly reported it on Discord. I hope (even though I have none left for the game) that this will be quickly fixed as I like Cerberus.
  17. Lts during second/third objectives would spawn outside of reach (or not spawn at all?), making the mission unwinable as you couldn't destroy them.
  18. So they managed to make Raid even worse by implementing lootboxes feature into the mix... Impressive....
  19. This part and the paragraph below it, as well as the "looking up, down, left, right" for a WS just screams "WE BELIEVE OUR PLAYERS ARE JUST COMPLETE RETARDS THAT CAN'T EVEN LEARN ANYTHING NO MATTER WHAT SO WE MUST DUMB DOWN THE GAME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE HAHA WE ARE SO GOOD AT BALANCE, YES INDEED, NO NEED FOR TESTING" LFPs were already pretty much an universal WS, before they started destroying game balance with 0.33, this is just a stupid statement... Well, to me, this """"compromise"""" of realism, is very important to make the game appealing to me. If the appearance of the vehicle is the only real part about it, my interest in playing is greatly diminished. Yes, it is the same in high tiers, but as they said, we don't know the values, and it is in a way, at least to me, easier to accept, even if it's certain that most armor and pen values are over the top compared to the real thing. I'm still very much against the high tier balance overall. But we know about the precise armor and pen values of most of the low tier stuff, and seeing them being completely ignored, in layout, shapes, values, is really making me sad. Making armor more predictable ? What a load of BS, having to shoot at a tank hitbox that barely looks like the tank you are looking at isn't making it more predictable. Also why does this model butchering doesn't affect anything eastern really? T series tanks have their round turret actually being round, apart for a bit of turret roof on one T-72 If I recall correctly. IS-7 pike nose is there, but Chieftains and M48 hulls and turrets had to be butchered to great lengths apparently. Welp, too much to talk about this part, better move on... I will just talk about the ammo part here, more precisely the HEAT shells that "can rarely penetrate frontal armor, best used against MBT side armor or light targets", which is complete BS, since only the T series stuff on T6 and the Chief 900 can stop HEAT shells on their LFP, on all the others MBTs, it's pretty much a big chunk of green. Also, low tier HEAT MP will deal up to 245 chip dmg (Taifun HEAT) for a 120mm shell, as if us complaining how retarded that is when it was there on high tier tanks and the nerf to HEAT MP chip dmg that was done never happened. Yeah.... "SOME", of course, not the Fox with 50mm thick plates, not the Leo 1 with 700mm UFP, not the BMP-1 with 200mm turret front, etc... Apart for the VBL and the Jarmila, it seems that every single vehicle has had its armor overbuffed accros the board to their retarded standards. Testing? What does that even meeeeeean? Logic ? What does that even meeeeeean? Welp, the thing has been bugged for years, being a MBT with LT stats, same size and armor as the T-55, might as well go all in right? Once again, retarded arguments... Hey, at least the Rooikat becoming a TD can actually be argued on, it's not a completely illogical retarded change! Even though it's a nerf for the tank, as wheeled gun TD are mostly crap... And the Rooikat lost its decent-ish armor, but we have a TD that can designate now, how original! Much diversity! This is kinda the last nail in the coffin for the game to me really... Well, there were a lot of last nails in that coffin for the past year when I think about it... I'm pretty sure there is a funny quote about still being here and suffering, but can't remember it... Oh well...
  20. Who would have guessed that the T92 LT would be one of the best hulldown vehicle in the game? Incredibable what they have done to it!
  21. Oh, yup... Never noticed, always thought the gun or ammo were different for some reason... Also for some reason, they decided to make nearly every thing completely bullet proof, except some AFVs, yup, even a BMD 1 is almost impervious to 7.62 frontally now. A Fox you say? An ERC ? Around 50mm thick armor I say! Sheridan is now almost completely .50 cal proof... Even with supposed unarmored tin can you HAVE TO shoot their LFP with your MG to pen. Seems that TDs are now supposed to have better armor than AFVs, no matter what? Wouldn't just.... dropping the AP part and lower the bullet pen to standard 7.62 be easier? Naaah
  22. Annnnd it's over now, can't ask anything anymore... Too many insults and all, who would have guessed...
  23. *tinfoil hat on* Why does every thing eastern has stupid OP shells now? 73mm HEAT on BMD/BMP does 400 damage meanwhile the 105mm HEAT on the AMX 30 does 390. Object 430 100mm does does a whopping 468 dmg with HEAT ! Yes, there is the M51 that does 415 at T2 and that has nearly 10K DPM, but this is an exception. There are others exceptions but not many. Chinese 105 ? 480 HEAT at T3, meanwhile the AMX 40 and its """""120"""" mm does 430 and the Leo 1A5 460. Let's just stop here, there is too much to cover... I know I'm not taking DPM or pen (if pen matter anymore?) into consideration here, I'd like to point out too that 2 tanks, with same gun, same ammo, have completely different stats... For example : M456A1 HEAT shell on the M60A3 : 670 pen, 430 dmg, same stuff on the Magach 6B, 730 pen, 490 dmg resulting in the Magach having 1K more DPM firing only 0.08s faster than the M60A3. I'd like to meet some tank enthousiasts outside of AW and show them what the game is, just to see how they react to this arbitrary non logical pathetic excuse of game balancing. I wonder if I remember my WoT forums password heh...
  24. Sooo yup, it's set in stone now, game is fucked, the balance designer set a new world record for "most retarded balance in a game ever", I can't even begin to comprehend the logic behind this... IF there is any... Game future wasn't looking too bright, but now it's pitch black to me... Anyway, noticed how steel is more effective against HEAT compared to AP now? Even better, the effectiveness factor varies arbitrarily for each vehicle and even varies on the same vehicle for hull and turret. Or is just everything composite now ? I'm thinking too much about the "work" of some completely incompetent individuals...
  25. I guess it is worth mentionning that all the Chieftains have their hitboxes very far from being accurate compared to their real shape. The chief 900 pike nose and its driver hatch simply doesn't exist on the armor viewer, it's all flat T-72 style there, and for the earlier Chieftains, their front slope that was a bit rounded on the upper plate and somewhat V shape on the lower are also simply flattened on the armor viewer, T-72 style. Earlier chieftain turrets are also COMPLETELY butchered, the in game armor just being 3 flat square and all the roundness being "add on armor".
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