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July 28 Q&A (from Discord)

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Been a while since we got one of these. Again, interesting stuff in bold.

  • There may be a review on global game balance.
  • T-80UM1 Bars and Object 292 will likely come in August/September.
  • Investigation of softkill APS effectiveness against bots is on hold.
  • Bringing back PTS has been WIP for almost a year now. "Turns out, it's not easy to set up a new shard and a lot of things got in the way."
  • T-80UM1 will require you to play T-80U, 292 will require you to play UM1 (or BVM). It'll be achievement-based, like the Faraday dealer
  • The game is planned to be around for several more years at least.
  • No plans for Twitch drops
  • There will not be another arty test, the devs already know what to do from the previous test.
  • There will be a major push of content this summer (ie. ads, bonuses), mainly towards newer players.
  • The devs are exploring multiple directions for the game right now:
    1. A MOBA style game mode that will gradually replace GLOPS
    2. Replayable PvE (ie. horde mode) that will become competitive PvE
    3. A realistic battle mode ecosystem using "tier 11 but not really" vehicles by converting existing vehicles to more modern variants
  • Physics issues are game engine problems which are very complex to fix.
  • KF51 is planned
  • Platoon-only PvE modes that allow less players per game may or may not come. PvE is currently a weak spot for the devs.
  • The next BP theme is "expeditionary" - lots of traveling. (note: the traveler from the story?)
  • Devs do not want arty to become more like traditional TDs which are stealthy, accurate and mobile (note: what exactly is a traditional TD at this point?)
  • PT-76 and T-55M1 are legacy vehicles, they won't be obtainable again.
  • More stuff will be added to the coin shop in the next BP.
  • The commander system right now isn't perfect, but it works well enough and is popular, there likely won't be any major reworks soon.
  • Tkvarcheli, Grindenwald maps in GLOPS for 10v10 skirmishes are not planned. The maps are too big and players take too long to get to the fight, plus SS just don't like GLOPS skirmishes.
  • No plans to add cross-play with consoles. Console development ended in like 2018 and still belong to My.com, not the current devs/operator.
  • Techart (ie. guns working, ERA working) development have been slow for the past few months as the person in charge have been busy, changes such as the T-series side ERA panels are affected.
  • No plans for Challenger 3 or Leopard 2A7 (note: we already have the Leopard 2A7 in all but name)
  • Premium vehicles not purchasable with gold are intended to be that way.
  • Daily login bonuses not working is being worked on.
  • Allowing low player-count matches may affect server load (more matches are active), this is one reason why it hasn't been a thing.
  • The coming summer marathon will only have camos, no premium vehicles.
  • It is very difficult to separate 3D models from skins (ie. foliage, extra bits) to let them be used with other camo patterns, it will require overhauling the skin system.
  • SS had thought of special skins that affect vehicle properties, like changing their stats and tier (ie. convert T-72B to T-72B3 Mod. 2023). This is very complex and won't come this year.
  • The skin system will need to be overhauled at some point, as the value of skins decrease when vehicles already have lots of skins to choose from.
  • Hardcore mode for tier 3 vehicles is not available, because new players will get upset by the difficulty and leave.
  • 220mm rockets on the TOS has okay balance now, though not that great in PvE.
  • Otomatic and Gepard will be in the coin shop of the next BP.
  • The current British contract will only last one or two more weeks, it will be replaced soon.
  • Long queue times in spec ops is more due to that there haven't been any new spec ops maps for over a year now, and the current ones are not very well received.
  • No plans to add more localization for Asian languages, they are very expensive.
  • SS will look into why tiers 1-6 have ammo fast swap for everything, while at tiers 7-10 only MBTs and LTs and a few other exceptions have it. (note: because 0.33/0.37 were so disconnected in terms of consistency)
  • No plans for saving vehicle loadout presets right now, but it may come in the future.
  • No plans for the Pereh right now.
