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How to Unlock Kinetic missiles on Premium Griffin 120mm

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Hello All

Tldr- How to unlock special missiles in Griffin 120mm for a casual player like me...

I am a more of casual player and play PVE for sheer joy and love of playing tanks (modern) with beautiful guns, armor, missiles...overall for fun

I recently purchased the Griffin bundle on Steam...Later while watching some video on the Griffin 120mm, I found out it had 2 additional missiles Heat and Kinetic...But when I went in game in the ammunition window to select them, to my surprise and shock, both the special missiles were locked...I always felt (and was of the notion) that the premium tanks come with everything unlocked...

There was some condition written on hovering the cursor on it...something about the battle path and come conditions...

Since I am not a hardcore player, I do not buy any battle path passes etc. and also the missions & conditions etc...I was sad that I may not be able to unlock and thus play with those 2 locked missiles on the premium tank that I purchased to enjoy...I occasionally buy premium tanks which are on sale and subject to low budget that I have...but never battle path and stuff since that would require daily grinding and huge time and effort for completion and getting the handsome rewards...

Would really appreciate any help on  what exactly is required to unlock Can anyone explain what are those conditions to unlock the missiles and is there  a way in which a casual player like me can unlock such stuff in premium vehicles...

Sorry for long post

Thanx a lot

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Certain BP reward vehicles have an overprogression mechanic, where their module upgrades can only be unlocked via completing BP missions/challenges. If you don't participate in BPs and grind your ass off, you won't be able to unlock them. That said, they are unlockable over any BP.

Specifically for the Griffin 120, the upgraded ammos (not really missiles in the normal sense, more like rocket assisted shells) aren't really worth using since they increase your reload time by 1s over normal shells and have slow acceleration despite the high listed speeds. The KEM is situationally useful, but you still get higher DPM using normal shells in the long run.



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@sdt16How hardcore AW battle path is the matter of individual approach. If you play smart and without the goal to finish the BP entirely in 1/2 or 1/3 of allocated time, BP is not hardcore at all. So if you begin BP challenges 1.5-2 months after whole BP started, you have almost all challenges unlocked and 8 of 10 of said challenges are easy, so playing that way requires less time and you have higher gain. Each challenge gives you 10 points (1 point per stage) to progress equipment in BP vehicles, same points come from each stage of standard missions and from each opening levels. Also, I was lazy to unlock whole equipment within one BP,  instead I just waited for next BP to continue progression and easily complete it. Up to 60-80 points should be very easy to get per one BP, above that value requires grind. 

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As dfnce said, you can participate in a Battle Path without being hardcore about it.  To add to what he said, those challenges that he mentions are worth a total of 70,000 coins if you manage to complete all of them.  70,000 coins will get you 20,000 coins past level 20 in the Battle Path, and at level 20 you earn the first vehicle reward.  Granted in this Battle Path that first reward is just a Tier 5 MBT, but that's "worth" the 3000 Gold you'd spend to unlock the Battle Path. 

Those extra 20,000 coins?  Well you can spend them in the Battle Path Store getting parts for the Derivatsiya.  And if you can do the Battle Path Missions - there are 3 chains plus a 4th chain of "Elite" missions - you will earn 35 parts that way.  It takes around 21k - 23k coins to buy the other 65 parts that you need, at which point you've earned a Tier 8 AFV that's really good and fun to play.

If you're careful with which vehicles you play while you're doing the Challenges, you'll also be able to earn more coins by doing the "Repeatable" missions which are worth 700 coins each.  And if you time your use of the Battle Coin Boosters that you pick up along the way as you level up, you can gain a +900% coin bonus for 2 hours which ends up being worth around 2500 coins each time.  So between the repeatable missions and the BC boosters, you won't actually need to complete all of the Challenges.  Which is good, because as dfnce said a couple of them are kind of hard to complete while playing PvE.  (Long Range Kills comes to mind immediately, because PvE maps are a little too small which makes getting kills at 300+ meters more difficult than you might think.)

At that point you're probably done, because progressing any further would require a lot of grinding.  But that's still 2 vehicles for 3000 Gold which is a pretty good deal.

But with a little over 3 months left in the Battle Path, you should be able to pretty easily accomplish that much.

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