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Type 10 Antiskid by PanzerSofa

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All credit to PanzerSofa.

All info and pictures are sourced from PanzerSofa: https://vk.com/wall-102237486_277369


Again, the secret admin, who got out of his secret laboratory, is in touch. This time, he decided to upset (or please) the sophists not with another paint job, but with a tiny refinement of the vanilla tank, namely the Type 10. Something about the appearance of this basically well-made model did not suit him, and finally, after viewing a bunch of photos, it dawned on him that missing anti-slip strips. These are such specially made rough areas on the hull and turret of the tank - on the Merkava they immediately catch your eye - many military men use this everywhere. This is done so that one of the service personnel or tankers does not accidentally slip and turn his neck. The Japanese do not disdain similar things, which can be seen on the Type 16 model, but for some reason the Type 90 and Type 10 are deprived of this visual feature, although there is an anti-skid in almost all photos. Therefore, it was decided to quickly correct this omission and file a small visual mod Type 10 Antiskid that does not affect the gameplay in any way.

The anti-skid relief itself was stolen from the Type 16, so it is quite native. In the course of testing these textures among the sophists who volunteered to help, we had to slightly edit the shading textures (ambient occlusion) to make the new sections with anti-skid more convincing. The textures were tested on different graphics settings, with and without camouflage, but the players did not cause any problems or rejection. The appearance of Enigma was not affected and did not suffer, if anything.

The installation is very simple, the mod will not affect the FPS at all, as well as the integrity of the game files, and the changes themselves will be visible only to you. When the game is updated, this mod will not crash (unless the developers suddenly cut the materials of the tank). In general, we are waiting for feedback from the sophists, and carefully read the instructions inside the installer!

Original textures:


Modded textures (note the added anti skid strips on the turret and front hull):


Original textures:


Modded textures:



Modded textures with digital camo:


Modded textures with historical American camo:


Modded textures with historical Japanese camo:



Mod download: see PanzerSofa's post at https://vk.com/wall-102237486_277369

Modified installation procedure for non-RU players:










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