  • There may be more progression vehicles in 2024.
  • There are plans to add new infantry types for the next BP vehicles.
  • Partial reload being removed on the M113 Hellfire is intended to address an exploit. It will be re-added when the issue is fixed, hopefully this year.
  • The partial reload mechanic is very complex and have a lot of issues that need to be fixed.
  • SS hardly ever play PvP and prefer PvE to be the direction of the game.
  • An idea to counter the TOS was to give some MBTs a Sentinel system (APS that work against rockets), but that didn't happen. It may come in the future.
  • Raids won't return, the previous raid was very poorly received.
  • Jaguar will be sold in lootboxes later, not sure about the TOS.
  • Realistic Battles won't return this year, it will need to be overhauled to have purpose and rewards.
  • When Rate of Decay launches, the four Apocalypse and one Exodus maps will be added to the War Games rotation.
  • Rate of Decay will come in September or October, it is almost ready.
  • To make low tier vehicles more popular, one idea is to let them play Realistic Battles. The other preferred idea right now is the Dead Pool event.
  • Samuel Thorpe commander will probably get new skills in the next BP.
  • Dead Pool won't come this year.
  • Low ammo capacity on the Gepard is intended as a balance feature.
  • There will be a new website and web store.
  • A system to switch between the main gun and RCWS is being worked on.
  • Very few China skins are usable for the EU market, so they are generally disabled.
  • It took half a year to make the AbramsX work.
  • There was an idea to replace the Shadow for the battalion contract, but that idea went into the next BP so there will need to be new ideas.
  • Thorpe's diary will be fully readable after the current BP ends. (note: or you can just download my PDFs here: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/90931-eclipse-bp-thread/&do=findComment&comment=98963)
  • No plans to add bonuses for returning players, as players who left are unlikely to return.
  • No Lootdog for EU.
  • Regarding Supertest: there used to be RU players who test new things on a test server, but there is no test server anymore. There are also a few players that SS trust to give him advice, but not really a Supertest program.
  • SS isn't a fan of the Supertest concept in general, as vehicles being tested mostly came out fine. Most of the problems are QA problems.
  • Some new ideas: a "summoner" support vehicle class that fight by summoning infantry, bunkers, towed guns; ARV "healer" class; self-propelled mortars; flamethrower tanks (rejected because it's stupid). But the next BP is still fairly conventional.
  • AbramsX shouldn't have been released with the broken armor, but no additional tests or advisors could have stopped its release. It's now fine after the fix.
  • Puma is coming, but it is a rather generic IFV.
  • No plans for Javelin infantry as they would be rather underpowered, but it's an option for the future.
  • AbramsX is a great success (in sales).
  • Missing machine guns will be looked at; some vehicles may get 12.7mm guns.
  • No plans for new ammo types for the Otomatic.
  • SS's favourite vehicle in the game is the T-72B.
  • Better decal placement is being worked on, but very low priority.
  • The model for the 20mm Wiesel is lost/corrupted and will need to be redone from scratch, it may not be worth doing it.
  • HEAT ammo not dealing max damage with Designate Target may be a bug.
  • SS is not a fan of weeb stuff, though he enjoy Ghibli movies and older anime.
  • SS is against fake vehicles as a principle. Fake vehicles are bad because they don't represent anything, there are no stories behind them that players can relate to. Players prefer real vehicles and realistic camos/skins.
  • Abrams models won't be overhauled again, they have already been overhauled three times before. (note: and there are still issues with them)
  • SS planned to have a world boss ZTZ-20 with the Eclipse BP, it would randomly appear in different maps and give unique rewards to players for defeating it. That didn't happen.
  • The vehicle pool for bots can be expanded again, to include TOS bots for example.
  • No plans to add more TOS-like vehicles.
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"Tkvarcheli, Grindenwald maps in GLOPS for 10v10 skirmishes are not planned. The maps are too big and players take too long to get to the fight, plus SS just don't like GLOPS skirmishes."

