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  1. Fuck it, I'm taking a break from AW. Wake me up when they make a patch that doesn't contain braindead balance changes or equally braindead bandaid fixes for said changes.
  2. Alright, take 2 is tomorrow. Let's see what's broken this time....
  3. SS didn't explicitly say that assists and eliminations are mutually exclusive (edit: until his second post in the thread, but you asked an unanswered question later on that gave evidence to suggest his second post wasn't entirely correct), so I'm inclined to go with Qbicle's answer that one player can score an elimination and the player who did the second most amount of damage can still score an assist. The way I see it, "the person who does the most damage either gets an elimination or an assist" does not mean that "if someone gets an elimination no one gets an assist" but rather "if someone gets an elimination the player who did the second most damage gets an assist."
  4. Wow, this change could not have come at a better time. I'm right in the middle of exams rn and don't have much time to play, so I can just sit and wait for other people to live test the changes so I know what not to do when I have time to play again... That said, I'm kinda concerned about how this is going to effect the close-range PvE experience. I'll probably play a few matches when I'm done with my exams, but if I'm not happy with the changes I am prepared to drop AW for other games (yay for steam winter sale starting next week).
  5. lmao sounds like I should go clubbing in my bagel tonight... considering that this will be the first time I will have played a low-tier match since the tier 1-6 rework, I'm a little bit scared to see how it turns out.
  6. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 11 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 7-3=4 This wouldn't be that bad if it didn't depend on your team having at least one MBT that pushes the first objective. This map is like a BackToGarage% speedrun if your team either doesn't have an MBT or the MBT player(s) fail to load in quickly and/or decide to ignore the first objective. Erebos - 11 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 4 Harbinger - 11 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 4 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 12 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 12+1=13 The gold standard of long, 3-stage maps, a competent player can drive any vehicle and exploit its advantages on this map due to the varied terrain around each of the objectives. Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 4 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 4-3=1 Do I really need to go on about this? It's Ricoshit, everything that needs to be said about it has already been said. Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 1 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 7 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path (dead) Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 7
  7. Tier 5 20mm PELE with more penetration than the same shell fired from the same gun at tier 8... I know that it was like that before 0.38, but whatever changes they did didn't fix it. I'd say I'm surprised by this, but I'm really not.
  8. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 10 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10 Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 10 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 11 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 7 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 7 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 10-3=7 While not as bad as Hydra when it comes to the first wave of bots wiping out anyone who loads in late, it still happens here on occasion. Considering that this map is relatively short and unrewarding with secondary objectives that are in extremely inconvenient locations, I'm not exactly a fan Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 10 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 10 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path - -2 lol get fucked Desert Fox - 7-3=4 Easily the second worst of the new desert maps, mostly because the entire map is a confined space that favours MBTs at the expense of everything else Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 10+1=11 Haswell mentioned unique mission objectives, so I feel that I should at least recognise the one new desert map that isn't just attack/defend ad nauseum (even if it is still mostly attack/defend). This doesn't mean that I won't downvote the shit out of this map later tho Desert Viper - 10
  9. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 10 Dire Wolf - 10 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10 Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 10 Leviathan - 10 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 11 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 7-3=4 There's nothing really wrong with this map, it's just that the respawn points need to be revised so players don't have to spend forever getting back into the battle. Perhaps have the respawn points for the second and third stages change to the location you needed to defend for the previous stage? Raiding Party - 7 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 10 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 10 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 10 Starry Night - 10 Stormy Winter - 10 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 10 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 10+1=11 I'm not entirely sure what it is about this map, but I really like it. It might have something to do with the mix of open and urban terrain allowing all types of vehicles to play to their strengths, and the fact that the map is almost entirely free of artificial borders that restrict players from performing flanking maneuvers and putting themselves in positions to provide long-range fire support. Desert Path - 7-3=4 I'm agreeing with Grenier on this one, particularly with respect to the narrow corridors (the bridge is absolutely awful) and the second cap that is simultaneously covered from the players' approach angles and exposed to the bots approach angles. You need to be in an MBT to play this map, and I suspect that the exposed nature of the second cap will make this map even worse if the autocannon penetration buffs go live. Desert Fox - 10 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 10 Desert Viper - 10
  10. Sometimes I think that the devs are trying to do me a favour by making me want to give up on their game and focus on other things... This seems to be their latest (and to date possibly greatest) attempt... I don't really see the reasoning behind this at all. Autocannons weren't supposed to be the weapon of choice for dealing with MBTs (you had missiles for that). In the cases where you needed to deal with an MBT using an autocannon you actually needed to play smart in order to use the face-melting levels of DPM that an autocannon offers. These changes will introduce situations where an AFV can park itself in front of a MBT and trade shots with it until the MBT dies (and it will be the MBT that dies because the autocannons will still have their face-melting DPM that can now pen certain MBTs from the front). Just no. Who the fuck thought that this was a good idea?
