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Hyundai Altay K2 Minmaxing Thread

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0.33 Update:
Due to popular request (literally 1 person asked for it), I am updating my K2 minmaxing table for update 0.33, since a new update should mean new minmaxing setups. Changes in 0.33 to the K2 include:

  • The 120mm AP round getting buffed to 620 damage
  • The magazine loader getting an extra shot (3 instead of 2)

With this in mind, my K2 minmaxing table changes as follows:


The same rules apply to this version table as the original table from the K2's pre-release.

What does all this mean? Not much, really. About the only thing that changed is that the magazine loader went from being noticeably stronger than the other gun options to being the strongest gun option on the K2 bar none. The single shot option is still decent (or at least not terrible), but is overshadowed by the magazine loader while the ready rack now has no valid reason to exist on the K2 because the magazine loader does everything the ready rack does, but better.

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Honestly, I think the issue with the K2's magazine loader should be added to the list of concerns about update 0.33. The magazine loader (which was already the strongest all-round gun option of the K2) received a ~20% DPM increase while the single shot and ready rack options only received a 5% increase rendering them largely irrelevant. Since I always feel like it is a waste to have things in a game that nobody uses because they are completely useless, I'm going to recommend a few possible changes that could be made to the K2's other gun options to make them relevant again.

The basic idea is each gun should have a defined use case:

  • The single-shot gun has no burst capacity, and therefore has the use case of sustained DPM
  • The ready rack should not be able to get close to the single shot gun in DPM, and should instead focus on some form of burst damage
  • The magazine loader should also focus on some form of burst damage

If we assume that the current DPM for the magazine loader is the upper limit of what is deemed "acceptable" by the developers, the single shot gun should have its reload time dropped by at least 1 second to 6.50 seconds (which would give sustained RoF and DPM of 11.17 and 6925, respectively). 

If the magazine loader is to be left in it's current state as a hybrid burst/sustained option, that means that the ready rack should occupy a niche dishing out burst damage. To this effect, the overall DPM of the ready rack option is less of a concern than how fast it can fire the first few shells in an engagement. As such, I would recommend increasing the capacity of the ready rack by 1 (allowing it to fire between 4 and 6 shots depending on the setup) and reducing the cyclical reload time by at least 1 second to 3 seconds.

With these changes, the minmaxing table would look like this:


I think this would be a much better state for the K2 to be in, as it would give all of the gun options a purpose that a player could base their playstyle around.

That said, I think that the magazine loader should get a nerf in the form of a longer reload time (about 18 seconds seems about right if it is supposed to be a hybrid burst/sustained gun option).

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I like your proposal for the Single Shot.  It makes it a reasonable choice compared to the Magazine.  I'd probably still take the Magazine, but at least the Single Shot is a reasonable option your way.  In reality, though, the Single Shot's sustained should be higher than the Magazine's to truly make it a viable option.  The Magazine's advantage is that it can burst out damage and then hide while reloading.  The Single Shot's advantage should be the highest DPM but it has to remain exposed to do it.

The Ready Rack could either be a hybrid or it could be the ultimate burst fire option.

To be a hybrid, its burst should be lower than the Magazine's but its reload should come close to the Single Shot when empty.  Note that if you allow a ready rack to reload when it isn't empty you pay a tax in the form of having to wait for the cyclic before it starts to reload.  That tax would prevent it from being too powerful.

To make it the ultimate burst option, lower its Cyclic so that it can burst out shots faster than the Magazine but keep its reload high enough that its sustained DPM is lower than both others.

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