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  1. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/storyline-campaign-episode-1-results-0 Morale to the fuckin moon baby! Also more than a hundred to the ep2 tally
  2. Agree Somehow can't even show you what the reticles look like as you pick them
  3. I've always wondered what those reticle settings do and what they actually looked like, but somehow never seen any images compiled on what they look like But, realizing that i got way too much free time on my hands, I just decided to do something on my own. So here goes Accuracy indicators: Ring Rays Dashed Ring And now the reticles, which are basically just differently sized (1 being smallest/thinnest and 5 being largest/thickest) Dot Size 1 Size 5 Cross Size 1 (barely visible as a cross) Size 2 (now it's a cross) Size 5 Right Angle Size 1 Size 3 Size 5 Acute Angle Size 1 Size 3 Size 5
  4. Hana canonically eats Austin My mind: So they did da secks then.
  5. No, but if you don't have any of the Modern RU vehicles you're kinda fucked
  6. Clarifications on how everything is gonna be counted
  7. Just have a look at this absolute idiot in a Merkava actively trying to avoid tanking shit Just hiding behind the water tank while driving a tank capable of shrugging off ATGMs
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