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Anders the Second, a replacement for the PL-01

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This mod was originally made by Arto, but he's a lazy butt so im uploading this on his behalf

Link to download is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FSbOWVgruB-vVqON7ITrGRncNSrCFa6G/view 

just throw it into your main game directory 

The mod replaces the PL-01s hull with that of the Anders, and the turret with the K-21 XC-8s, together with some other tweaks.


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no, the panels are fixed to the CV90 hull.

My first idea was to replace the PL-01 with CV90, I can replace everything but the suspension - however the PL-01 suspension is actually nothing like CV90, despite being built on top of one irl. Blame Obsidian's modelling on that I guess. Either way the CV90 doesn't fit on the suspension.

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