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Some Hades vehicles have wrong shell stat.

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OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1909, 64-bit

Game Version: 0.33.7425

Brief Description: Some Hades vehicles have wrong shell stat compared with its original vehicles.

Steps to Reproduce

 1. Find Challenger 2 Hades and M8-120 Hades in the vehicles Global directory.

 2. Enter preview mode in the right click menu.

 3. Check its shell stat in the attacking vehicle menu.

 4. Find Challenger 2 and M8-120 Thunderbolt in the vehicles Global directory.

 5. Compare its shell stat with the Hades equivalent.

Result: Challenger 2' Hades' HESH shell and M8-120 Hades' HEAT shell have wrong stat compared with its original vehicles.

Expected Behavior: Hades vehicles should have same stat as original vehicles.

Fixes/Workarounds: None.



Thunderbolt II's HEAT shell have 684 damage and 240 non-pen damage, while M8-120 Hades have 680 damage and 204 non-pen damage.

And why they have different shell name? I know IRL M830 is identical to DM12A1, but since Hades vehicles are completely identical to its original vehicle, they should have same shell name.



Challenger 2's HESH shell have 100 less damage than its Hades counterpart.



Also, it seems that they have different penetration characteristic according to this image.

Apparently Challenger 2 Hades' HESH shell is somewhat weaker against additional armor such as cage armor or applique. Since they use same shell, they should be identical.

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