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    A few things of note about the reward vehicles that I'm not sure got picked up since their announcements CV90105 TML The TML's heat round is fairly competitive compared to the Stingray 2, with 520 damage and 744 penetration (stingray 2 gets 510 damage and 770 pen) giving it slightly more damage per shot but slightly less penetration. The AP rounds are identical The reload time for the TML's guns was reduced by 2 seconds (28s/16s for the 12/5 shot guns) and the optional upgrade for the 12-shot gun now reduces the cyclic time from 2.5s to 2.2s Aim time on the TML is 1.41s, meaning that you can just about get a fully-aimed shot off without any delay when using the 5-round clip (1.3s reload) The ability to use vision control of the TML is better than the Stingray 2, with an extra 2% camo (32% with paint) and 30m view range (450m with the view range unlock) before retrofits and skills Armour seems like it will be fairly reliable against autocannons from the front, with a few minor weak spots (290mm gun mantlet, 120mm turret ring, lower glacis of 210mm/180mm/145mm at tope/center/bottom) CV90 Mk IV Base camo and view range are superior to it its peers at 480m (510m when stopped) and 36% with paint. Probably good enough to give the VBR a run for its money Armour seems surprisingly good on paper (better than Marder on stats card!), can probably stop a lot of autocannon AP from the front if it doesn't hit the few weakspots (125mm turret ring, 205mm/180mm/80mm lower glacis) Gun stats are copy-paste from Marder (same accuracy, aim time, reload, and damage) but trades the PELE for HE (as previously mentioned) with 95 damage and 40mm pen CV90120 Ghost The ghost gets access to the upgraded transmission for the tier 9/10 LTs, allowing it to reach 85 km/h The upgraded AP round for the single-shot gun only increases the penetration only offers increased penetration (850mm instead of 800mm) for the same damage (600) The ready rack gun has significantly less damage per shot (510 vs 600 for AP and 610 vs 720 for HEAT) as well as reduced penetration (780mm AP instead of 800mm, 855mm HEAT instead of 880mm) There is a built-in flash suppressor upgrade that reduces the camo penalty from firing by 50% (this is in addition to ADAPTIV) Reload times for the ready rack got buffed from 5.6s per shot to 5s per shot and 2.8s cyclic to 2.4s, while the single-shot gun got buffed from 5s to 4.4s Turret armour will not resist large-caliber AP/HEAT rounds, but should be able to resist all auto-cannon AP from the front (>400mm). The weakest points of the frontal armour are the turret ring (190mm), the parts of the lower glacis not covered in applique (210mm), and the rest of the lower glacis (290-310mm) Strv 2000 Armour seems strong from the front, but far from invulnerable. Lower glacis is 800mm/700mm/600mm against AP (with the 800mm and 700mm portions being covered with three segments of 600mm NERA) and 880mm/770mm/900mm against HEAT (880mm and 770mm parts covered in the three segments of 900-1200mm NERA). The turret ring is venerable to HEAT and ATGMs with 920mm of protection. Turret sides are >400mm except for the rear-most part (250mm) and hull sides are between 200mm and 400mm (the rear-most section is 200mm and is covered by a piece of 35mm spaced armour, the 400mm and 250mm sections are covered by 9 segments of the same NERA as the front). Once the NERA is gone, you have comparable protection against large-caliber AP and HEAT as a light tank, but maintain complete resistance against autocannon AP for most of the frontal arc The known stats for the 140mm gun are unchanged, but the stats that were previously unknown are directly comparable to a stock XM1A3 (accuracy of 0.129 and aim time of 2.38s are the same as the stock XM1A3). The upgraded XM1A3 will still have the superior 140mm gun since it has access to upgrades that the Strv does not (10% accuracy increase, 20% aim time reduction, an improved AP round and a RoF upgrade) that more than make up for the extra 40 damage on the Strv's HEAT round DPM on the 40mm is around 11.4k before retros, with the first/second/third shots of each burst having 230/~310/~400 penetration at 100m. Note that for every shot of the burst that does not penetrate reduces the DPM of the autocannon by ~3.8k (11.4k if all 3 pen, 7.6k if 2 pen, 3.8k if only 1 pen). This seems to be an acceptable trade off compared to the Obj 195's 30mm autocannon since it trades anywhere between ~37% to ~79% of the 195's autocannon DPM for 15% to 100% more penetration (although how acceptable it actually is remains to be seen) tl;dr: The TML seems like it will be a good alternative to the Stingray 2 The Mk IV is probably going to be exceptionally good once it is fully upgraded The single-shot Ghost is on par with or better than both the Thunderbolt and Anders nearly across the board (aim time is a notable exception), while the ready-rack Ghost trades sustained DPM for a lackluster amount of burst DPM The only thing that might make the Strv OP will be the autocannon (if anything, it seems like the Strv would actually be underperforming if it didn't have the autocannon)
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    The article also included a neat little scavenger hunt leading directly to the secret objective. Here is how it goes (spoiler alert!): Tl;dr the campaign now has -20% difficulty. Special shout-out to LABS for cracking the code!
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