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Europe's Edge BP Thread

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The Europe's Edge Battle Path is now live.




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Known issues so far:

  • BP chain missions have incorrect icons
  • BP chain missions' requirement and what's needed for progress on counter are different
  • Ajax's Passive Detection ability (seen in modification/upgrade screen) states 400m, but patch note states 200m. According to SS, 200m is the correct value; 400m is a localisation error.
  • Ajax has Large Troop Compartment trait even though it deploys the normal number of infantry.


Other notes:

  • BP lasts for 77 days, or at least that's what the counter states when it started. However, SS also commented that "Considering our extension history, we'll be lucky if it doesn't last 6 months again"


Edited by Qbicle
Stated initial BP duration (see edit history)


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