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Mod request: Return of previous models of Abrams M1A1 tanks

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Hello, I have a question for those who really understand this and understand what's what: is it possible to "return" the Abrams M1A1, M1A1 Storm, M1A1 AIM tanks models from the 0.32 version of this game with the help of the mod ????

If this is possible, then I would like to ask you to do the same.
A) The main thing is to replace the models of the three tanks mentioned earlier so that they work correctly as they did in their time, that is, they react to a change in paint / camouflage.

B) Optional,  to be able to install the second version of the mod with the previous models of tanks, where both the M1A1 and M1A1 Storm will have an engine cage from the M1A1 AIM, but with the base paint of the progressive M1A1, also with synchronization for the selected paint / camouflage.
 It would be ideal if the engine cage could be configured so that for the M1A1 it would appear only when dynamic protection units were installed. But I'm quite satisfied if the engine cell is permanently displayed even on the stock M1A1 with a tank model from 0.32. Quite satisfied.

C) (so far only theoretically) is it possible to return with the help of the mod the models of the M1A1 tanks (with their own engine cage) and M1A2 Abrams with the base dark green paint from the 0.12 version of this game ???
 Or is this already from the category of fantasy at all?

I'll leave a video with a demonstration of the M1A1 AIM just to remind you what the M1A1 used to be.




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If you somehow still have files from 0.32, it would be easy.

If you don't, you better find some very good modelers.



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