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  1. As a former 19D scout trainer I have been overall happy with the game. It has been faster paced and with better economics compared to World of Tanks that I started playing in closed Beta. As to mission types, MechWarrior 5 could be something to study as I have played various MechWarrior games since MechAssault on the original Xbox.
  2. I have had it happen several times, but I was not tracking round count, so I thought it was my finger twitching which at age 70 can happen.
  3. No respawns is it a bug or was that intended by the developers. I was in it once team was wiped around halfway through.
  4. Just want new folks to get this message to avoid frustration.
  5. It states get 5 kills in one day. it does not specify that they have to be in one battle. After two days I believe it is bugged or a gross misstatement as it takes five kills in one battle to advance the circle progress indicator each day.
  6. Howdy Folks Found an article with background on the gun itself T250. https://www.guns.com/news/2018/12/18/vigilante-that-time-the-army-tried-to-make-a-37mm-gatling-gun-photos Key to why it never made it into production. Cartridge was a necked down 40mm Bofors cartridge. 6 round clips inserted into the feed drum by hand it took up to an hour to get the system loaded and ready to fire. 5 seconds of ammo. There were at least 2 out of battery explosions during the tests. If they had designed a rimless cartridge with a belt feed system with positive ammo cutoff from the gun when the trigger was released it might have made it to production.
  7. I am very happy to pay for digital fun items when I have the Funds. SHort on Funds due to Sister who owns the family home is in hospital after being in a fatality involved vehicle wreck other drivers fault. So taking my chances with random number gen AKA roulette wheel with 80 parts in hand and one PVP battle to finish with one kill to maybe get the tank.
  8. I am at 80 ZTQ-15 parts hoping to get the last stack of crates I may have missed a day. At Stage 8 3/5 Friday evening 16 Oct 2020 after doing event battle in Pvp tier 1.
  9. BMPT This AFV is armed with four 9M120 Ataka missile launchers, two 30 mm 2A42 autocannons, two AGs-17D grenade launchers(not on all Models), and one coaxial 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun with maybe 2,000 rounds in magazine. The Cannons from my reading each have a 350 round magazines One AP one HEI. The Missiles unlike in game are a bear to remove the empty tubes and drag 4 new rounds off a supply truck and get them mounted. Much the same dragging 350 round belts of 30mm down into the magazine even if done in sections it is a lot of work. If they come up with quick load Quad missile packs one each side that a front endloader could place quick and drag out empty Magazine and stuff a new cannon magazine in it would be a game breaker for the building of new ones and getting them into units. The AGs-17d with Remote electric trigger had I think 2 magazines of 29 rounds each for each one.
  10. Most of the 50 cal are US Browning M2 HB or the Russian DShK mounted as Anti Aircraft Primary weapons plus anti personal use. American mounts varied over time from pedistal mounts to some as Co-Ax on the T29, T30 and T34 Heavy tank engineering test articles to the Modern CROW system. The French had them mounted as Co-Ax on the Leclercs instead of the 20mm they had before on some AMX series tanks. Two problems with the 50 cal as Co-Ax ammo count vs. Volume dedicated to it for ready use feed is much larger than a 2,000 Box for a 7.62. Unneeded Long range effects when fighting in Urban areas collaterial damage issue. As to numbers usable in game Unknown In WoT there are a few in the low tiers of Light Tanks /Scout Cars. Russian Round https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12.7×108mm Russian Gun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DShK American Round https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12.7×99mm American Gun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M2_Browning
  11. I am Primarly a PvE player in this Game. I came from and still play in the MechWarrior universe and from that into the Wargaming series as a tester then an on and off player in all three games plus a Bunch of Fantasy games and Ark Survival Evolved now primarly in PvE as there I got burned out on PvP in the huge interserver wars I think the tribes I was with lost over a thousand tames in total. My background is as a US Army Tactical instructor in Guided Anti Tank systems, scouting including armor and wheeled vehicle driving instruction and vehicle mounted Machinegun training also, Mechanics and as a Drill Sergeant. I have seen my share of serious injury events up close and personal. I spend a fair amount of time each day studing the background history of every vehicle I use in Game I have seen most of the WW II captured Vehicles the US Held in the past in person before transfers back to Europe started and A fair amount of the Newer US Vehicles as I retired in 1998. I would like to see both PvE and PvP advance in quality with Map building contests involving the player base as much as is legally possible. I did One Battle in GLOPs and All I saw was players with no understanding of how to win. I have seen much the same in the Campaign battles where players ignored caps over and over just chasing very hard to catch scouts drawing them away from Winning by a quick CAP. I throughly enjoy the battle path program and would like to see it continue. I will play and pay for the joy this game brings me as long as your team can keep it going and my body holds out as I am 68 now.
  12. Good Catch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leclerc_tank Co-Ax 12.7 mm coaxial M2HB machine gun (1,100 rounds) 7.62 mm machine gun (3,000 rounds) On roof
  13. Based on Open source material and Hints of Co-Ax on the in game models some are flat missing but actual test vehicles they are modeling may not have had Co-Ax added due to reasons of level of testing at program cancelation. IT-1 PKT 7.62mm x 54 Rimmed 2,000 rounds stowed on production series vehicles. Type 89 IFV Type 74 7.62 NATO Draco Never series produced offered with any CO-AX in reason Game Model shows Co-Ax as tip of Barrel for what appears to be a Browning M2 HB 50 cal. Added Object 287 PKT 7.62 x 54 3,000 rounds carried Testers mentioned it was best weapon on a poorly designed vehicle.
  14. Yes any crew and commander experience Consumables and even retrofits transfer to a bought or won Vehicle from the rental
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