So... disable skirmishes or only have them appear at the same time PVP becomes skirmishes only? To explain better there is a specific time of day that PVP changes to skirmishes/bot matches.. so give glops the same specific time, because atm glops queue feels bugged and makes skirmishes 90% of the time even when it doesn't need to be.

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There was also a separate, moderated Q&A on the RU server around the same time as we had ours. Google translation below:

1. Will there be new branches to upgrade in the near future?
We shared news about advanced vehicles in special articles on the website (https://awru.my.games/news/7681.html, https://awru.my.games/news/7652.html). In short: in the near future we plan to extend the T-80 branch.

2. What kind of advertising is carried out to increase online in the game?
We are considering new options and launching bonuses for new accounts, inviting old players, etc.

3. When is the next raid?
Never. The last raid received mediocre reviews, so we see no reason to repeat such an event, especially when it duplicates existing missions and actions of the Battle Paths and the contract.

4. When will the team consider a deep modernization of the existing one or a transition to a new game engine?
Partial improvements - yes. Complete modernization? No. The transition to a new engine (including a more modern CryEngine) is a matter of several years of work and rather large sums.

5. Will there be an addition of remote sensing on the T-14 and T-15 in the near future?
What you are describing belongs to a category of work called TechArt. Unfortunately, the team responsible for this is one of the busiest on the project right now and is working on new content and bug fixes for the future (for example, now it's AS90 armor). We are actively looking for more people to join the team, but in the current realities, the solution of such tasks may be delayed.

6. Will there be new PvP maps next year?
It is likely, but not certain. At the moment, when it comes to cards, we are not focused on releasing more of everything, but on what to do with what we have. For example, a new mode? Quite possibly!

7. The gap in strength between the 10th levels and those who get into battle with them is growing more and more, as is the strength of the abilities of the top machines. Do the developers think of somehow stopping this - or will the review, armor and DPM fly into space?
The "arms race" is really a problem, so the tanks to come will be more conventional (albeit interesting). For example, we consider the AbramsX to be a fairly ordinary tank and not very powerful.

8. Will there be an expansion of the functionality of the landing? New mechanics, anti-amphibious units in the squad, orders to escort, take position, search for targets, etc.?
For the next BP, we are planning a new type of assault. We'll tell you more when we have something specific. The management system is also being revised, we want to make it more practical.

9. Will there be any interesting suggestions from the developers for the "Clash" mode?
Clash is not the most popular mode, and, most likely, we will not do anything new with it. However, there are a number of proposals for its complete processing, including a MOBA-like mode.

10. When is the new SO?
We plan to release this year. You can read more about it in the article on the website (https://awru.my.games/news/7521.html).

11. Will the Base return to the game in some form?
No. The old "Base" is dead and gone (code broken, documentation missing, etc.), it's one of the things left from Obsidian. It will have to be programmed from scratch. And the question you have to ask yourself is if you enjoy five minutes of daily clicks like you used to, only to get the bonus you already have now.

12. Will there be new PvE maps and more enemies for levels 9-10?
Wages of Sin was the brainchild of a designer who no longer works on PvE missions. As a result, the direction was changed from such missions to SO.

13. Should we wait for a rebalance of the entire long-suffering Leopard and Type 99 branch? Compared to other branches, there is a clear gap here. And unlike premium or marathon tanks, the gap flew into space.
Yes. Most likely, we will start doing this in the near future.

14. When is the full rebalance of commanders?
We do not plan to recycle in the near future. This is one of the systems that is working more or less correctly by now, and reworking all commanders is a global task. There are things that need fixing more than commanders. With one exception - Samuel Thorpe will receive an update, most likely during the next Battle Path (we promised this before, but put it off).

15. Will there be work on the optimization of the game in the near future, in particular, unstable FPS and ping?
Complex issue. Update 0.50.5 improved map loading times, so yes, we are working on that. We will also be increasing the performance of the server, which can improve the stability of the game, but this applies to many things, including routing. If you are asking if we will improve the game for extremely weak computers, most likely not. Support for legacy hardware is a big burden and a limitation for future development, and the game is already well enough optimized for weak computers. By now, computers running Armored Warfare has been working with problems for more than a decade. It is impossible to maintain the oldest instances forever.

