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Alt-TAB crash to desktop

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This is a tough one to document.  I've been experiencing it for a long time, but until recently it has always seemed random, or at most it seemed to occur after I'd been logged into the game for a long time.

What happens is that if you're alt-tabbed out of the game to do something else (post on Discord, browse the web, work, whatever), and then bring the game back into focus either by alt-tabbing or by selecting it from the Windows taskbar, the game will occasionally crash to desktop.  When that happens you get the little dialog for "hey, the game crashed, can we send in these diagnostics?"  This seems to happen more frequently when you've been logged into the game for several hours, but that is by no means a requirement.  I've had it happen after less than an hour logged in... but it usually doesn't happen until I've been logged in for at least 3-4 hours.

Recently I realized that it almost always seems to happen if I was in the HQ when I alt-tabbed out.  I can't recall it ever happening when I was in the garage, for example.  So maybe it is in some way related to the HQ screen?

I may be a unique case because I leave the game logged in all day long because doing so keeps my computer awake/busy in chat programs.  I'm generally not doing anything with the game other than maybe checking and recording the map rotation, which means I'm sometimes alt-tabbing in and out of the game fairly frequently.  It should be noted that that's also not a requirement, though - I've had this crash happen the first time I alt-tabbed out and back in before, too.

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Don't expect too much from the poo game. They don't have the ability and care to solve this problem.


The only solution is,

Do not use "Fullscreen".

Use "Windowed [Fullscreen]"

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