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Feb 8 patch notes

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List of Update 0.110 Changes


HE Shell Fixes

In this update, we’re fixing some of the issues with HE shells that got into the game in the last patch, namely the disappearance of blast wave (splash) damage.

The good news first – artillery and other “regular” splash damage should be working correctly now, which accounts for the vast majority of vehicles. The bad news is that the issue causing the loss of splash is far deeper than we previously thought and is connected to multiple other issues (for example the infamous Puma performance loss).

That is why, as a temporary measure, Puma and Boxer CRV have had their airburst shells turned into regular ones. We do realize this is a massive nerf to their performance and are working on making the airburst shells work as intended (or at least compensate the performance loss by other buffs).

General Changes

  • AS90 is now available to players as a Contract vehicle
  • Fixed the infamous Rate of Decay issue where players always spawned at the beginning of the map
  • Fixed an issue where using the Retreat active ability incorrectly increased the rate of fire on multiple vehicles (most notably the Kornet-D1 and Ontos)
  • Improved the matchmaking speed for the SPG class
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed the vehicle’s size (we have made the vehicle smaller in order to correspond to its real-life parameters)
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed an issue where its ATGMs would sometimes fly in the wrong direction
  • Griffin 50mm: Fixed the appearance of the Tacticam skin (paint layout, some smaller parts weren’t painted etc.)
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype: You can no longer shoot through some turret parts on the destroyed turret model
  • Pindad: Adjusted the aiming circle appearance
  • Puma: Fixed the camouflage appearance on this vehicle
  • T-80UM-1: Fixed the achievement progress bar for this tank
  • TOS-1M: Adjusted the aiming circle appearance
  • Rate of Decay: Fixed a spot where players could get stuck at C3
  • Fixed a large amount of specific cases where players would see a different vehicle in the acquisition screen when buying a new tank
  • Removed the upper cap on the amount of Credits possible to own
  • Added the Drone mechanic for future testing (currently not available)
  • Added a number of assets for future events
  • Fixed an issue that caused the server to crash earlier tonight
  • Fixed some small user interface issues
  • Fixed some small visual issues
  • Fixed some small localization issues




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Comments from SS on official Discord server:

  • "At this moment we are discussing two solutions for Boxer/Puma. Either wait for proper airburst (think KF41 and the article) or we rebalance the firepower around PELE", or even both as an option.
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype not being shown on Encyclopedia (except for those who own it, be it permanently or temporarily i.e. rental) is still a known outstanding issue.


Other notes:

  • An "OUT OF DRONES" icon and message appear on the UI when respawning. This has something to do with the upcoming Drone mechanic for public testing, but implemented incorrectly with bugs. The actual test is not yet available.
  • The KF51 Panther appeared in Encyclopedia and was reportedly playable in test range shortly after update for a brief period of time, but it is now invisible to players.
  • Probably part of the changes made to address a bug that increases the rate of fire on some vehicles, the Retreat ability now has -10.71% rate of fire debuff when activated instead of -80%


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As reported to support - currently I suspect due to the drone introduction - you can deploy a single unit of inf on the move:



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There is another infantry bug where if you lost all of your available infantry, it is not possible to redeploy them by refilling ammo (default key "Q"). However it is possible to deploy infantry again if you respawn.


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