16. Is it planned to improve the detailing of vehicle models, as well as improve customization (adequate type of camouflage on each vehicle and their fitting to the model; adequate arrangement of decals)?
Yes, we plan to introduce new models and remake some of the old ones. But as far as the decal system is concerned, this is still in the background. A very difficult and low priority task.

17. Will they get their 20mm MBT-70 and KPz-70 that they should have? The same question for the entire Leclerc series and their 12.7mm coaxial machine gun, which for some unknown reason is still 7.62mm.
Leclerc is a known issue, we will fix it. But the MBT-70 and KPz-70 don't need additional armament, they perform quite well in the current balance.

18. Many Soviet and Chinese tanks have an anti-aircraft machine gun. Will the course machine gun be replaced with anti-aircraft ones? It's just that it's impossible to kill troops on rooftops during SO and missions from the course.
It is possible, but the replacement will take a long time.

19. Will tier 10 tanks be balanced in our game?

20. When will the rebalance of the T-14 promised in January 2022 with the introduction of remote sensing on board?
As mentioned earlier, TechArt is now quite busy. Unfortunately, there is no way to give specific dates. We hope so this year.

21. Will damage to allies be removed?
It already exists in PvE. In PvP, no. Why? It's simple - it's a "griefing" that is easy to track. Doing team damage? You get punished. Eliminating this strategy won't make those who damage allies on purpose into good people, it will just force them into tactics that are harder to track down, like ramming or blocking.

22. When will they fix a long-term bug with exiting the battle to the hangar, when your tank is destroyed, but the splash screen freezes when exiting the battle?
Although the bug is quite old, it turned out to be difficult to catch for identifying causes and tests. We are aware of it and are certainly working to fix it. We cannot give an exact date for the correction for the reasons stated above.

23. When will the economy (earning credits) be fixed on the PvE mission "The Wage of Sin"? When will the PvE mission "Tiger's Claw" return to the rotation?
We are currently dealing with this issue. In most cases, missions have a certain credit ratio. In the case of these two missions, the mechanics seem to be broken, and we are looking into the cause.

24. What about the Death Race event? What is the reaction of the players in the survey and what is the current development status of this event?
The reaction was not very good, so we temporarily suspended the project until the review. For now, we cannot report any specific findings.

25. Will there be any changes in the system for deflecting missiles from smoke, both allied and enemy smoke? Recently, rockets fly away in an unknown direction upon contact with any smoke.
Smoke should disable ATGMs, this is the intended mechanics. We'll check all the reports we've received, but the most likely culprit is a combination of COEP and smoke.

26. Is there any work being done in terms of allowing non-CIS players who play on RU accounts to make purchases on the VK PLAY Marketplace? In particular, players from Ukraine and EU countries.
Currently, unfortunately, there are difficulties when paying with VISA cards of foreign banks.
If you have the opportunity, make a payment using Mastercard, or use any other payment method presented in the payment window.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

27. When will the enemy plane be fixed on the Desert Strike mission so that it can be shot down, as required by the mission?
This is one of the hardest bugs we've ever encountered. Her research has been going on for several years. The problem is that we can't reproduce it in a controlled environment, which makes it much more difficult. Such bugs are usually related to the game's netcode, which is notoriously difficult to investigate. In addition, so far our efforts have been focused on the release of a new CO "The Price of Decay". Nevertheless, after the release of the CO, we will return to this issue more than once.


Untranslated source:


***1. Будут ли новые ветки для прокачивания в ближайшее время?***
Мы делились новостями по поводу прогрессионной техники в специальных статьях на сайте (https://awru.my.games/news/7681.html, https://awru.my.games/news/7652.html). Если кратко: в ближайшее время планируем продлить ветку Т-80.

***2. Какая реклама проводится для увеличения онлайна в игре?***
Мы рассматриваем новые варианты и запускаем бонусы для новых аккаунтов, приглашаем старых игроков и т. д.

***3. Когда будет следующий рейд?***
Никогда. Последний рейд получил посредственные отзывы, так что мы не видим причин повторять такое событие, особенно когда в нем дублируются существующие миссии и действия Боевых путей и контракта.

