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August 12 Update Notes

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On the 12th of August 2021, starting from 8:00 CEST (11th of August, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.36.8306



List of Update 0.36.8306 Changes


Challenger Improvements

We have generally improved the armor profile of the Challenger series of MBTs (and their variants). This includes the following changes:

  • For the Challenger 2 and ATDU, we fixed their vulnerable turret rings
  • Side armor of all Challenger series MBTs improved by 100 to 130mm
  • Fixed the upgraded side armor for the Challenger 2 and ATDU MBTs and made it 4 times thicker

This way, the Challenger 2 series and the new Challenger 2 Streetfighter II MBT (which is also coming in this patch) become far better at withstanding frontal fire.

Global Operations

We have adjusted several Wildcard hitpoint values. Specifically:

  • Instead of having 500 hitpoints on all Tiers, the Helicopter and the UAV hitpoints now scale between 2000 on Tier 10 and 1400 on Tier 5
  • Instead of having 1000 to 2000 hitpoints on various Tiers, the Pillbox hitpoints now scale between 4500 on Tier 10 and 3200 on Tier 5

General Changes

  • CV90 Mk.IV: Fixed the misaligned aiming bug
  • T-80U: Improved the vehicle’s textures (model overhaul still pending)
  • Fixed an issue with the five new PvE missions where reconnecting would sometimes lead to the objectives or a UAV disappearing
  • Fixed an issue where the arms trucks you need to destroy didn’t take any damage when targeting their cabin in the Desert Viper mission
  • Fixed an issue with the new Objective UI where the animation of the appearance of a new objective sometimes wouldn’t play correctly
  • Added a large number of assets for future events
  • Fixed the Polish texts of the Merc on Vacation event
  • Fixed several smaller vehicle model issues

Chally buffs are nice, but will they actually matter in practice? Good players already know how to micro and minimize exposure after playing 0.33 for an entire year, and overextending so much that you have to rely on your side armor is just bad habit in general.



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  • CV90 Mk.IV: Fixed the misaligned aiming bug

STRV-2000 has a sad.

The improvements to Chally 2 armor sound great, though.  Gets them back closer to what they used to be - mobile bunkers that have to be flanked to be taken out.

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And rather randomly, they added in a weakspot frontally to high pen heat - it's an unlisted change and one that wasn't there previously afaik.  Can confirm this with the k2 HEAT shell, yesterday (pre-patch) was red in that area.  Today after patch, it's orange.



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