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May 10 Community Stream

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Stuff from the stream:

  • SS admits that he always sucks at games that requires skills, because he is too lazy to put in effort into learning them.
  • Chance for Brazilian Osório tank coming is "pretty good"
  • Game development has a lot of inertia; anything that the devs are working on now are decided 6 months ago. Anything that gets decided now won't be coming for another 6 months (or more)
  • The idea of finishing the T-80 progression line or adding any new progression lines is still being considered, but no promises so far.
  • There are still no plans for what to do with SPGs in their current state. There were considerations to make SPGs direct fire vehicles (similar to early test builds for Balance 2.0), but that is on the back burner for now because there are more pressing issues.
  • No plans for T-72B3 Mod.2016
  • SS personally wants the game to have improved graphics, better sounds, and a new balance system (not another major rebalance, but a system of some sort)
  • VT5 shooting missiles in PvE will be looked into (they should fix that for WWO Wilk as well)
  • No plans to introduce PT-91; will be very similar to T-72M4CZ
  • Patch when? When It's Ready™
  • Since VE Day (End of WWII in Europe) is coming to an end, they may rename the Object 225 marathon event to something else.
  • Again confirmed that Tiger's Claw is not coming back; "it's easier to create another mission on the same map than to fix Tiger's  Claw".
  • No plans for new Italian vehicles, but SS mentioned that they have an unfinished model of Freccia (IFV version of Centauro, plays like the Rosomak, was originally going to be a progression vehicle for Francine before it got replaced by something else in the line)
  • Again no plans to introduce self-propelled mortar carriers
  • When asked about new national skins for T-72M1 (as was intended when vehicle was first announced), SS explains that many of the national variants can be replicated with existing camos and decals, but he is open to ideas for interesting historical skins.
  • Again no plans for solo PvE missions
  • Which company is developing AW now? "It's complicated"
  • Horde mode is back on the table - it's currently in pre-development phase
  • No new PvP maps planned in the near future
  • A new commander system is being considered, but it's not something that SS wants, though he also thinks that the current one needs improvements, and it may get looked at again
  • No new Light Tanks planned for this year
  • Will Heroic Mode get new maps? It's "possible" (note: it used to be a definite "no" in the past), and it's something that the devs can look into
  • No plans for Tier 11, but it was something that was considered as a possible solution to tackle the crazy amount of Reputation and Credits that players hoard.
  • Black Knight (UGV or Challenger) is not coming. The devs did consider a Black Knight Challenger, but it's not interesting enough.
  • There are two possible directions that SS is considering for future Spec Ops: the rise of Black Company or Perihelion stuff. The current direction he has in mind is standard PvE for Perihelion, and Spec Ops for Black Company, but he is open to ideas.
  • Rinaldi and Kopylov are dead offscreen after Burning Grounds according to SS' headcanon
  • The issue where MBTs like Object 195, Strv 2000, and Altay not counting as heavy vehicles in platoon will be looked at again
  • The devs may consider moving Type 99s' ammo rack to the back of the turret
  • The idea of having a weekend Spec Ops chain available in rotation every 6+ weeks is not a good idea, and the devs are also looking into how to bring Plague back.
  • Player made mods are still being tolerated as long as they are derivative works, but if they harm the game's stream of revenue i.e. enabling premium cosmetics even though it's only on the client side but on a wide scale, then they will have to do something about it.
  • Clan war overhaul is also being considered. Problem is how to tackle the issue where top clans will always occupy the top ranking bracket consistently and reap the benefits while leaving the rest in the dust.
  • No plans to return old BPs as playable events
  • SS personally wants a feature where players can create obstacles by modifying terrain (like what WT does) , but he thinks that's mechanically impossible to achieve in AW
  • Custom decal placement feature was tested, but it "broke a lot of things", so it's shelved.
  • No plans to move the game to a new engine


BP stuff:

The Chinese theme Rise of the Dragon BP is still deep in development, but it will be longer with more prizes and bonus levels (perhaps similar to Warlords of the Wasteland BP with extra ranks and rewards after obtaining the top prize?), but probably not in the way like Wars of the Past BP where players felt they were pressed for time to complete them.

Type 99B (Reference image)
Fictional variant of Type 99, basically a what-if upgrade of some sort. AW version won't look much like that illustration. It will have dual roof mounted ATGM launchers, and it is supposed to solve the vulnerable ammo rack position that other Type 99s do (perhaps moved to a different location like the back of the turret?). The renderer who made that image is supposedly quite popular in China, and the Chinese operators (publishers for the separate Chinese server) asked the devs to make the vehicles for them. SS personally isn't happy with that decision himself.

ZTZ-20 (Reference image)
Fictional Tier 10 MBT. AW's version will not have dozer blades, but basically it will be a Chinese Armata with external ATGM launchers.

ZTL-11 (basically a domestic counterpart of ST1) and maybe VN17 (IFV version of VT5) are also coming.


Shards of the Past:

Flakpanzer Gepard

Olympics theme Vickers Mk.7/2 (idea was scrapped together with another skin for Object 187 when Russia got banned from participating)

Tatooine map (minimap for reference). Many maps were named after Star Wars locations at the time, like Jakku for Al Dabbah (which is what "Tatooine" became eventually), and Coruscant for Moscow.




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Youtube reupload of the stream recording (HD is still processing, Youtube is very slow):




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Posted (edited)

Thank you for make this article.

I did translate n upload in korean aw forum(there is a link for this page in top of article of course)


If you dont want translate or want post in other place(like only in labs) plz tell me.

n once again, very thank you for make this article.

Edited by leeke88 (see edit history)

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