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Feb 22 patch notes + drone testing

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List of Update 0.110.5 Changes


Drone Testing

This update is bringing the previously announced test of a new feature, the drones. The test begins with the launch of the update. For more information, please visit the portal article.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue across multiple vehicles where some 12.7mm machineguns had incorrect statistics on some vehicles or dealt incorrect damage (different from the nominal one)
  • Abbot VE: HESH and HE shells now have the same accuracy
  • Abrams AGDS: HE shells now correctly deal minimal damage when not penetrating
  • AbramsX: Fixed the suspension collision model so the tank no longer gets stuck where not intended
  • AS90: Updated vehicle’s icon
  • BMD-2: Fixed camouflage appearance
  • Boxer CRV: Antennas are no longer flying in the air
  • Gepard: Mud now appears correctly on the Bundeswehr skin
  • Griffin 50mm: Tacticam skin no longer messes with opening doors when deploying Mechanized Infantry
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype: Machinegun now moves correctly
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype: Vehicle now correctly appears in search filters
  • M108: HEAT shells no longer deal partial damage
  • M108: HEAT shell module damage bonus now correctly appears in the interface
  • M109: Smoke and WP shells are now treated as regular shells
  • M1A2: SEP v2 skin is no longer exceedingly rusty
  • Object 787: The turret is now ripped off correctly when the ammo rack explodes
  • PLZ-05: L/52 gun reload time without Ready Rack increased from 5.5s to 7.25s
  • PLZ-05: L/54 gun reload time without Ready Rack reduced from 9.215s to 5.5s
  • PLZ-05: L/54 gun reload time with Ready Rack reduced from 5s to 4s
  • Puma: ATGM launcher no longer takes full damage
  • T-80B: Certain side areas of the turret no longer take reduced damage
  • T-90A Burlak: Fixed the appearance of one of the headlights
  • Adjusted minor server settings to improve connection stability
  • Added a number of assets for future events
  • Fixed some small visual issues
  • Fixed some small localization issues





In our earlier article, we have unveiled the future appearance of a new mechanic – several types of Drones.

We have also promised that a test would appear in the near future. And that future is now here – we are launching the first test of the Drone feature. In order to test the drones, you need to own either the T-15 Tier 10 TD or the Boxer RIWP Tier 10 Premium AFV. Here’s how you do it.


Select the vehicle in your Garage and select the drone you want to test in the form of an active ability. Since one vehicle can only choose a single active ability, only one type of drone can be deployed in a match. In short, you need to choose. Two drone types are available – a damage dealing drone (Lancet) and a scouting drone (Orlan).

After selecting the drone, you can enter the match. In match, hold the “Ctrl button” and left-click on your mini-map where you want to send the drone. A yellow flag will appear, marking the location.


Now press the Active Ability button (“E” by default). A countdown will appear on your UI on the right side from your reticle. When the countdown reaches zero, a drone will launch to the marked location.


You can either forget the drone and let it fly on its own (the results will be shared by the drone operator’s voice), or you can guide it around by changing the destination mid-flight. When you do that, the drone will change its direction and will fly towards the new target. That way you can bypass strong concentrations of enemies (which the drone will engage automatically if it flies over them).


After certain period of time, the drone will either find a target and attack it, or fall to the ground when it runs out of fuel. A new drone will be launched after that (until you deactivate the ability or run out of drones).

And that’s pretty much it. Please note that as this is the first test of this complex feature, elements such as rewards or achievements are not implemented. They will appear in the future.

And last but not least – when you are finished testing, please do share your feedback in our dedicated form:




The initial testing phase will last one week (after which we will collect your feedback and analyze it). We hope you will enjoy the test and, as always:




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Looks to me that the drone part has been " put on hold". No longer mentioned in the in-log screen and no drone available on the mentioned tanks.

Think we have to wait some more time. Will be " soon" I think :classic_cool:


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Glad that you copypasta'd the drone test text into this thread because they've taken it down from the website now that the test is over.

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Current situation:

  • The drone testing is concluded within 2 hours after server went live, rather than 1 week as originally planned. According to SS on official Discord server's announcement, there will be a new iteration coming in the future.
    • As a result, the paragraph under Drone Testing is removed from the patch notes, and the drone testing article now leads to a 403 Forbidden message.
  • VCAC Mephisto has a new bug where the launcher fires from the retracted position with no elevation or depression, but can still turn 360 degrees.
  • While the patch notes states AGDS's autocannon HE now deals chip damage even on non-penetration, most, if not all, autocannon HE and PELE now deal chip damage against armour, but they can still blocked by spaced armour and modules.
  • Boxer CRV lost its door model at the back



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Added Boxer CRV visual bug (see edit history)
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Turns out there are more vehicles that can have their launchers' elevation stuck in the reload position. All of them have launcher animations while reloading, and as far as I know they can only get stuck if no stock missiles are included in the their loadout. e.g. VCAC Mephisto's launcher will get stuck if all missiles are of the upgraded HOT-2MP or HOT-3, but if you put at least 1 stock HOT-2 in one of the four ammo slots (you don't have to use it in battle), the the launcher should work as intended.

Affected vehicles:

  • Bradley FV
  • C13 TUA
  • Khrizatema-S
  • M8 MGM-166
  • VCAC Mephisto



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