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In Development: Lynx Skyranger

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In Armored Warfare, the Lynx Skyranger will be a Tier 10 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle.

The basics of this vehicle are pretty straightforward – a solid health pool, adequate armor with NERA elements on the hull and an unmanned turret paired with solid mobility in the form of a 1140hp diesel engine – basically, you have the Hunter with less protection and hitpoints (the Lynx isn’t as big) and without its ATGMs.



Click the image to open a larger version


What makes the vehicle truly stand apart are its special features and abilities. There are three of them in total.

Programmable Ammunition – the Lynx’s 30mm autocannon is not quite remarkable. We’ll balance its damage and penetration for its higher rate of fire but that’s about it. But it will feature a new ammunition type that is basically HE that explodes over the target. A similar mechanic is already used in the game, although not on an autocannon. In practical sense, it will be useful for removing rooftop ERA and for damaging lighter vehicles hidden behind obstacles and refusing to move, although using it against moving targets will be quite difficult



Click the image to open a larger version


Starstreak Missiles – as you may have read in the historical section of this article, Skyranger’s missile launcher can be adapted to many missile systems. For our in-game version, we decided to use the British Starstreak as it appeared as an option in one of Rheinmetall’s catalogues. The interesting thing about this missile is that it can be fired at ground targets as well as the air ones and, more importantly, each warhead contains three pieces of sub-munitions in the form of metal darts. These are guided and fly extremely fast (1250 m/s) although their low weight (each weighs less than 1 kg) doesn’t allow them to deal that much damage or penetrate a lot of armor. In Armored Warfare, these will work as long-range ultra-fast but low-damage kinetic missiles (gaining penetration and damage with distance while ignoring APS and ERA), giving you the reach to deal with enemy targets at long distances



Click the image to open a larger version


High Energy Laser – there are no drones in Armored Warfare (at least not the small ones this laser is intended against) but, fortunately for us, the laser can be repurposed to something else – blinding enemy sensors. The current version of the mechanic works as an active ability similar to the basic Designate Target one where the target needs to be “locked” for a few seconds, after which a debuff is applied. Only instead of increased damage taken, this ability will seriously reduce the target’s spotting range, effectively blinding it in the process. On the downside, much like with TAM’s Laser Lock ability, a laser beam will appear whenever the ability is in use, leading from your vehicle to the target. This laser is visible to both your team and the enemies – in other words, using this ability puts you at risk as the enemy will see where you are even without you getting spotted as usual

Interesting concepts, but the combo of mechanics just don't feel as exciting as they sound on paper.

  • Unless the KEM have very fast reloads, the lower damage than they already do on the Brosat will make them fairly useless even if they end up having high penetration. They would also serve no utility otherwise, as they are effectively just missiles with low damage and possibly low penetration too.
  • The blinding laser sounds novel on paper, until you realize the game already have mechanics for reducing enemy view ranges for years now. Shooting at commander sights and/or killing the commander on the target vehicle will blind them far more effectively than using the ability, not to mention its limited usefulness in PvP.
  • Programmable HE has been absolutely useless ever since they were introduced in the game. Nobody praises them, or complains about being used against them, or even uses them actively. This is a gimmick in the game that exists without much purpose or use.

In short, I see it as yet another dakka vehicle in a tier range already saturated by dakka vehicles. Maybe it will be better than it sounds, but I don't have high hopes.

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