  11. About the only good thing about escorting infantry is that they're slow enough that all but the most brain-dead (or latency-challenged) players will probably be able to clear out all of the enemies before the infantry gets somewhere that they might be able to get shot at. On the other hand it means that the mission will probably take fucking forever to do. Other than that... > you're escorting a group of extremely squishy friendlies that can be completely wiped out by a burst of autocannon fire or a few artillery HE rounds > the friendlies have terrible pathfinding AI > there are changing environmental hazards that the AI may or may not be able to deal with Yeah, don't expect me to be the first in line to try this.
  12. 18k DPM using 375mm pen PELE rounds with laser-like accuracy? Holy shit. This thing will absolutely murder everything at most ranges unless I'm missing something or there is some serious penetration falloff at range. About the only downside I can see to the PELE rounds is that they might not handle moving targets very well depending on exactly how the guidance works. That said, I haven't actually used the Griffon's guided AP and HEAT rounds, so I might be completely wrong about that.
  13. I feel like this is a challenge for someone to pay an artist to draw anime version of SS' pfp....
  14. You know an in-game decision is dumb when literally all but one of the named characters cringe at the very idea of doing it and start protesting the idea (bringing up some very good points as to why it is a bad idea) the moment it is suggested... and then you still get idiots who try to do it.
  15. There is an event slated to begin on Sept. 29th with a tier 6 premium MBT as a reward. Based on what little we know about the event so far, it will probably take about 3 or 4 weeks to get the tank, but you should only need to play a few matches per day in order to get it. As mentioned above, a tier 6 premium should help you print enough credits to get you to tier 7 or 8 before you'll need to start looking at obtaining another premium vehicle.
  16. Another notable difference between AW and WoT is the garage slots. In WoT you need to pay gold to unlock more garage slots, but in AW those slots are free. There isn't really a need to sell tanks in AW once you're done grinding them (or just don't want to play them anymore) to free up your garage slots, and in fact it is generally better to keep all of the tanks you buy because each additional tank you have gives a small bonus to the amount of XP you earn in matches (there are diminishing returns starting at +20% XP, but you should still be able to get it over +25% if you buy enough progression vehicles and manage to collect a few premiums).
  17. lmao this tidbit is absolutely based. "China doesn't exist because the US nuked the shit out of their army 80 years ago"
  18. I doubt it Stingray 2 can really only tank autocannon fire from the front and I don't expect the TAM 2IP to be able to tank 30mm AP from the sides (so, no improvement over the Stingray 2 there). Even from the front, I'm expecting that the TAM will have a massive "shoot me here" sign covering the entire lower half of the tank for autocannons and possibly large-caliber HE shells (and/or TB missiles). About the only way that I'd could see the TAM being "better protected" than the Stingray 2 would be the upper glacis (sloped at 72 degrees) and turret cheeks being able to bounce/eat 105mm AP at some wonky angles.
  19. doing a bit of reading, here's what I've found in regards to possible specs for the TAM 2C (the current in-service model) and the TAM 2IP: the main gun is a105mm L7 derivative, capable of firing NATO-standard ammunition (and as of the 2C, LAHATs) TAM 2C has a ~720hp engine and weighs in at ~31t for a top speed of 75 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of ~24 hp/t the add-on armour of the TAM 2IP is likely to reduce this significantly without a more powerful engine base armour on the TAM 2C is minimal with 50mm of RHA on the turret, hull front (sloped at 72 degrees, should be able to deflect some autocannon fire) and sides I couldn't find anything concrete on the TAM 2IP's improved armour package, but I suspect that it's just composite note that the add-on armour only covers the hull sides, upper glacis, turret sides, and upper gun mantlet visual inspection of the few images I found shows that the side armour panels are around 10-15 cm thick composite on the hull front appears to be anywhere up to 20cm thick (~64cm by line-of-sight) additional turret armour appears to have significant thickness, possibly enough to be able to stop a 105mm shot in-game(?) Comparison of the TAM 2C (left) and TAM 2IP (right) - note the large change in turret profile due to the additional armour Frontal view of TAM 2IP - note the lack of add-on armour on the lower part of the gun mantlet and the lower glacis Rear-view showing the thickness of the additional armour on the turret sides and hull sides, probably around 10-15cm thick - note that the panels over the tracks could be either composite or sheet metal Image showing the thickness of the additional armour on the upper glacis, probably around 10-20cm thick Close-up of the new turret profile - note the thickness of the additional mantlet and turret cheek armour
  20. With the confirmation vote up, I'm casting my vote for naming the Termi the "Chicago Typewriter" (although I was really tempted to call it the "Bad Attitude" or "Thorpe's Hammer"), with both it and the rest of the tanks being painted dark grey. Now we just need to wait and see what we get...
  21. is it just me, or does it sound like Desert Viper will be using that glops desert map with the aircraft carrier in port? either way, I'm curious to see how these maps turn out
  22. Sooo, enough BC for two commanders and a tier 9 premium? Haswell, you lucky bastard. Good for you on figuring it out so quickly though.
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