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List of Known Reskin Premium Vehicles (aka Reskinniums)

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This topic is brought up by Abyss on official AW discord server, as Eclipse BP has overprogression crates that drop premium vehicles that players have not yet earned, including those that are reskins of existing vehicles aka "Reskinniums". As a result we want to compile a list of known vehicles with everyone's input.


Tier 2:

  • T92 ACAV (screenshot) (not obtainable from BP Eclipse crates, but still available directly from dealer)

Tier 3:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 6:

Tier 7:

Tier 8:

Tier 9:

Tier 10:

  • Object 640 Black Eagle (not known to be obtainable under normal circumstances)
  • SPHINX Monster (screenshot)


-- Will update the list if there are new findings --

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Added note on T92 ACAV (see edit history)
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I am only listing vehicles I have screenshot proof of.
This is my personal list currently, will have some repeats from your currently posted list:

Tier 2

Tier 3
T-62 Veteran

Tier 4

AMX-10 PAC 90 Fox
AMX-10 Pac 90 Merc
IS-7 Defender

Lav-150 90 Merc

OA-82 Jarmila 2 Monster

OF-40 Ice

Object 430 Ice

ZBD-86 Neon
2S14 Zhalo-S MERC
2S14 Zhalo-S Black Eagle

Tier 5
BMD-2 Wolf
BMD-2 Black Eagle
BMD-2 Ace
Begleitpanzer 57 Joker
Begleitpanzer 57 Toy
ERC-90 F4 Republique
ERC-90 F4 Shark
Object 279 Banner Bearer (this is just a 2nd version of the Object 279 with a special flag, but accepts camos)
M551 Sheridan Hi-Tech
T-64AV Hunter
T-72 Victory
T-72AV Ash
T-72AV Ace

https://imgur.com/a/VHnlaC6 - Pictures for this group of vehicles

Once again, only posting vehicles I have screenshot proof:

Tier 6
BMD-4 Joker
Expeditionary Tank Reaper
Expeditionary Tank Freedom
FV721 Fox Shark
Leopard 2AV ICE
Leopard 2AV Predator

EE-18 Sucuri II Monster
Taifun II Claw

WZ-1224 Trash Panda
XM1 Fox

Tier 7
Challenger 1 Wolf
Challenger 1 Fionn
M60-2000 Neon
Merkava Mk.2D SAW
Merkava Mk.2D Storm
Merkava Mk.2D Black Eagle
Object 187 Dragon
Stingray 2 Shark
Stingray 2 Black Eagle
T-80U Spacewalker
T-80U Shark
Wiesel 1 HOT Wolf

https://imgur.com/a/Ns74Csr - Pictures of this group of vehicles

Edited by Abyss (see edit history)

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Once again, only vehicles I have screenshots of:

Tier 8
AMX-10 RCR Vive La France
BMPT Mod.2000 Reaper
BMPT Mod.2000 Sapphire
M1134 Fox
KTO Rosomak M1M Wataha
T-72B3 Blue
T-72B3 Red
Type 96B Red Dragon

Tier 9
B1 Centauro 120 Wolf
VT5 Dragon


Tier 10
Sphinx Monster

https://imgur.com/a/Pj6Q7xj - link to this group of images

Edited by Abyss (see edit history)

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And those " Re-skinned" for 18.000 battle coins. In my opinion a real disgrace and an insult for the active players.

Would have been better to get a special tank / item / commander etc., on those 18k battle coins boxes, and in my personal believe confirming the thought of "only interested in money grabbing." 

Lost opportunity for the game.


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I made this post a while back in April in the Eclipse BP thread.  It's not an individual list, but rather a list of the sets of Reskinniums.  It's probably not complete... it's just the list that I was able to come up with at the time.

Each of these sets has 4 (most of them) or 5 vehicles, with the exception of Reaper which only has 2.  But this should still represent ~60 known reskinniums, and does not account for any of the singles like the T-80U Spacewalker.  Thus my belief that there are probably close to 80 if not 100 reskinniums available in the game.


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