***4. Когда команда рассмотрит вопрос глубокой модернизации имеющегося или переход на новый движок игры?***
Частичные улучшения — да. Полная модернизация? Нет. Переход на новый движок (в том числе и на более современный CryEngine) — это вопрос нескольких лет работы и довольно больших сумм.

***5. Будет ли в ближайшем будущем добавление ДЗ на Т-14 и Т-15?***
То, что вы описываете, относится к категории работ под названием «ТехАрт». К сожалению, сейчас команда, отвечающая за это — одна из самых загруженных на проекте и работает над новым контентом и исправлением ошибок для будущего (например, сейчас это броня AS90). Мы активно ищем еще людей в команду, но в нынешних реалиях решения такого рода задач могут задерживаться.

***6. Появятся ли новые PvP-карты в следующем году?***
Вполне вероятно, но не точно. В данный момент, когда речь идет о картах, мы сосредоточены не на том, чтобы выпустить всего побольше, а на том, что делать с тем, что есть. Например, новый режим? Вполне вероятно!

***7. Разрыв в силе между 10-ми уровнями и попадающими с ними в бой все сильнее растет, как и сила способностей топовых машин. Не думают ли разработчики как-то это останавливать — или обзор, броня и ДПМ так и будут лететь в космос?***
«Гонка вооружений» — это действительно проблема, поэтому грядущие танки будут более обычными (хотя и интересными). Например, AbramsX мы считаем довольно обычным танком и не слишком мощным.

***8. Будет ли расширение функциональности десанта? Новые механики, противодесантные отряды в отделении, приказы сопровождать, занять позицию, искать цели и т. д.?***
Для следующего БП мы планируем новый тип десанта. Мы расскажем вам больше, когда у нас будет что-то конкретное. Система управления также пересматривается, хотим сделать ее более практичной.

***9. Будут ли интересные предложения со стороны разработчиков по режиму «Столкновение»?***
«Столкновение» — не самый популярный режим, и, вероятнее всего, ничего нового мы с ним делать не будем. Однако есть ряд предложений по его полной переработке, в том числе в MOBA-подобный режим.

***10. Когда новая СО?***
Планируем выпустить в этом году. Подробнее о ней вы можете прочитать в статье на сайте (https://awru.my.games/news/7521.html).

***11. Вернется ли База в игру в каком-то виде?***
Нет. Старая «База» мертва и исчезла (код поврежден, документация пропала и т. д.), это одна из вещей, оставшихся от Obsidian. Ее придется программировать с нуля. И вопрос, который вы должны задать себе, заключается в том, понравятся ли вам пять минут ежедневных кликов, как это было раньше, только для того, чтобы получить бонус, который у вас уже есть сейчас.

***12. Будут ли добавлены новые карты в PvE и увеличено количество врагов для 9–10-х уровней?***
«Плата за грех» была детищем одного дизайнера, который больше не работает над PvE-миссиями. В связи с этим направление было изменено с таких миссий на СО.

***13. Ждать или нет ребаланса всей многострадальной ветки Leopard и Type 99? По сравнению с другими ветками тут прослеживается явный отрыв. А в отличие от премиумных или марафонных танков — отрыв улетел в космос.***
Да. Скорее всего, мы начнем это делать в ближайшее время.

***14. Когда полный ребаланс командиров?***
В ближайшее время не планируем переработку. Это одна из систем, которая к настоящему времени работает более или менее корректно, а переделка всех командиров — это глобальная задача. Есть вещи, которые нуждаются в исправлении больше, чем командиры. За одним исключением — Сэмуэль Торп получит обновление, скорее всего, во время следующего Боевого пути (мы обещали это раньше, но отложили).

***15. Будут ли проводиться работы над оптимизацией игры в ближайшее время, в частности, нестабильный FPS и пинг?***
Сложный вопрос. Обновление 0.50.5 улучшило время загрузки карт, так что да, мы работаем в этом направлении. Мы также будем увеличивать производительность сервера, что может повысить стабильность игры, но это касается многих вещей, включая маршрутизацию. Если вы спрашиваете, будем ли мы улучшать игру для крайне слабых компьютеров — скорее всего, нет. Поддержка устаревшего оборудования — это большая нагрузка и ограничение для будущего развития, а игра и так достаточно хорошо оптимизирована для слабых компьютеров. К настоящему времени компьютерам, на которых Armored Warfare работает с проблемами, уже более десяти лет. Невозможно вечно поддерживать самые древние экземпляры.

