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In Development: TOS-1M Buratino

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In Armored Warfare, the TOS-1M Buratino will be a Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer.

As this vehicle is fairly unique, you’re probably wondering how exactly this vehicle will work in the game. Here’s how.



Click the image to open a larger version


As you might have guessed from the screenshots, the platform is T-90A-based. This is not something fictional – in 2011, the TOS-1A was modernized to use a T-90S chassis and the T-90S really is a T-90A predecessor. The T-90A uses Kontakt-5 armor and you’ll be glad to know those side panels will be working as intended (we’ll fix that for the basic T-90A as well but that is a topic for another time).

The chassis will have both soft-kill APS and hard-kill APS, but both inferior to the Malakhit system of Armata – this is also real part of the TOS-1M system.

The launcher will be treated as an unmanned turret and will have enough armor to protect it against 30mm autocannons. We’ll be using a solution from SBS Pindad where the vehicle does technically not have an ammo rack module as firing at the launcher would obviously immediately set off an explosion, which would be realistic but not very fun to play.

There will be two firepower configurations and both will play very differently.



Click the image to open a larger version


The stock configuration uses 122mm rockets and is based on the photo of the TOS prototype. This configuration will essentially play like a Tier 10 version of the Tier 6 MT-LB S8 AFV, a favorite vehicle of many players. In real-life, the TOS is rather inaccurate and short-ranged and we’ll be implementing its essence to work exactly like that. The rockets will behave roughly like the ones on the MT-LB S8 – high-explosive warheads, not very accurate at long ranges but excellent at short ones. The rockets will fly directly towards the target, also just like on the MT-LB S8. You’ll have 80 of those in your launcher and 160 in total. However, there will be no partial reload and once your launcher is empty, you’ll have to suffer a very long time before the whole launcher is reloaded again.

During that time, you’ll have to make do with your backup weapon, which is the 30mm 2A42 autocannon. This weapon will work almost exactly like the one of the Object 195 MBT does – a limited rate of fire with 40-round clip of basic APDS and HE ammunition. This weapon will be useful against lighter targets but its limited performance will not allow you to effectively engage heavier enemies.

Both the launcher and the autocannon will feature very limited gun depression (-3 degrees), which will make it even more difficult to use the autocannon effectively. You’ll have to position yourself carefully instead of rushing your enemies.



Click the image to open a larger version


And then there’s the upgraded configuration with 220mm rockets. Yes, that’s a thing. You’ll be able to unlock this configuration with basic 220mm thermobaric rockets by completing Battle Path missions and tasks (via the Battle Path Workshop). As you can imagine, an impact of a 220mm rocket that’s longer than a tank barrel is absolutely devastating and, indeed, these will offer the highest damage per shot (alpha) in the game as well as decent penetration. How much exactly – that’s something we need to tweak, but getting hit by one of these will hurt a lot. You’ll have 24 of these (one “magazine”) and you’ll be able to launch one every 10 seconds or so.

Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock (via the Battle Path Workshop) even more powerful thermobaric 220mm rockets that trade the ability to cause damage by direct hits (by having reduced penetration) for more splash damage.

Sounds insane? Not quite as there will be numerous drawbacks to the 220mm configuration.

  • Trajectory – unlike the 122mm configuration the 220mm configuration uses Pindad’s high arc of flight
  • Flight velocity – the 220mm rockets will have a very low velocity, making them easier to avoid especially at longer distances
  • Low penetration – the 220mm rockets will not penetrate thick armor and most damage they will cause will be reduced
  • Skills increasing the amount of ammunition carried will not work here as using it will trigger a reload of several minutes, effectively disabling the launcher until the end of combat

In other words, a hit by one of these will deal monstrous damage – but you’ll have to earn it.

