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  1. Talking PVE here. I think you are spot-on when you mention the non-existence of camo, to the point that I hardly ever use the radar on it. But take the AGDS on one of those maps with ridiculous Bradley spawns, find good cover, and you can spew random, indiscriminate destruction, similar to that of the AS-21. Am I far wrong in saying that an AS-21 nerf is coming? The AGDS already had its nerf. When I need lots of credits quickly, I turn to the AGDS. Lots of easy credits in itself says something about the performance of the AGDS. Even without camo and armour, you are still going to come out of just about every PVE match with 30k+ damage (at my skill level). I've seen players doing much more than that. It doesn't have the camo of the AS-21, and it doesn't deal the constant, intense destruction the T-15 is capable of, but it is fast and very consistent. I am enjoying playing it much more than I should!
  2. Thanks! Now I know what to expect - if I get it - perhaps one day in the distant future.
  3. Suf Efrican living in Doha saying hi everyone! So happy to have found this forum and an active community. I've been playing AW since around 2015, on and off, and still have so much to learn - which is partially why I'm here. The other reason is to meet guys like you - people who take the game seriously, without forgetting it's just a game. I play all tiers, predominantly PVE, mostly competently, with generous helpings of really dumb mistakes. Looking forward to see you in battle, preferably on Cerberus. In-game I am also Avinator. Gl & HF!
  4. Hi ShadowStag I sent you a friend request in-game. If you would like, we can platoon up and help each other learn. My own game improved enormously when I joined a battalion and received much needed advice from the other battalion members. My in-game name is also Avinator.
  5. After the Degman, the Chally Falcon is my favourite T8 MBT.
  6. Hi all, my first post on this forum: I'm getting 17k damage with the Type 74 on average (PVE), so not quite Sgt York level, but approaching it. By comparison, I'm averaging 9,4k damage with the Seongun.
  7. Happy to join you anytime. Invite me if you see me!
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