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  1. not 30mm but 57mm low pressure gun with same kornet launchers from bumerang-bm turret and bulat/flomaster KE rockets
  2. dunno if i am stupid or not, keep finding contradictory sources that i dont know the credibility of according to this http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product2083.html the missiles are not kornet, but are konkurs instead according to this https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/modern/Russia/BMPT-terminator.php they are kornet most credible source i know is andrei bt http://btvt.narod.ru/3/bmpt.htm says they are kornet still think they are kornet due to the end of the missile tube being different from that of the konkurs
  3. If the armament is what I think it is (30mm AC and 4 Kornet), its probably gonna end up as a downtiered T-15 with weaker armor and weaker ammo due to it being much older than the latter
  4. SS posted this earlier, seems like BMPT prototype with single 30mm autocannon and quad pack of kornets missing side ERA however
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