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  1. I don't know who'd want a scrap that's level 50 anymore, ... Only 2 vehicles I will take away from this BP, ...tier 8 & 9. I'm not interested in others!
  2. The only vehicle from this campaign worth anything is the EBRC Jaguar, but I'm not sure I'm willing to spend that much time on it, ... If there will be an entry fee like in past campaigns I will still consider it.
  3. Well it looks like this will be the first Batle Path I won't spend a euro on!
  4. I'm at level 30 and I have to admit I'm disappointed... https://imgur.com/xdPzxC9 Good thing I don't play low tiers
  5. An uninteresting event for me, and besides, I don't collect low tiers! Have a fun!
  6. The main price MBT tier X looks good, the other vehicles from this BP a waste!
  7. I only take skins for CATTB and Object 490, ... the camouflages are also nice, they're definitely a great fit for my new MPF Light Tank.
  8. Uninteresting prices for me, including the main price.
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