***16. Планируется ли улучшение детализации моделей техники, а также улучшение кастомизации (адекватный вид камуфляжей на каждой машине и их подгонка под модель; адекватное расположение декалей)?***
Да, мы планируем вводить новые модели и переделывать некоторые старые. Но что касается системы декалей — это пока на втором плане. Очень сложная и малоприоритетная задача.

***17. Получат ли свои 20 мм MBT-70 и KPz-70, которые они должны иметь? Тот же вопрос для всей серии Leclerc и 12,7 мм их спаренного пулемета, который по непонятной причине до сих пор 7,62 мм.***
Leclerc — это известная проблема, мы ее исправим. Но MBT-70 и KPz-70 не нуждаются в дополнительном вооружении, они достаточно хорошо показывают себя в текущем балансе.

***18. Многие советские и китайские танки имеют зенитный пулемет. Будет ли произведена замена курсового пулемета на зенитные? Просто с курсового невозможно убивать десант на крышах во время СО и миссий.***
Вполне вероятно, но замена потребует много времени.

***19. Будут ли танки 10-го уровня балансироваться в нашей игре?***

***20. Когда будет обещанный в январе 2022 года ребаланс Т-14 с внедрением ДЗ на борта?***
Как говорилось ранее, сейчас довольно большая загруженность у «ТехАрта». К сожалению, нет возможности назвать конкретные сроки. Надеемся, что в этом году.

***21. Будет ли убран урон по союзникам?***
В PvE это уже есть. В PvP — нет. Почему? Все просто — это «грифинг», который легко отследить. Наносите командный урон? Получаете наказание. Устранение этой стратегии не сделает из тех, кто наносит урон по союзникам специально, хороших людей, оно просто заставит их перейти к тактике, которую сложнее отследить, например таранить или блокировать.

***22. Когда уже починят многолетний баг с выходом в ангар из боя, когда твой танк уничтожен, но при выходе из боя зависает заставка?***
Хоть баг довольно старый, он оказался тяжело уловимым для идентификации причин и тестов. Мы знаем о нем и, безусловно, работаем над его исправлением. Точные сроки исправления назвать не можем по вышеизложенным причинам.

***23. Когда исправят экономику (заработок кредитов) на PvE-миссии «Плата за грех»? Когда состоится возвращение в ротацию PvE-миссии «Коготь тигра»?***
Сейчас мы как раз занимаемся этим вопросом. В большинстве случаев миссии имеют определенный кредитный коэффициент. В случае с этими двумя миссиями механика, похоже, сломана, и мы выясняем причину.

***24. Что с событием «Смертельная гонка»? Какова реакция игроков в рамках опроса и каков текущий статус разработки данного события?***
Реакция была не очень хорошей, поэтому мы временно приостановили проект до проведения экспертизы. Пока мы не можем сообщить о каких-либо конкретных выводах.

***25. Будут какие-либо изменения в системе отклонения ракет от дымов, как союзных, так и дымов соперника? В последнее время ракеты при контакте с любыми дымами улетают в неизвестном направлении.***
Дым должен выводить из строя ПТУР, это предусмотренная механика. Мы проверим все поступившие сообщения, но наиболее вероятным виновником является сочетание КОЭП и дыма.

***26. Ведутся ли какие-то работы в плане возможности игрокам не из СНГ, но играющим на RU-аккаунтах, совершать покупки на VK PLAY Торговой площадке? В частности, игрокам из Украины и стран ЕС.***
В настоящее время, к сожалению, возникают сложности при оплате с помощью карт VISA иностранных банков.
Если у вас есть возможность, совершите оплату с помощью Masterсard, или воспользуйтесь любым другим платежным способом, представленным в окне оплаты.
Приносим свои извинения за возникшие неудобства.

