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AW future development thoughts

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Hi all,


I wanted to post here a thought of my own regarding this future game..

I have noticed that in the last 1.5 - 2 years [or more], in the game updates there has been no new stuff added [except endless bp tanks], nothing new regarding style, new features or something like this.

The other games have added plenty of new features, but at every update I see corrections of the new BP tanks characteristics, solving "minor" issues and stuff like this.

Last new feature in game as I recall was the soviet MBT shell ejection [or maybe i am wrong]. Anyway, i cannot see in the game new features at all. I only see the same sound [with so much issues], same old maps [some of them], same design in all. I mean, the game is only focusing in developing new Battle Path vehicles, and completely disregards the rest, or we need to wait some more years to see a new feature/improvement in game/tanks/ designs? There are plenty of stuff that can be added in game starting from more customization of vehicles, introducing some events based on old conflicts with tanks, new mechanics, perhaps crew 3D redesign and so on..i am here since 2016, and I was enjoying every update in the last years, but now is different and I do not understand why..Am i the only one complaining about this, and all is working in the good direction or some budget cuts are preventing this game to raise to the top? Lets be serious, the new GHPC started from scratch ~ 3 years ago, and is developing massively. How come that a game that is on the market for more than 8 years cannot bring something to make the player say: "hey, this is a real game improvement and this feature is great"!!!??


Who might want to read this, kindly share your opinions as well, as I want to see also from different perspective what is to be done in this game. [ Easy - uninstall for good and forget about it, or remain thinking that day may come].


Regards to all 

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All sane people talk about what you wrote (for all these fucking years), but after so many years, this game has no development and no future, it lives only from BP to BP, and they don't need it anymore (so they are quite satisfied with it)

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Let's play War Thunder.

War Thunder's game system is still developing a lot. But what is this? Only BP and premium vehicles added... I used to love this game. But let me be honest now. This game has no future. This game won't make any good progress in the future. Developers only chase money.  They have no intention of attracting new users. They just thinking of robbing old users of money. This is really disgusting.

Look at the graphics of this game.
Honestly, when the game was first released in 2015, the graphics were better than WOT and WT. But now? WOT and WT continue to develop graphics and sound to this day, but this game is not.

The graphics and sound of this game are really bad. Honestly, it's poop.

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The DEV have to do " something" if it is on development in Graphics, or new maps, or a new tank line (yeahhh know that we have already a lot and it will be hard to develop a new line), because we as p(l)ayers want to be challenged. And not only want to buy things.

Otherwise, the game will goanna lose players (See it in my players friend list in game, there is hardly any "friend" left (this weekend 3 out of 110 played). 

But also know that a " free to play game" does not exist. The Owners needs to make money in order to develop the game. But hardly develop in game cost you p(l)ayers and then it will be a vicious circle. 

And somewhere or somehow this has to change.....

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