As for the rest, well... do you truly care about the rest? No active abilities, no camouflage (a box firing telephone pole-sized rockets into the sky tends to be conspicuous) and the vehicle will be blind as a bat. The mobility will resemble the original T-90A tank, perhaps a bit slower. And that’s about it. Despite these disadvantages, we hope – no, we KNOW – you’ll have a lot of fun with it just like you are with the AVRE. Because this is the TOS – it hardly gets any more awesome than that.


Did anyone see this coming?


In short, AW's TOS-1M will be a T-90 hull with Object 195's autocannon, as well as one out of two possible configurations: MTLB S8's direct fire rockets (122mm), or Pindad's rockets but big (220mm) thermobaric and one shot at a time.

AFAIK this will be the first Tier 10 BP vehicle with workshop upgrades: 220mm configuration and an alternate 220mm thermobaric rocket ammo (↑ splash damage ; ↓ penetration)



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Well it looks like this will be the first Batle Path I won't spend a euro on! 

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I don't want to see this thing in the bot vehicle list. I can't stand the pindad in the list. The bots just bum rush and makes the game a nightmare. A player's sense of self preservation is the only thing that keeps tanks like this bearable.

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As you already know, the TOS-1M Buratino is the main prize of the upcoming Eclipse Battle Path. Since this vehicle is unlike anything we’ve released so far, we’d like to tell you (and more importantly, show you) more about it and the way it will play in Armored Warfare.



The basic 122mm configuration is fairly straightforward. You have 80 direct-firing HEAT rockets, you press the firing button, things start exploding. Easy as. The trick here is to close the distance between you and the target quickly or, alternatively, wait in ambush somewhere you know the enemy has to pass through. The rockets are very inaccurate (this is very much a “whomever it may concern” type of weapon) and given your lack of armor, you will not survive exchanges at longer distances.

Another obstacle you’ll have to overcome is the poor depression of the launcher (and the autocannon that is tied with it). Firing from a hulldown position at vehicles below will therefore be very difficult – a typical situation where the TOS will do truly poorly is on top of a Frontline map ridge. Not only are the engagement distances quite long there, but you’ll be also firing below you, leaving you exposed for a long time – which is not a good idea, it’s a rocket launcher – it is not stealthy.



The upgraded 220mm configuration faces similar issues but the dynamic here is a bit different. Instead of a rather forgiving rocket salvo, you deal a lot of damage with a single missile. This missile can be absolutely devastating and can single-shot a lighter Tier 10 vehicle and seriously damage an MBT. However, it is also very slow, somewhat inaccurate and difficult to aim. In other words, you need to maximize the chance of hitting your target. For that, you need to master your autocannon.

At first glance, the autocannon (which can now fire both AP and HE shells) is a secondary, “fallback” weapon. It also uses the same sights as the rocket launcher so it is difficult to aim. Additionally, you cannot switch to the first person mode (sniper mode) while using it. You can, however, use it at shorter to medium distances as such:

  • Switch to the autocannon
  • Destroy the tracks of an enemy vehicle
  • Switch back to the rocket launcher and fire at the immobilized target

With these rockets, you have one more advantage. They fly in rather high arcs, which means that, positioned properly, you absolutely can fire over obstacles (where the enemies can’t easily fire back at you). This tactic requires good map knowledge but can pay off, especially if you can target an objective area where you know the enemy has to go. On the downside, you cannot use your autocannon to immobilize them this way.



As for the thermobaric rockets that are the ultimate upgrade – we have tested them meticulously in the original configuration but they were absolutely mental (the destruction of three enemy tanks at the same time wasn’t rare at all), which is why we reconfigured them. Right now, they still do a lot of damage but instead of direct fire explosions, they do two things:

  • They damage targets far away (better for long-range fire) due to improved splash
  • They do a lot of external module damage

Indirect hits will therefore still deal considerable damage while direct hits will cripple all save the toughest of MBTs. Needless to say, getting hit by one of these is not a good idea and the Buratino will be the bane of static defenses and “camper” players.



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