***27. Когда на миссии «Пустынный удар» исправят вражеский самолет, чтобы его можно было сбивать, как того требует задание?***
Это одна из самых сложных ошибок, с которыми мы когда-либо сталкивались. Ее исследование ведется уже несколько лет. Проблема в том, что мы не можем воспроизвести его в контролируемой среде, что значительно усложняет задачу. Такие ошибки обычно связаны с сетевым кодом игры, который, как известно, трудно исследовать. Кроме того, до сих пор наши усилия были сосредоточены на выпуске новой СО «Цена распада». Тем не менее после выхода СО мы еще не раз вернемся к этому вопросу.




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27. When will the enemy plane be fixed on the Desert Strike mission so that it can be shot down, as required by the mission?
This is one of the hardest bugs we've ever encountered. Her research has been going on for several years. The problem is that we can't reproduce it in a controlled environment, which makes it much more difficult. Such bugs are usually related to the game's netcode, which is notoriously difficult to investigate.

Sooo, they can't fix a hit box/ net code desync or even implement a workaround (e.g., cap here makes plane go boom).

BUT the want to replace a working game mode with a brand new one?

On 7/29/2023 at 4:44 PM, Haswell said:

The devs are exploring multiple directions for the game right now:

  1. A MOBA style game mode that will gradually replace GLOPS

While basically setting fixing long term issues (stuff that existed more or less since beta) to the low priority back burner or not touching it at all.


4. When will the team consider a deep modernization of the existing one or a transition to a new game engine?
Partial improvements - yes. Complete modernization? No. The transition to a new engine (including a more modern CryEngine) is a matter of several years of work and rather large sums.

Combined with not upgrading the engine as well, will just suffocate the game to death in “tech dept”.

Man, this just sucks. =(

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On 8/2/2023 at 12:40 PM, Haswell said:

2. What kind of advertising is carried out to increase online in the game?
We are considering new options and launching bonuses for new accounts, inviting old players, etc.


On 7/29/2023 at 4:44 PM, Haswell said:

There will be a major push of content this summer (ie. ads, bonuses), mainly towards newer players

To me it looks a bit confusing. They intent to " Inviting old players", but the bonusses will be " mainly towards newer players". Are that mostly East European players ? Because for me it looks that they don't have any (more) "warm feelings" for the " old players base" who carried the game for years now. Can't quite see the meaning of ONLY opting for " new players", looks to me that they would be pleased that the " old players" leave. 

Reason that I state it so boldly is because of a few reasons:

1) After all these months the reporting system is still not working, and it looks that some regions of players are violating all kind of rules, based on the fact that they know that the punishing systems will not work on them (the even scribe it into the chat") and I personally think that this is also one of the reasons that " old players" leave. 

2) So why won't the keep the "old player base" happier. They (mostly) love the game but are becoming more and more irritated (have the same feeling) and it looks that they really do. Just a example:

On 7/29/2023 at 4:44 PM, Haswell said:

T-80UM1 will require you to play T-80U, 292 will require you to play UM1 (or BVM). It'll be achievement-based, like the Faraday dealer

As an " old player" I have gained for billons of credits and millions of XP and the daily bonus gives them also but can't get this progression tank the " normal way". What's then the use of such idiot credits and XP amounts if this does not give you some advantage over " new players", we have worked for those credits and XP, but can't use these benefits for progression tanks. 

3) No use of Lootdog for EU players (understand the EU regulation in this matter), but this is also " dual pricing" / unfair advantage for the mail.ru players. (If you don't know what I'm stating look at lootdog and see for so less money you can buy crates from other players to get those blueprints of premium tanks hidden behind the pay wall). 

And all such items strengthen me (and also old players who I spoke of my clan, friend list, in game, who already have left the game, in the believe that they rather lose us old players, because we will only complain instead of p(l)aying. (see here the prove of it ;-) ). But still find it pity that such less players in my friend list are regular playing. So still hope that AW find some way to keep the old player "onboard this game." 


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