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Autocannon sound overhaul

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An overhaul for all in-game autocannon sounds (all three of them!) using modified War Thunder sounds.

Included are small caliber autocannons (20-35mm), large caliber autocannons (50-57mm) and rotary gun (GAU-8 and T249), including both external and internal sounds as well as a mechanical spool sound for the rotary.

Download link:
Version 1.1 (Autocannon sound volume bumped up to be more in line with other sounds):
Original release:

Installation instruction:
Simply drop the sounds folder into your language localization directory, which should look like this:

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10 hours ago, Zafir said:

Previous WT missile sounds included.:classic_laugh:

Damn it, I even specifically unpacked a new weapons_components file to avoid including other modders' work. Must've mixed up my files while making this.

Anyway, the link is fixed now. Current version only includes my autocannons and nothing from other packs. Probably. Hopefully.

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