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  1. Occurred again 17 games later, seemingly random when it'll happen as there is no rime or reason to it https://streamable.com/6uzuxa
  2. OS: Windows 10 Home, Version 21H2, 64 bit Game Version: 0.38.9314 [2022-11-01] Brief Description: Merkava 4 [Tier 9] fires both ready rack rounds in a single instance, both dealt damage but only really used one round. Steps to Reproduce: No clue, best guess is firing the moment a new round is loaded into the ready rack, net-code, input lag, and server FPS possible causes Result: Expected Behavior: Two rounds are fired in the same moment, although only registering as one round but doing two different instances of damage Fixes/Workarounds: N/A Other Notes: https://streamable.com/vdzzls
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