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XM247 Sergeant York

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OK, the York is OP to start with... but now with Northern [Breaking] Wind BP, we are seeing matches with dual Yorks or York/Shilka combinations.... so this begs the question:

What's the best recommended retrofit for the York?   I am thinking mobility but appreciate advice from anyone who has done it.



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The York still benefits from reload speed (Improved Gun Breech, IIRC), so that should be the first retro you put on it.  10% moar dakka.

The Shilka, by comparison, does not.  The Shilka is heat limited, so firing faster just makes it overheat faster.  GAU has the same problem.  So no gun breech for them.

After that I actually went with VR on my York because ALL THE SPOTS.  But yeah, maneuverability is also a reasonable choice.

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Posted (edited)

Suggested basic setup: 


  • Sabrina
  • VR/accuracy build for Ioannis Sanna


  • Driver: Smooth Ride, Offroad Driving
  • Gunner: Sharpshooter, Accuracy

Retrofits (v2):

  • Improved Gun Breach
  • Adv Muzzle Reference System
  • Improved Filter System

Obviously if all options available and you look for max survival with 3-x HP kit, the top pick is Ophelia, easiest damage is still Cortez and best XP gain is full VR Douglas for which you also pick tripple v2 optics set - Telescopic Lenses, Active IR optics and Augmented optics. The choices depend on current personal objectives and how you are going to play current mission in roaster.

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