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  1. Merkava Mark 1 Merkava Mark 2 Merkava Mark 3 Merkava Mark 4 Merkava Mark 4M
  2. Chieftain MK.11 Challenger 1 Challenger 2
  3. Now time for some old vehicles. It shall begin with the Vezdekhod Tank (Imperial Russia) Tsar Tank (Imperial Russia) PT-91M "Pendekar" T-14 Armata M1A1 Abrams
  4. Arjun MK1 Arjun MK1A (Sometimes called MK2)
  5. Al-Khalid Tank Al-Zarrar Tank T-72AMT
  6. EE-T1 Osório M-84 M-84AS1 Vijayanta Tank Olifant Tank PT-91 Twardy M-95 Degman T-84 T-84 Oplot-M
  7. Zulfiqar-1 Zulfiqar-3 Karrar MBT Safir-74 (Type 72Z) Bernardini MB-3 Tamoyo
  8. I shall nominate myself for i shall mod with a firm but fair titanium fist instead of a iron one and there shall be equality for all.
  9. You wouldn't wish me as one. I enjoy chaos too much (Although i might try not to do so) and As Beeda stated, Itzjustrick is indeed a good moderater, as for Pesa, or Stratzi, it depends if they would like the position since Rick, Pesa and Stratzi are not from NA. I know there is a American in LABS named Bias. He might want it.
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