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    PISH is not fine, rankeds are currently either 10 or 9 ATDU per side, with PISH. They can even pen each other frontally, it pens *anything* frontally. This update killed the game for me, I expect player numbers to die shortly. So many other things are absolutely insane I can't even begin to list them, this shitshow should have never made it to live.
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    This was a common occurrence back when PISH and Thermobarics were meta. Even crew killing Challengers was doable with decent ping/skill/luck (or a combination of the three). Now that Thermobarics are extremely powerful once again, I wouldn't be surprised if a resurgence in crew kills occurs once more.
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    It's happening, as expected. Get your pitchforks ready, this is going to be a good shitshow.
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