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  1. Have you tested that? And how long is it then? I'd not rely on the gameguides to gather numerical game values. Those guides are very old and have never been updated properly. The guides give a good general overview on how something works. However, the numerical values represented are often not correct anymore. I can't tell you the exact value but as a rule of thumb it should be ~2s. Speaking from a PVP/GLOPS perspective I personally did not notice any change of the delay duration.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Will correct that. @Haswell
  3. I did a short research, as I'm pretty sure that the delay has been there since the closed beta (at minimum). I found the following Update 0.11 Patchnotes which were published on 19. November 2015: Spotting Changes We have updated the spotting indicator with three states to better inform players of their current status: When the player is initially spotted the full icon will be displayed After the initial spot, the text and border will disappear from the icon During the transition to the unspotted state the icon will go gray using the same duration as the spotting delay Camouflage Indicator now changes color to show negative camouflage. Negative camouflage is possible when vehicles that already have low camouflage values fire their cannons Updated the smoke grenade icon to improve the quality of the graphic At this time Obsidian was the developer of the game and my.com the publisher. This has nothing to do with my.com/my.games developers at all. As this mechanics have been there even before Update 0.11 I'd not call that "new" either. This is the perfect description/example of why this delay mechanic does actually make sense. Otherwise, as @di_duncan already said, spotting would be more or less useless.
  4. Am I missing something here? Where have the devs recently stated such information? The spotting delay is a mechanic of AW that's been there for as long as I can remember. It does not have to do with any hits but is just a simple time delay. 1.5 or 2s. Modern tanks do not have a device to magically know if they are spotted. The stuff you're talking about ist to know when you're being targeted (Ie being lasered for example) and in that case you're probably screwed anyways.
  5. You're not talking PVP/GLOPS wise right? Because that thing is pretty much overperforming in this modes. Basically a way better Leopard 2 with an LFP that is very hard/impossible to pen for anything below T7. At least for those two modes I can really recommend this tank. Probably the best MBT at tier 7.
  6. We'll have to see. But it will be very hard to balance it just right because the margin between "complete crap" and "too strong" is very narrow in this regard.
  7. That's actually why I'm super concerned that this comes to GLOPS. I can already imagine Artys effectively perma-blocking Caps.
  8. Welcome . Hope you're well due to all the corona virus stuff ongoing.
  9. Glad you like it @di_duncan Currently translating the site to english is not my top priority. I'll happily translate the page if there are a bunch of people who are passionate about creating content for the english page. I personally can't do that as I am already absorbed with the german part. So one thing I want to make sure before putting in the effort and development into website translation is to be certain that there are people who will create content for it afterwards. Just to not make all the effort and after that realizing that the english part is dead because noone wants to create any content for it. So if you really want to create content for AWtactics and are passionate about it we can certainly have a chat and have a look at what we could do. Otherwise I really have to wait until there are some people who would like to do that before translating. Greetings, TeyKey1
  10. I got the CATTB after the second nerf. Lots of people were complaining that this thing is not usable at all after two nerfs. In PVP this tank is still dominating. With an average damage of nearly 8k on this thing it's clear that it is still horribly OP in PVP (It's roughly 1.5-2 Times better than every other T10 tank I own). While playing Specops in the CATTB it is obvious that it is way more vulnerable than in PVP (Due to the HEAT spam), however if you adapt to the playstyle and actually angle your hull when being shot with ATGM and use hulldown positions and vehicle wrecks you have a good time in the CATTB and bounce much shots easily. Again the nerf was done on the wrong end of things. Nefing the armor against HEAT has a big effect on PVE, but does not much in PVP. In my opinion the double shot can simply not be balanced decently for all gamemodes. Therefore I think it would be best to just remove it. I'm pretty sure that this thing will get another nerf/adjustment as it currently breaks hightier PVP. My suggestion would be to restore its armor against HEAT and give it a potent but not OP ready rack instead of the double shot + maybe reduce its mobility slightly.
  11. While playing PVP I did not notice any of such behaviour. According to the Patchnotes there should be no change to those mechanics at all. (But Mygames does some stealth changes occasionally) What do you exactly mean with the term "spotting range"? The Spotted warning is delayed since like nearly forever. I think the delay is around 2s after you got spotted the warning appears. Greetings.
  12. Great guide! Never thought of that system in such detail. Would you mind if I adapt/translate this into german for AWtactics.com. (I'd give you credit of course) Greetings, TeyKey1
  13. That enemy team was hilarious. Minimap = Hidden
  14. Hello everyone. I'd like to show you my Youtube Channel. Most of my Videos are AWtactics related and in German, however I think it's a good spot nevertheless to watch some PVP/GLOPS Gameplay of various vehicles. I'm not the best player, but I think I know what I'm doing. So some might be able to learn something from the gameplay, even if you dont't understand german. Here's the playlist Other than that I started a video comilation that showcases my lucky or unlucky moments in the game:
  15. Just for Information. The official guide (I think even all of them) is not up to date. There were three changes I can tell that might be important for Gameplay: 1. The spot check point on the tip of the barrel got removed 2. Loosing Bush-Camo while firing is no longer up to date. Now only the bush that gives you the highest camo rating looses its camo like described in the article 3. The spotting object tracing limit is no longer existing (The limit that a spotting ray disappears after 10 objects) Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-spotting-changes Again over the years there were several modifications on all mechanics which were never reflected in those articles. However, they still explain the system pretty well (in terms of how it works)
  16. Hello everyone. My name is TeyKey1. As everyone else here I'm pleased to see this new AW related forum come to life. Let's hope that this one survives and will be a nice place for people playing AW I've started playing WOT back in 2012 which was as well the point where I got addicted to tanks. When AW was announced I was thrilled to dive into the world of modern Tanks. I participated in the closed beta and been playing AW ever since I'm mainly a PVP and GLOPS player in AW, and some might know AWtactics, which is a website dedicated for the german AW community, that I maintain. In the swiss military I was a driver on the Panzer87 Leo WE (basically a Leopard 2A4) which as well gave me some additional knowledge regarding real MBTs. Regards, TeyKey1
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