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Arjun is coming

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Article is up:




In Armored Warfare, the Arjun Mk.1A will be a Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank and the next Contract system reward.

Gameplay-wise, the Arjun MBT will be a mixed bag. Certainly not the best armored MBT on the battlefield, but also with a decent pool of hit points and soft-kill APS. Its average mobility will not be its highlight either though – that privilege belongs to its firepower.



Click the image to open a larger version


In its basic form, the Arjun Mk.1A MBT will be armed with 120mm rifled cannon with roughly the same shell types and performance as the Challenger 1 MBT on the same Tier. However, it will also feature a 5-round autoloader clip and solid accuracy. The gun will fire APFSDS and HESH shells and will have two additional progression modules available that will truly unlock its potential:

  • Gun-launched ATGM (similar in performance to Merkava’s LAHAT)
  • 120mm Penetration cum Blast shell (mechanically, this will be a 120mm PELE shell)

Two more additional progression modules will include:

  • Adjustable suspension (allowing the vehicle to lower its height, giving it a bonus to accuracy, aiming time and stealth at the expense of mobility)
  • Experimental air filter increasing the crew’s performance by 5 percent

In summation, the Arjun will be a potent support MBT with decent survivability and firepower. In PvP, it’ll be able to fire at longer distances thanks to its solid gun performance and the presence of gun-launched ATGMs, while in PvE, its damage output will all but guarantee a good place in the match’s damage ranking.

5-round autoloader clip, starting with AP and HESH only. Overprogression upgrades include GLATGM, PELE, lowering suspension manually (not tilting), and crew stats bonus component.




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If its armor is as """mediocre"" as the TR-85 (which means as strong as the rest), the Arjun could be very interesting. No HEAT but Chally 1 level of damage, which is good. Still wondering about the clip reload and DPM. 

Also, no mention of the plow? No point modeling it if it does nothing right? If the thing has bonus ramming damage on top of weighing 67 tons (I didn't expect that), even with the lowish top speed, it could still be seriously deadly.




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