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Otomatic is coming (next BP)

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Does it come with a bigger magazine? any bet on a gimmicky he airburst round? yeah with that chassis camo and speed going to be worse than the Draco.   

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In Armored Warfare, the Otomatic will be an Italian Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer and a reward vehicle of the Eclipse Battle Path, obtainable by unlocking Level 34 of the Battle Path.

Gameplay-wise, we’re looking at a very simple concept – this is, for most intents and purposes, a Draco on tracks. It’ll be a bit slower but will feature a bit heavier armor.

Protection-wise, we’re looking at some basic steel hull and a manned turret. The armor will likely not correspond to the real life value as 25mm of steel is just not enough – it’ll be thicker. How much thicker is still being decided but we’d like the vehicle to at least resist heavy machineguns frontally. This has to compensate for the lack of any APS.



Click the image to open a larger version


But the firepower of the Otomatic will be phenomenal, just like the one of Draco. We’re looking at the same 76mm automatic cannon with the same shells, including the dreaded 730mm penetration one, combined with 12 round clip firing roughly 1 round per 0.7 seconds. The exact numbers will have to be tweaked because the Otomatic will be nowhere near as fast, agile, or capable of rapid acceleration as the Draco.

Which brings us to the chassis and mobility that will roughly correspond to that of the OF-40. We might make the vehicle a bit more agile but, again, some testing is required to decide what to do with it. All things considered, the vehicle will play much like the Draco with its main feature being the large autocannon magazine and high rate of fire.


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